Winter is still a part of central  New York, but today it is melting and that is a good reprieve from our cold and snow.

I continue to clean and purge.  This is day 13 of that process.  I did make a run to school with the back end of my station wagon  full   this morning, where I passed the stuff off to a fellow art teacher.     Doing that run did clear up some floor space.   I can see the end of the process now.

  I just need to do  a bit more sorting before I put stuff back on the shelves.   I do feel lighter and I am growing anxious to start some new work.

IMG_0144   I did a few other things this week.   On Sunday I volunteered at the   Schweinfurt Art Center for the final day of  the  Quilts= Art= Quilts show.   This piecer is one I was really taken by.  I had a chance to visit one more time with the work I really loved and think again about the processes other folks are exploring.

I also visited Sharon in her studio  this week.  We had a good time talking about what she is doing now that she has finished her graduate work.  This piece on the wall is one of the items she is pursuing. 











This work- Red Nebula, is one of the works I am donating  to the Jazz of Central New York  Auction.     IMG_0173  Name Game # 3 –Patti,  is the  second.   I always feel good about passing my art forward  as the process is the important part for me and selling is not my main goal.  I like what this organization promotes and does to keep Jazz  alive.

IMG_0166Progress Report:  Glyph  IV     I keep beading away on this project.  This tail of the L got completed this week.

Hand work  I continue to do my evening work too.  This project is coming along.

 IMG_0178 New work   I have been doing some drawing in preparation for the next work.  The new word is JOY.     I also experimented  with JIG- but I like the Joy a lot better.

   Tarot- Don’t Know     As I was feeling a bit starved for some  creative  work that was not related to the cleaning- I did two cards this week.  This card also reflects how much I  feel I am being left behind in this ever changing world- especially with  technology issues .










Consider  This concept is really on the top of my mind as I look at all the stuff I have saved and collected.   I have spent a lot of time considering whether I will ever take the time to use and or look at some of the stuff.   It is difficult for me to let go of all the slides I have taken and collected even tough I do not have a working projector any more so getting rid of them should be easy.


Clean Out


Many times as the new year approaches one tends to do an evaluation   of the past.  I did too and as I worked toward finishing up projects last Friday I was frustrated by the fact that I could not find my webbing.   Now I knew I had a  two rolls of the stuff and that they where about 24” across.      After searching the closet  moving and shuffling things  for about twenty min.  I sat down and had a little talk with myself.  I could not remember when was the last time I had cleaned the space and sense I could not find what I knew I really had- perhaps a clean out was in order.    So I started pulling stuff out of the closet , sorting as I went.      The stacks kept growing and still no webbing.  By this time I had all of the stuff out of the west end of the closet and had three bags full of items to pass on to Maggie. ( She is an art teacher who loves odd stuff and uses it with her students.)   I  had  also come to the realization that I was not going to be doing metal jewelry anymore so all those tools could go too.  ( They went off to Nick’s girl friend.)    Hurray, more space for what I really love.   IMG_0097 I started to put stuff back into the closet.   I finally found the webbing at the end of the day on Sat at 4 in the afternoon.  By that time I had committed myself to doing the whole studio.   Well here it is Friday  and I have put three to six hours in this cleaning project every day.   I am still working on the west end of the studio, but the closet is clean.   Two trash bags full of useless stuff went out to the garbage men last night too.   Now I am working on the book shelves.     I eliminated a box of books this morning.   Again, they were on a doll making- a topic  I have not done any thinking about for several years.      I  took time off from the cleaning to judge the Scholastic Art Awards on Tue so I really can only say I have been working for six days.      Looking at and thinking about every box, book and collection of stuff takes time.      This process is like making a quit with 1,000 pieces-  The whole thing is over whelming- but doing one little thing at a time will get the job done.

Progress Report:ACE  

This work is 40.5”w X 34”l.   I am happy with this work as it is such a different approach from the others in the glyph series.    I pieced  the fabric that I cut the word form this time.IMG_0119Useing this  prcess this makes the word less important.    That plus the fact that I did not place any of the words write side up  makes one look at the shapes.   IMG_0118

Aces and Spaces I started a new piece using the cut-aways from ACE for my next project.  It is a challenge to play just with the shapes.   I know they relate to one another.   I am free motion quilting them down.

