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Tree Hello,

I was looking at how the light shown off this tree against the gray sky and liked the sheen there.   That lead me to think of all the different words we have in the English Language  to talk about light.  Objects can have gloss, glint, sparkle, luster, shimmer, flicker  and glow.    Light as a concept expands our language to make it more colorful  too.   We can see the light.  Things can dawn on one or we can have a flash of inspiration.  There are bright  folks as well as dim wits.     One can have a brilliant idea.  There are  many more examples of words related to light that are a part of our language that we use  to describe a lustrous  world and I am enjoying that.

Jill  I went to an opening at Onondaga Community College yesterday were Jill Doscher  talked about her fiber work.   IMG_7301She talked of her process and how she grew from a printer to a fiber artist who dyes her own fabric and prints on it too. It was great.

I also checked out the Scholastic Art show that is also on display there.IMG_7302 The teachers are doing a fine job with their students.


Little trickelProgress Report: Small Spill This work is 12” X 12”.   It is my usual construction but I did not use any wool roving on this work.  IMG_7322  I did use parts of a silk scarf I hand dye painted about fifteen years ago when Barbara anduse to get together and play with art ideas one a week .   IMG_7324  There are also some yarns that were free motion stitched down to add texture.

Blue Too Blue Too  This stretched work is also 12” X 12”.   I played with taffeta, metallic fabric  and  organza on this one.IMG_7318  I also stitched down purple candy wrappers because the color was what I wanted.   The candy was from the bed and breakfast were I  stayed with Marty and Rosalie last summer.  IMG_7319  It’s a fun way to add a personal memory to this work.

Three Jacks Three Jacks    This work is ready for the frame now.   Judy gave a big frame and glass that I will try to add this work to.    I enjoyed doing all the machine embellishing on the Jacks this week.IMG_7328  Lots of wide satin stitching.

Color Challenge IVColor Challenge VI   This work is  15.5” x19”.     I am enjoying the exploration this challenge is giving me.

IMG_7340This is the last  piece in this series were I will have three of the light colored circles on its surface.   But change is suppose to be a part of the process.



 Collage VColor Challenge V   I only need to tack the last two facing ( brown at the top and bottom ) and add the sleeve to this work to complete it.






Color Challenge VIIMG_7334  I am  doing the quilting on this one before I add the bead work.  I am not sure how this will effect that aspect.     This is suppose to be a challenge and a place to explore……

FeltFelt Studies  I did three more studies in felting this week.  The pink uses organza ribbons as well as the wool roving.   The orange used silk and organza scarves and roving,  plus a bit of candy foil.   The green got it sheen from Angelina  and  a bit of taffeta.  These ideas are all from the book Stitch, Fabric, Metal and  Mixed Media.

New collageNew Collage work   I needed to do a bit of piecing this week so I went  back to the collage based working idea and found an old collage( from Sept)  to build a work around.  The orange marbleized sections are Ethel’s work.  The yellow and pale blue are mine altered fabrics.

New work
















New Work    I started another stacked fabric work this week.  I enjoy the process so much I can not seem to stop doing it.  Building the surface it time consuming and so transformative.



Ice Dying  IMG_7312  I did yellow ice  dyeing this week .  I like the softer colors here.      There is also a bucket full of  the next batch that I need to wash out today. IMG_7333I used yellow and turquoise- and learned that the turquoise takes over.  I will try again after the next snowfall to see if I can mix these two colors and keep some yellow in the final fabric.

Label Block # 104 Block # 118   I keep stitching away.

Happy CHinese New Year    Sat.

Keep Creating


My friend Judy gave this to me last week.   It smells heavenly.





As the image shows I am still struggling with Value.     Thus far in my own study I would say that value works best in  strong contrast- or at least it is easier to see.  Gradation  limits the ability to see value, or perhaps that it is just more difficult to label.     I can see that I really do not know what I am exploring.   A good thing I think.

IMG_7253FAB meant this week.  Patti was/in really into knitting hats this month.  This  red one is for a newborn and will go to the hospital.IMG_7255This second one if for a friend who is going to Washington on Sat.

Nanacy's quiltNancy is still working away on the Blue Bird quilt for her Mom.  She had concerns about her boarders.   The  striped boarder will be followed by a cream one.    It is good to have folks to explore ideas with.

Five Jacks                                                                                                       







Progress Report:   Five  Jacks    This work is 20” X 31”.   It is stretched on bars that my friend Tanya gave me.    The final work is pleasant and I enjoyed doing the piece a lot. IMG_7287   Applying the jacks this week was fun.  I added color to the body of the jack with water color pencils that I then heat set.     Because I knew I was going to stretch this work from the start, I also used paper as part of the material in the background.  IMG_7289  The dark brown jacks were all  created with a wide statin stitch.     Wools, velvets and  a rust dyed green silk scarf were also used in this piece.close up of 5 Jacks










Three Jacks  IMG_7259.jpg I finished the leaves on this work this week.   The jacks in this piece are made from brown velvet.


