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Mapel treeHello,

It is the first full day of summer and now the days begin to get shorter.   It is also the beginning of what as kids we called “Maple Whistle Time”.  As a kid for about a week we would use the maple seeds as a devise to make a whistle sound and drive my mom crazy.  There is also a mulberry tree that is dropping its fruit  that I pass under when I walk.  That too brings up great childhood memories of  climbing the  mulberry tree in the front yard and eating those berries. They were so juicy. We even tried to make mulberry one time .  Summer was always one day of adventure after another. IMG_8401

Progress Report: Green Dragons Green Dragons 31"wX 37.5  This piece is 31” w X 37.5” t.  It is quilted with stitch in the ditch work and then machine drawing of five dragons was added on top. IMG_8425I stated out by outlining the dragon that was printed on the fabric panel in the work.  I did  little research on Google  and then  some drawings      I then  did the others in a mimic of fist dragon.IMG_8426I have not done a  dragon quilt for many years, but there was a time when I did one as a yearly thing.   It is fun to revisit themes .

Wind Blown 16" X 29"Wind Blown  This quilt is 16’ w X 29” t.  I built up the background and then painted that ground.  I knew I wanted a tree on the surface so I did some drawing.IMG_8394

After  this step I had to decide how I wanted to build the trunk of the tree.  I used tear away paper and drew the image again.  Then I laid treeout yarn for that trunk and the limbs and free motion sewed them all together.   After pulling away all the paper I free motion stitched the tree down.   Next decision was  how  to make the leaves.  I placed a  piece of wash away on top of the tree and  then sprinkled shredded bits of green fabric on top of the wash away.IMG_8395 Last, I placed a bit of green organza on top   to create a sandwich and  free motion stitched the  everything together.  After washing out the wash away  I flipped the organza to the back and free motion stitched it to the tree area. IMG_8415




Little JellyfishLittle Jellyfish  I am still doing the hand work on this piece.  Stitching down all the tentacles is slow.

Ethel Scrap Work IMG_8431 I sewing sold blocks to the 5” pattern ones at this point.

Fly FastFlag- Fly Fast  For this banner I set the machine on zig –zag and drew the letters in free motion.  I like the strange effect.




Flag-Dream IMG_8420This is the last banner that I made in Florida this spring. The letters are done with a chain stitch.


new WorkNew Work  I am building this in the build a unit technique that I use.   The challenge Liz made was to use some of the hand dyed materials we had created.


Label Block # 130Label Block # 130 I can see the end of this process now.

Keep Creating


PS    I will be away again next week .  I am off to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright house Falling Water.

Travel plus


IMG_8279 Hello,

We hit the open road to test out Eric’s new car.  It was fun but we spent a lot of time in the rain.  We went to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Coppers Town first. IMG_8260.jpg Then on the Norman Rockwell museum.  We saw Edith Wharton’s newly restored gardens were a sculpture show was going on. The sculpture was mixed among the woodland paths too.  We did the Emily Dickinson  home  and then moved on to Shaker Village in Canterbury.   I really liked all the wonderful innovative machinery there.IMG_8269  These machines were in the wash house.    We made it all the way to the Maine coast before we headed back west.IMG_8272  This model boat was in an old boat house that was converted into  restraint where we had dinner.    We stopped in the Adirondacks  for the night and then went to the Adirondack  Experience museum and had a good time looking at the treasures there.   The travel was great but as always I am glad to be home with many great memories, lot of photos and the ideas are flying in my head.

Tue as the  the QuEG’s meeting so I got even more stimulation.  IMG_8324Corrine has been doing a lot of beading and the results are beautiful.

Linda's top Linda C showed us this beautiful top.   There is a lot of hand work on it.

Liz is finding lots of UFO’s as she dose some spring cleaning.  She shared three.  IMG_8328 I look forward to seeing the finished work too.

IMG_8331  Linda H shared this hand printed fabric that she has started doing hand work on.    We all had stories and lots to share.  It was a good time.