IMG_0113New Work    This is just the start of a new ice and water piece from a photo that I took last spring.  I am building the rocks in the bottom of the stream now and I plan to build the ice over the top.

Hand Work The hand work project goes forward.   I like playing with stitches.  And as my cleaning had revealed- I have lots of books on that topic to get inspiration from.














Found work   I found this folded up in the closet.  Now I need to decide if I want to finish it or not.

Tarot Inspire

  I hope the new year inspires everyone.

Keep Creating


End of Year



As one faces the end of the year it is a time to reflect and take stalk.    On the sad side,  one of my quilt buddies, Sally Nadelman  passed away  this year.   She was a dear friend who enriched my life with her encouragement and the wonderful glass bead work that she did.   I did not do so many quilt works this year as in the past, but I still think that 53 completed quilts for one year is not a bad thing.  I have not done so well on the distribution of my works as I should so that will become a goal for next year.     I participated in 9 quilt shows and was the director for one on them.    I already know  that two of the shows I normally am a part of will not happen in 2018 so that number will be down next year.     I did one Trunk show were I showed 30 works – old and new.  In doing that I got a good  review of how I tend to work and saw some of my personal  choice and behavior  patterns.   I used up 35 spools of thread this year and I am sure I did not replace them all so that stock pile is down.    I did not purchase much fabric this year, but I sure dyed a lot.   I used it too and that was a good source of pleasure for me.     I look forward to meeting with Liz on Mondays again   when the season allows  and doing more of that.      I feel that not a lot will change in 2018 but I hope to pay more attention to details  and make better and more creative  work.

Progress Report: Tribute- Spring This work is 20”w X 30”l.   It is my last quilt made with Ethel leftovers.  She cut the linoleum block of the tree and did the insect stenciling.    I still have lots of her fabric and the scrap box with her remainders still has bits in it. IMG_0089 But for the most part the work in the future   work  will be all mine.    I enjoyed doing the free motion work to extend the trees in this piece.IMG_0090

ACE    I am having fun with this  project too now that I have all the units fused and zig-zagged down.   I have even started the quilting on this project.

 IMG_0095Aces and Spaces   This top is created from all of the “cut aways” or negative spaces from the units of ACE.     There are a few additional fabrics too as I can never leave things alone, but it mostly leftovers.

Handwork- orange  My evening TV projects is moving forward.   I still do not have a plan but I keep building.

Cards Celebrate is the first  card I did this week.  It is a reflection of the time.  Good bye to 2017…….














As the year dies one is aware of the passage of time and this card is part of the reflection of  a life well lived.   I hope that all my friends can say their lives are works of art that they are happy with too.

Happy New Year


Trunk Show Nov 26, 2017


After introducing myself I described my working pattern as  DDT.

Determine what you want to do

Do the work

Triumphantly celebrate the completion of the project

Sometimes deciding what I want to tackle is the hardest part of the whole process.

I divided my talk into five categories, because I discovered that I return again and again to many subjects.

1. Nature and  Science.      My mother was a science teacher and  she had a profound influnce on what I became interested in too.  The first quilt that I am showing is  Totem Poll and I did it for my father as he did a lot of wok with the  Native Americans in Alaska when I was growing up.  This quilt show all four of the  earth elements that they believe in.  Air is represented by the Eagle at the top.  The Wolf represents the land.  The  tribe celebrates two types of water-salt and fresh- thus the whale for salt water and the frog for fresh water.    I did  showed several other quilts that showed my use of animals as subjects for my work.

2  Water : The next  Icedisplayed work was Ice.   I seem to go back to this subject repeatedly  and perhaps that is because of living here where ice and snow are so much a part of our lives- I don’t know,   Spring Thaw     Spring Thaw was the next work on the wall.   This work shows how I was starting to add different materials to my quilts.  The opalescent color is created with the use of floral plastic.

This work was followed by Ice on Vincent   a piece that I did just last year.

Next came   Deep Starsdeep Stars  I was a scuba diver and the ocean has always been fascinating to me.  When I learned that along one of the hot water wholes in the Mariana Trench supported Fuchsia colored star fish , I just had to do a quilt to note that wonder.










Deep Jellies is also a study of the ocean and my love of texture.  I hand dyed the lace and the jelly fish are spray painted for extra color.









Briar Patch is another example of my love of plants and  texture.