Circle Challenge IIICircle Challenge III   This work is 16” X 19.5”.   I only need to press and add the sleeve to this work and it will be complete. IMG_7282  I like the horizontal hand work on this one.     IMG_7281  The beads add interest too I think.


Circle Challenge IV  Circle Challenge IV  I am almost done with this piece too.  I am back to quilting in the circular patterns in the background.  I introduced a darker orange to the triangles as I needed a higher contrast.


Circle Challenge  V   Circle Challnege IV   I am changing things again with this work.  Because I do not have any more of the light fabric that I used for the faced little circles, I tried using the dark orange that I used for triangles in number IV.    I also dropped the triangles all together here.   I am still machine appliqueing down the circles.  The may move about yet.

Circle Challenge VICircle Challenge IV    The same can be said for this  layout.   The tilt is the biggest change.  Again most of the circles are free floating at this point.

Bird Block  IMG_7266   This is just a start for my entry for the SAQA auction.   Not at all sure were I am going with this one.


New work 1 new work blueI pinned up this new blue work  and have just started doing the free motion work.    I am sure it will change with time.

IMG_7262New work 2   This piece like the other is small and in an early stage.   I do enjoy this part of the process a lot.  Its so fluid.

Red StudyRed study I got a book for Christmas called Stitch, fiber Metal &Mixed Media  by Alysn Midgelow-Marsden.    This is one of her exercises using mostly felting on red velvet.    I am so rusty with the falter I broke three needles and did not have any replacements so I had to stop and order some new ones.   I do like who it is going however.








Label Block #103   Label Block #103And the bead goes on as they say.  One more done and only  seventeen remain.

Keep Creating


Word of the year- Value



This is a shot of Caramelized from the  Foundations show at May Memorial.  The opening was Sunday and there were about 100 folks there. Shot of show I was thrilled by the  positive  response.  I even sold one of the works.   It is a great space to show work as the walls are nice warm wood and the space is very large.

IMG_7230  Rosalie Dace gave me this card of gray scale and pushed us to lay out our fabric for a project from light to dark to see the Values in class last summer.  I feel I have not paid attention to this idea enough in my work so VALUE will be the word I concentrate on this year.    I plan to make a poster with that word on it to hang above my pin wall to help me keep the idea front and center.

IMG_7247   I also made a little promise to myself that every time it snowed more than an inch this winter I would do some snow dyeing.  This is the first batch.  I love the wild patterns and the color mixes.   It snowed again this week and that next batch is reds and pinks.   They are drying on the line now.

Wendy and MarkProgress Report:  Wendy and Mark- Name Game   This quilt is 50.5” X 45”.    It is the main reason I am doing  the word Value- because I feel this does not work as well as it might.   IMG_7243The shapes are strong and I like how they play together- but there just does not seem to be the vibrancy that I was hoping for.  IMG_7246    One needs to expect that there will be second rate work sometimes.  The important thing is to learn from the mistakes.  It will be a fine lap quilt.

Circle Challenge II Circle Challenge II This little work is 16” X 19.5”.   It flows well.  I am enjoying the challenge of using machine and hand quilting together as well as the bead work.IMG_7235


IMG_7236The projects are small enough that I get to move onto the next idea quickly.

Circle Challenge III   Circle Challeng IIII really like the darks that are a part of this one.   The addition of the triangles also makes this one more interesting  I think.   I am ready to add the hand stitching and feel that this time I will fall back to normal quilting thread.

IMG_7228Circle Challenge IV   I did the circle on this base before I really did the hard looking at the Challenge III.    It laques the  power that the dark gives the work in the other piece.  I will keep that in mind as I add the additional shapes to the surface.

3 JacksThree Jacks    These are my Jacks for this project.  When I got them done and drew the leaves I realized they would cover too much of the background I had built and its power would be lost.  So I created a simpler back ground for these Jacks.IMG_7224  This is still not simple- but I think I can make it work for this project.


Five JacksFive Jacks   So Three Jacks became Five Jacks.  The flowers are much smaller and they dance along the bottom edge of the rock face I had designed.    It is ready to be stretched now.


IMG_7239Bird Square   I   started playing with the the few little birds leftover from  a previous project.   It is at an early stage and will change with development.

Label Block 102  Label Block 102I just keep at these little squares  and they keep getting completed without much effort.   I am starting to think about what will come next when this project is done in about 18 weeks.

Keep Creating


PS. One more shot from the show.Show