IMG_8338   I have such great friends .   Yesterday I got a treasure box from   Debbie.   I love all these little bits of trim and ribbon.    She knows me too well. They will all go into the next batch of Creative Assistants that I will begin as soon as QBL is over this year.

White Iris's 15" X 19Progress Report White Iris   This work is 15”w X 19”h.   The white blossoms where originally created for the 9 Blue Iris quilt that I showed in the last post.  But they were too pale and faded into the background.

IMG_8356So  I did a felted and fabric wall and used the flowers on top.     I do like the shape of iris and hope to do some more of them.

ButtonweedButton Weed    I did a little rework on this piece.   IMG_8366It needed a center of interest so I added a dragonfly.   IMG_8364The body is three cords twisted together and then zig -zagged over with a  satin embroidery thread.  The wings are a florist’s ribbon.


PodsPods  These are the last two pods.   I have 36 of them and I have had a good time.  I also have all my little Christmas Favors done for this year.


Prayer Flag Pins










Prayer Flag Pins   I made these after reading the June/July issue of “Quilting Arts Magazine”.    The  article made it seem so simple and it really was.   This shot makes them about life size on my computer.  I will make a lot of these little guys as they are fun too.

Spring Jacks










Spring Jacks    When I make felted backs I try to do more then one at a time.  I did three when had the felter out  and this one is going to be my support for the third Jack In the Pulpit  project.

Rainbow Tree















Rainbow Tree This is the third of the felted  pieces.   IMG_8337I am having fun using my many clear beads to embellish this work.

Pond Water

IMG_8353This project is also done with a lot of hand work so it usually does not get much attention.  I did add the gold units and a lot of stitching this week because I got a head on my Label Block project while traveling.

JellyfishJellyfish  I continue to struggle with this work.  But I keep at it.  I sliced the top layer of the organza and did hand work on top of that.   I like the texture and will continue to work on all the Jellies in this fashion.




Green DragonsGreen Dragon   This work is all assembled and I have done the stitch in the ditch step on it.  Now to move to the dragon quilting.
















Flags- Play Time   IMG_8250I worked on the flag project from my trip to Florida this week too.   I only have two more images to alter.  I used oil paint sticks to add color  to the works this week.

IMG_8248Flag- Monkey Business   With this flag I used a paint marker to do the lettering.

Flag –Along the Shore    IMG_8246 With this piece I used the oil sticks for the water.  The lettering was done with markers.

4 Label BlocksLabel Blocks #123, #124, #125, #126   This was the only hand work I took on the trip so every night I worked away on these blocks.    The pile is getting smaller.

Keep being Creative


Spring Energy



Spring really brings on fast changes around here.  Last week this lilac barely had leaves and now it is in full bloom.  And the smell is wonderful.  So too of so many plants.  I love all the quick changes Thaw in Xavier Woodthat happen this time of year.  The  leaves fill in all the empty spaces  as they reach for the sun shine and soon one feels under a canopy of green. The vast views of  the land are cut down as the leaves block the eye line to the horizon line and one feels enclosed and protected.   I find it really energizes me as well and I have had a great week.


Progress Report : Thaw in Xavier Wood   This work is 38” X 40”  and based on photos I took last fall when we had a nice thaw in mid November.     Ice is a subject that seems to constantly call back to me.IMG_8115   I love how the leaves are effected too not only in color but how they deteriorate. IMG_8116 I even tried using copper for a few of them knowing that they will also fade with time.   IMG_8119


PodsPods     I seem to be fascinated by the areas of connection of the units for these pods this week.  They sure got  most of the attention.   I am also using Sharron’s buttons as focus points on the surfaces of many of the pods.

IMG_8078 Curvier Cuts   This is the back ground for a new study of jellyfish.  All the curved cuts suggest the motion of moving water to me and  jellyfish  sure take advantage of the ocean’s motion to move.


IMG_8071Flags: Tajira   I keep working away on the flags that I started in Florida.  This one is called Tajira because that is the name of the new baby Giraffe that was just born to April  last week.   This “ child”  was 90 pounds and 6 Feet tall at birth.   The lettering was done on silk paper.