Blooming Bacteria
24″ X 38″

Blooming Bacteria    After visiting a display of Elizabeth Bush’s work where she used the dyed slides of diseases to build her pieces I did a close up of dyed bacteria  too.

When I saw a shot of bacteria, I remembered seeing  pond water under a microscope in Mom’s Biology class and so I did this work- Pond Water.





3. Rocks Grand CanyonCanyon’s Create Towers.   I did this work after a trip down the Colorado River in the  Grand Canyon with my Dad.    This trip resulted in 8 works based on that experience.   My Grandfather was a rock hound as was Mon and so we where always picking up rocks and collecting them.

Canyon De Chelli  was also the result of a trip.  I went with two other quilters who are also crazy about rocks.   I had to do this quilt because I was fascinated buy  the fact that I saw three  layers of man kind here.  The Anasazi- a very old Native American culture was built into the canyon up high.  Then the  natives that had returned to the canyon and were living there when  the Spaniards came-the lower bigger buildings.   And to my eye the stain on the top rim of the canyon looked like the New York City sky line.

Whip Shock Hill.  This work is a geogical sight that I visited with Marty on our way to Maine.  The size and the up heavel f the rock I find amazing.

Asurite  is based on a small stone that I have enlarged.  I love building up and playing with the effects I can create with fabric.

Granate GranniesGranite  Grannies   I see faces and bodies every where.  This quilt shows the three ways I know of altering the surface of fabric.  There is acrylic paint on the faces, the black and white, machine drawing to show the detail and it is dye painted from the back to get the blues.   There were  a dozen works in my “Spirits All Around Us” series.

Motherhood mazeMotherhood maze was done to show how sometimes being a parent can be.  I used sculptures from Europe-  The Veins of Walendorf  to represent Eurasian and the fertile stage of motherhood.  The Myna birth goddess to represent the beginning of life.   And the African mother pole  to show how we are tied to the little one for a while after birth.

Generation Whispers was a tribute to my family of women.   I am the center with my mother  and mother in law above me and all four grandmothers stitched in too.  The my daughter with my grand daughter  at the bottom.

4.ology Wood men is a mix of people and plants.  It is also my first trip into felting as a way to build with fibers.Close up of woodmen  There area over 90 faces in this work.

Blooming BranchBloomimg branch  I can always count on my love of plants to help me out when I need a subject for a new work.  I have done lots of branches and this one has a sister work that is very like it as I had to build two limbs before I was happy  and so I created a second background and completed it too.








Briar Patch is another study in plants and my love of texture.  I added berries made from Angelina to this work too.


Grounded   I enjoy stamping  on fabric and this work shows lots of fall leaves that I stamped  a few years ago.

Palomagranate Pomegranate II.   As the title suggests there are several works with  the pomegranate as the subject.  This work along with the others is stenciled.  I designed and cut the  stencils myself and  enjoyed toe process.    I have several others subjects using stencils in my collection of work.


Tulip Bed.Tulip Bed  This work was my first attempt at an l regular  edge.   I also did this work as a challenge as my friend Barbara gave me the starter fabric that she has painted.  I will give it to you if you promise to cut it up she said.  And I did.

Five Jacks.    I am now mixing felt with applique work to represent my plants.  I am then stretching the works so they will be flat.

Call Crows.  49” 34”   This work came about due to an experience too.   I stared in the Hilton in Auburn one fall when I was at a workshop at the Schweinfurth.  I along with my room mate was awakened at 4 in the morning by the calling of the crows outside our windows on the third floor.  I just had to comate that event and this quilt  does that.

5. Text   We Can 72” X 74” We Can  This quilt is my declaration of intent to do what I can to help the endangered animals of our plant.   I machine wrote the names of all the animals that  were threated at that time.   Five of them have been removed from the list and two have become existent.

Glyph II talk Glyph II    31” X 36”     This is the second graffiti based series.   I love letter forms and I am playing with them  at this point.  There are  nine quilts based on the word OWL  in this series at this point.

Fractured Glyph  32” X 41 “  is another of the glyph series.

Label Quit.    This is my third quilt that uses labels like a crazy quilt.  The first one was done in 1985.  It took me 144  weeks to do this one as I did one 8” block while watching the news each week.












I learned that I go back and revisit many of the same themes over and over in my work.   These five areas are only  a few of my interests.