Flight IMG_8070  I enjoyed making this stencil.  It is colored in with water color pencils.  I had to add the beaded fringe because so how this piece of cloth was too short to meet the size requirement.


Spring Iris'sSpring Iris’s   I built up a base of several layers of different types of creams and white  fabrics and then added some brown and yellow  stains  to the surface for this piece.   I used some old lace that my grandmother Ruth created for the edge of a pillow case here too.   Then  I did a life sized drawing of the Iris’s I want to put on top of this work  and now I am ready to begin that step.IMG_8102 Because I want to use layers of sheers for the petals I am moving very slowly.  I am considering adding roving between the layers  for more color.


 Buttonweed Buttonweed   This rock wall background has been waiting for me to make a decision about the top layer for  a few weeks.  This week I finally decided to go with my original plan and drew these big paper  patters for the seed pods for the Button Weeds. IMG_8105 They will be cut from this bright green because that is the strong color the weeds are and that plus the shape is what draws me to them.

IMG_8107Harlequin Papers     This is a pure experiment.  I had read some where that one could fuse down candy wrapper  papers and use them on a work.  So this week when I spilled the box of papers I thought that it was a sign that I needed to act on that idea.   I will need to look and think about it for a while before I know how to proceed from this point.


Wool- Red  IMG_8097   My friend Tanya , gave me a big piece of red wool this winter and I finally pulled it out and cut three pieces from it.  The roving is just hand felted into the surface here.

wool BrownWool- Brown      This felted beginning has the same red wool base.  It also has a lot of fabric mixed with the roving  and wool yarn on the surface.   I have not started laying out the third one yet.  When it too is hand felted I will get out the felting machine and do that step to all three pieces and go from there.


Brown Base IMG_8092   These fabrics seemed to go together so I untied them.  It is just a raw base for  a future something.  I know that I will use it at some time and be glad that it is ready like a primed canvas is for an painter .

Purple Possibilities   IMG_8111 While I was pawing through my stash looking for the the green to use in Button Weed  and the blues I used in the curvy cut piece, I noticed that there were lots of small purple bits in the bottom of bins and such.  So I started collecting them in one place.   I will use this as personal challenge to use them all together in a piece some time.     I enjoy a little problem solving   every now and then.

Label Block # 120 Label Block # 120      I keep working away on these blocks.  Only 25 more  to go at this point.

Keep Creating


PS- One last look at the spring flowers.IMG_8088

Spring Rains


Red BudsHello,

The spring rains here in central New York sure have pushed the buds forward and the trees are greening up.Silk Paper  Its so pleasant outdoors I even ate my breakfast out on the patio this morning.       I finished up the drying and pressing of the silk paper from last week.  This one is my new favorites with the captured Japanese Lantern pods from Regina in it.    I did a lot of work in the studio this week and the project report will support that.

Milkweed Pods
















Progress Report:  Milkweed Pods    This stretched work is 18” X 24”.     There is a lot of  free motion machine drawing in this piece.   IMG_7977   The background was built up and then the milkweed pods were added on top.   The steams were created with three yarns that were   zig-zagged   together and then sewn down on the surface.   I did a lot of stitching on the pods to show the woody  textures on them. IMG_7978

ScribbleScribble    This small quilt is 18” X 21”.   It is made from   the cut away fuse backed scrap fabrics that I have  have created in the last few weeks.  The green from the Jacks and the pink from the blossom projects.   I then just do a lot of free motion machine play on top to hold it all down.   This quilt along with two others will go to the  Animal  Shelter here in town to be put in the wire cages.  They  soften the effect of the  metal cages a bit.


Flags- Wood Ibis    Wood IbisI just keep working away on the flags that I made in Florida.   The lettering here was done with a Sharpie marker.



THe FoxFox This too is one of my Florida Flags.   I used fabric markers to add color and do the   big lettering on this one.    The small text is stamped work.

MantisIMG_7939 This work has fabric crayons as the color agent.  The lettering is done with a stencil and  silver stamping ink.



Pond Water  Pond Water  This project is going slowly as most of the current attachments are being made by hand.  I work for several hours last week  adding these little white units.   This work is a part of my curvy cur series.IMG_7980 The white is deconstructed screen worked fabric that I purchased from Randy.

Four more PodsPods   I continue to create more of these pods.  I am having fun using lots of the beads from my box and some of the fancy buttons I have purchased  of the years.   It is much nicer to do little projects then to build a big beaded work.




Scrap HappyIMG_7982   Ethel’s scrap box was calling to me this week too.  So I got busy and spent time putting together the little  strips she had precut.   I can see this project will be a slow one- but sometimes I need to do “no mind” stuff  and this will go the trick.



Iced LeavesIce   Two days of cold rainy weather got me going again on this project.  All the white/snow  is free motion quilted  now and most of the leaves are attached as well.

Close up I do enjoy the process when I get going.










Scarves    ScarrvrsI have completed the stuffing of two more scarves.  I like the process but it is very slow.  I takes over half an hour to fill all the units for one row of the scarves.    I am ready to add the silk fabric in the centers of these works.  I have learned that the nylon net is to scratchie for the neck, so I add a unit of softer fancy fabric to the center that rests against the neck .  The good part is finding homes for all those little  stray objects that collect in the drawers.   I am including lots of jewelry bits from grandmother’s   button tin  too.


Label Block # 118 Label Block #118 I put a lot of hand work into other things this week so I only got one block done.    Only 27 to go now.

Keep Creating


Moving Forward


I am enjoying the unfolding of spring here.   There are lots of buds and birds.  I went to the Towpath Quilt Guild quilt show on Friday.


Noel's quiltMy friend Noel’s quilt looked great as did many others.  I enjoyed the show and saw many friends too.   It was inspired  to go home and work in the studio.

IMG_7862  FAB had a meeting on Monday and Nancy show us this label that she programed for her Mom’s Blue Bird quilt.     It looks good to me.

Cherry Blossom timeProgress Report: Cherry Blossom Time   This work is 39” X 35”.   I created it from the branch that was left over from the Blooming Branch project.  It was too dark for that work so this one was born.  IMG_7893 The branch was created from the sleeve of a wool jacket that I then built up with two different yarns.

IMG_7891 There area 61 blossoms on this quilt.  I made the centers from silk paper that I cut in circles and then stitched down with long French Knots.











Flag-Starfish   This is my newest flag from the Susan Challenge.    The text on this piece is machine writing in the section on the bottom.



Pods II










Pods   These are the newest completed pods.  I am enjoying the embellishing step as I get to use lots of beads sequins and pearls with this project.   I cut  six more felt embellished units this morning   so there will be more in the future.


Crow CallsCrow Calls   This project is a reworking of a completed quilt.  I built up the trees and stitched them to the quilt.  Now I am adding the crows.  They are cut  from suede that is then free motion stitched down.    I added  twenty five birds yesterday.



Samurai Romance Samurai Romance  I have been following the suggested techniques in Stitch, Fiber, Metal  and Mixed Media.     I have not purchased any new materials to do this project, but adapted what I have on hand to do the projects.   IMG_7876  This week I applied foil to thick interfacing and then did free motion machine drawing on top to create the flowers.  The centers are glass beads.





Still LifeStill Life   This work is an experiment.  I have been making silk paper for a  while and for this project I made the silk in the flower shapes instead of the sheet form.  Now I am stitching them down.







IceIce   I have started adding the leaves to this project.  This week I made leaves out of copper.   They are embossed with a blunt pencil.   This first one is trapped under a bit of “ice”  and I like the effect.  The other one isIMG_7896set to be in the water section of the work.  It may need netting too but I do not know at this time.   I also want to also add some fabric leaves too.