Winter Solstice



Today  is the darkest day of the year as the earth begins its tilt back toward  the sun and the days begin to grow light a bit longer.     This first day of winter is always a good sign for me.  I love the light and know how important it is to the existence of life.   It will be a month before the days have an hour more light time, but just the thought of more potential sunshine makes me feel good.

This week there was a FAB meeting at Judy’s home.  She has decorated for the return of all of her children and grandkids.   I am sure a good time will be had by all.  Patti was the only one with work to share and her afghan is   a gift that she will  be passing off soon.IMG_0047   I hope this season brings joy and delight to all my readers.

Progress Report: ZAP IT  This work is 37.5”w X 55”l.     It is a rework of an older piece that  now  has the words “Zap It” in purple appliqued on top  of the old base.   IMG_0062  The new lettering was stitched down in silver thread in a big zig-zag pattern.   IMG_0063  I enjoyed the process.

ACE   I created this new bit of graffiti  form this week and it is now fused down to the base.  I will begin to applique it down this week.






Ethel Scrap IMG_0060I keep working away on this project.  It is more than half assembled now.    It will be completed soon.

New Work  I pulled the wood cuts and stenciled pieces out this piece this week and  and built the rectangles around them.   It is now ready for the machine work.   This work is my last tribute to Ethel as the block print and the stencil work is hers.  I do enjoy finishing off her piece but it is bitter sweet. IMG_0072


Glyph IV  the beading goes forward on this project.











Hand work    I have started doing the hand work on this whole cloth project.  I have no plan except to use the yarns and threads in the color pallet in various stitches.    It is my news work  project.  The big brown circle is a ball  of yarn that I am cotching- and it will become a line  as I go forward.










Card- Tribute to Light The time of year and the natural environment pushed me to do this work.

Enjoy the holiday.






As the wreath shows I am doing holiday work now.   I had a great time creating this wreath and it is festive, but it is too thick to fit between the door and the storm door!    I am so silly I did not even consider  that possibility.   It will have to hang inside some where.

I have been thinking a lot about rules and regulations lately.    I think those thoughts are  related to our recent  snow, because two rules     like alternate street side parking so the snowplows can do their work and  clearing the sidewalks are two seasonal things that have come up.    One tends to forget little items like those  rules  when there is not any snow.  So some rules usefulness come and go.     But rules in general are what makes for a smooth running society.     One can be still be  put into situations where they do not know what is expected of them and what to expect from others.   But in general rules of  self control  and kindness usually are good ones to use to go forward even in unusual  settings.   Expecting everyone around you to follow the rules of the road sure make moving around  a less hazardous activity.   But to every rule there are times when one must respond to the environments of that time and place.    One must be flexible and allow for changes and exceptions to rules at time too.

Progress Report: Christmas Banners   My good friend Regina gave me some beautiful machine embroidered blocks last month.   I had a good time putting them together in three small banners this week.   My daughter saw them before they were assembled and she really liked  them too and asked me for a set. IMG_0016       So now that they  in groups.  I will pass one onto  her and keep the smaller ones.   I already have spaces on my walls for these two for this season.IMG_0020


ZAP    This work is 37”w X 56”l.   I enjoyed doing all the hand applique of the bubble “IT’S”  on the top of the Zaps to break up the negative spaces here.  IMG_0026 The work is reflective quilted with the circles added as I went along.  IMG_0029

Zap It   This  rework project is almost done.    I decided that the quilt was ok- but nothing more then that.  So I added  the dark purple strips to spell out   “Zap it” on top.  Now  I have stitched over the dark purple lines sense  the rest of the work is quilted already.   I am still toying with the idea of adding more stitched lines in purple on top.IMG_0010  I think I need to set it aside for a while and then look again with fresh eyes in a week or two.

New workIMG_0022I pulled out the last pieces of work that I inherited from Ethel( the black stencil stuff and the  tree) and found some fabric to work with those pieces.   I will move onto it next.

IMG_0032Glyph IV   I keep beading away on this project.

Card    As the cards shows- rules are on my mind this week.

Keep Creating


Event Filled Week


This week had been one filled with events.  Last Friday  was busy as I took down the Finger Lakes Fiber Artist show a May Memorial.    Then  I went off to Oswego State University to Sharon Souva’s Graduate show.  It was wonderful.  She did a deep exploration  of four areas.   She took a photo.IMG_9945 This one is called”  Yellow Strip” and is a shot  of a part of the pavement.   She wrote a poem about each  subject.IMG_9947She then did a print of the subject.IMG_9946  This was followed by  a small rendering of the image in fabric before doing a full sized quilt on the topic.   I enjoyed seeing the progression.    Her other three topics where  IMG_9942grass growing out of a crack in the cement sidewalk.   This is the quilt.

A close up of a rock formation , this is  also  her  quilt solution.

Lastly , a quilt of  birch  bark with with lichens growing on it.   Her fabric interpretations are wonderful and inspiring.   I am so proud of her and admire the effort it took to go to school and see it to the end.

Then this wonder woman was a part of the Plow Shears craft show and sale on Sat and Sunday.   This is a shot of part of her boothIMG_9967 showing some of her landscape  fiber drawing sewing pieces.

On Sunday I went off to the Schweinfurth  to the  Finger Lakes Fiber  Artist meeting.   We talked about the Q=A= Q  show that is up and enjoyed hearing other members favorites and the why of those feelings.  At  2:00 we went up stairs   to enjoy   Bev’s trunk talk.    She was very kind with her full explanations about how she got to where she is now as well as her current process.IMG_9980It was a good  day.

Then on Tues I went off to QuEG’s and Diva meetings.   The holidays are keeping folks busy  so there was not much show and tell in either case.    Regina had finished her hand work on her circles and squares piece.  The base of this work is a piece of Shobori that she did. IMG_9989 Ruth shared   her cell work too.

  • Progress Report:   Peeling Orange    This work is 38” w X 41” l.   It is the last work that  I plant to use the Owl graffiti layout on.  It is not the  same pattern that I made in class.  I took the  idea and made it smaller to fit the orange hand dyed fabric that Regina gave to me.  There are cut-aways from other works in the series in this  piece too.   IMG_0013I am  now at the   point where I did not care if the viewer knows or can find the  the word  in the work any more.   I realized I have also become enchanted with  the little tails that sometimes end up sticking out along the edge .   I have cut them away many times- but decided I will keep some times on this work and some in the furture.IMG_0015


Zap It   I am now   doing the machine quilting and hand applique of the “It’s” on this quilt.     It is moving along nicely.


Glyph IV

IMG_0004The beading goes forward on this piece.  I was so busy this week I did not get my hour in every day.   But I will keep aiming for that amount of time.


Zap It II  In my preparation for my own trunk show I looked at all my old pieces.   I ended up with a whole pile of not so strong work and was considering just passing it all off to other uses.  Then I remembered Ethel telling me  long ago that I made great backgrounds.   So I though perhaps I could use some of those weaker pieces as a background for the letter form explorations.     I liked one of  my line drawings of “Zap It” – so I used that  as the basis for the purple strips on the surface of this older work.   The next challenge is how I want to stitch these lines down on the surface.

Ethel’ Scarp   IMG_0006  I am ready to put together the scrap quilt now.  This is my back for this work .  It is also made from scraps.

Label Card Flexibility   When it came time to start a new card for this week I still had the “reuse” thoughts in my head  so being flexible seemed like the way to go this time.

Keep Creating


Getting Rolling


I am finding it a bit difficult getting back into the studio after the holidays.  There is so much I want to do that is not  art work related.   I am hoping that will remedy its self with time.

I did do a big trunk show at the Schweinfurth Art Centersh- my talk on Sunday and that took a lot of preparation.   I  discovered some themes in my work that I had not noticed before and that is how I structured my talk.  I talked about five of them- Animals, Water, Rocks, Plants and Text.   I was epically flattered by the attendance of my friends from all parts of my life.   I did have fun with it and enjoyed the support I got from everyone.   In talking with folks afterward I  came across another topic that I could do a whole different presentation on- my use of embellishments.

IMG_9920There was a FAB meeting yesterday and we got to look at Nancy’s newest work.  She will be making “postcards” out of these images from the National Parks for a quilt.   IMG_9938More evidence of being busy is the fact that  I am still working on getting the fabric washed out from the play weekend at the Schweinfurth three weeks ago.

Progress Report: Fox Tails This work is 12” w X 12” t.   I created the heads of the fox Tails in the Experimental Surfaces with Amanda McCarver .  It was  a  great class and I learned a lot.    The background rock wall is felted wool roving. IMG_9936


Peeling Orange    I am to the point on this project where I am doing reflective quilting on this work.  I have decided to leave the orange plain and not quilt in that area.  I think the contrast will add interest.

Zap It  As the photo shows I have made the “It’s” a part of this work.  They are just pinned in place and subject to change, but one needs to start some where.  I ended up making a second “It” stencil as I wanted a second size.IMG_9927I am planning to hand stitch down the circular “It” add ons  after a bit of quilting by machine.

Creative Assistants IMG_9937  I really am at the end of making these fellows.  I know I was avoiding starting a new hand project and that is why I did them.  But I need to straiten up  and  begin the  project.

 Card- Trust   I usually trust that good things will happen to me and for the most part that has been a truth in my life.   But the happening in the world at this time are throwing a lot of question into my mind on this subject.

Keep Creating


Thanksgiving 2017



I hope you enjoyed the holiday.  Our family went off to the Turning Stone Casino for the  big buffet.   We  all had a good time and over ate a bit I am sure.   I really liked this ice sculpture turkey.

IMG_9878 I went off to visit with Regina Tuesday and we had a good time talking and sharing ideas.  We always get so excited that very little work gets done- the the ideas really flow.  She kindly gave me a Christmas present in the form of a dozen Christmas blocks that I will enjoy putting together into a season piece.   She does wonderful machine work.  The more I know about that  process the more I respect folks who do it.   It requires a different set of skills than I possess.

I am working away preparing for a Trunk Show at the Schweinfurth Art Center on Sunday at 2:00.   Going through old work is exciting and stressful.    I am also seeing patterns in my subject choices and  I will use that idea to pull  the talk together.   I did sort out a whole pile of stuff to pass on while I was pulling work for the talk.  Now to organize it in a meaningful  arrangement.

 Progress Report: Peeling Orange  I am now doing reflective quilting on this work  and trying to decide what way is up.  I finished all the satin stitch applique on Monday.






ZAP  IMG_9866 In this work  the contrasting shapes are all appliqued down now.   I decided it  needs an “add on” so I made a new graffiti to add to it.

IMG_9871It   I cut a stencil for the word ” it” as I thought I could add it to the ZAP work.  I made a bunch yesterday and they are drying now.  IMG_9869I hope to cut them out and add them too the Zap top.    This is a  true visual decision that can only be made visually.

Scarf  I finished my new muffler last eve.  Then as usual, I found the lost one this morning when I was looking for gloves.  It is good to have a back up.

IMG_9881Glyph IV    The beading goes on.   I am working on the bottom of the” L” now.

Trickster Card  I was thinking about how the Native Americans often use the coyote as a trickster in their stories.   Folks really identify with a smaller clever animal in their fight for shrivel against  powerful odds.

Keep Creating


Open Studio Weekend



This week I went off to an open studio week end at the Schweinfurth.  I worked in the wet studio with six other gals.   The first image is of the screen work I did on Sat.  I stared out doing Shobori with Liz.   We did four colors- orange, yellow, green and purple.IMG_9764   Everything worked well except the purple where I used a fabric that was only partly cotton and so it did not take the dye as well as I would have liked.     I still have a lot of fabric that is batching so there will be more next week.  IMG_9774Susan did some wonderful stuff as did Cheri.IMG_9770  Maureen worked on sox and other linens  she hopes to sell at the Plow Shears show  in early Dec.  Victoria did some nice work too.   We all had fun  and I came home exhausted.

Progress Report: Whirlwind This work is 30” w X 45” l.   It took several tries to get the edges strait on this one.    IMG_9829   I really like all the movement in this work.

Ethel’s Scrap   I continue to work away on this piece.  I finished row 5 yesterday and there are only nine so I am more than half done with this step.

 IMG_9814Zap  I had to remove the first applique as it caused a lot of ripples.   In doing the second two panels, I will add the inner facing and   tear away before I stitch to begin with- that will make the piece flatter and go a bit faster too.

Peeling Orange    I am zig-zagging the parts down on this one  and thinking about how I want to quilt it as I go.

Glyph IVIMG_9820I have been gone so much this week that I have not  done much work on this  project.   But I did put in a few hours and time is what it takes now.

 Card: Celebrate  As the holidays draw near I think about how important friends and family are to me and want to toast them with this card.

Enjoy Big Bird Day  everyone,


Creative Fiber Collage Artist Carol Boyer