New WorkNew Works   This is a started build up for a new work.   There is a minimum of free motion machine  work on this piece at this time.    It is based on a photo of a rock face.   IMG_7872  This is a second pin up for another new work.  It is based on another section of the same rock face- with a different color base

YokeTop   I fell in love with this piece form Guatemala.    he hand work is beautiful.  But it is far too short for me and I wanted the sides closed.  So I have started altering it to work as a top for me.IMG_7887

Label Block #115 #116Label #115 #116

I got inspired  and did  two blocks this week.  I also cut  15 more black squares to complete the top.

Keep Creating,




It is starting to really feel like spring here in central New York.  I see little bits of green on the tips of branches  and shoots in the flower beds on my walks.   This was the fist week of the month so I had meetings.   The QuEG’s meeting was small but there was lots of work.

IMG_7796Liz finished this beauty using all Kay Facet’s fabrics.    She and  Sue Ellen both had work for the  group challenge for the guild.

Liz  This is Liz’s finished star challenge piece.  It looks good I think.   Sue Ellen’s star  is   a good one as well.IMG_7797  The use of the light blue fabric and the size were the other two limitations to the challenge.     Angela's Angela is busy working on felting some of her patterns from her tip to Hawaii   I think the limited pallet will server her well with this exploration.



Lor'sThe Divas also meant on Tue eve.  with more exciting stuff.  This is Lori’s completed tundra piece from her trip to Alaska.IMG_7802Maureen showed us lots of the new wonderful hand printed fabric that she is working on.    Donna  is proud of finally finishing her big king sized top.   It is amazing as it is her first quilt.  IMG_7806

Donna's BatherShe is also working away on some figures in paper clay.   These bathing beauties are fun I think.

IMG_7811Regina is doing lots of handwork  on her shobori  pieces from last month.  She is also exploring with rust dyeing.   IMG_7813



Liesa workLliesa  shared her memory scrolls from her semester in Japan.  They are so wonderful.  IMG_7824All created while she was there with her husband and made from fabric she got at the temple sales that she attended.


FiguresThere are four scrolls and each one is full of beautiful appliqued works all with memories and stories too.  IMG_7823   She stitched the insect by hand here and told a story about the cricket pets one has in the small houses there.  I just could not look enough at this piece of work.






Summer Medow





Progress Report: Summer Meadow 

 This work is 15” X 21.5 “  in size.  Sewing of the flowers  was done from the back of the work with thick thread and cord in the bobbin.IMG_7836IMG_7837  The dragon fly has wings cut from ribbon that was then free motion attached to the background.  The  body is made of bugle beads that I hand stitched to the surface.



Blooming Branch 33" X 430.5"Blooming Branch This work is 33” X 40.5”.   It is the result of a challenge by my friend Sharron.  We bot purchased  some silk kimono fabric

IMG_7850This shot is a close up of that fabric.   The challenge was to use it in a project to show at  QBL in the summer of 2017.   IMG_7849  This is my solution.

Crow Calls Crow Calls I am adding the trees to the surface of the work now.  It takes about 50 minuets to  do each tree and the birds have not been started yet.   I am enjoying it none  the less.



Samurai RomanceIMG_7834  I finished the leaf panels  this week .    I am beginning to feel it is a bit over crowded and I still have one more technique to add to the surface.

Samuair Romance     I may do some  editing before this is all done  and I am happy now that I only pinned things in place as I went along.











RoosterBanner –Year of the Rooster   This is one of my works that I started in Florida with Susan.   The lettering on this one is stamped.   The rooster is colored with  crayon.










IMG_7843.jpgBanner- Birds  This is my second banner this week.  The texture is created by rubbing over a plastic doily with crayon.  The text here is cut felt letters that were machine stitched down.








New  IceIMG_7830I am just starting to free motion stitch down the parts of  this work.  The bright pink at the bottom, is the felt inside  that I am building on.



scarvesNew Scarves       Chris  asked for more scarves so I got busy and did these two this week.  IMG_7856  I am always surprised by the bits of stuff that seem to pile up and work in these projects.


Pod 6IMG_7858  I gave in and  decided to create a few more pods.  This one needs some weight/beads on the bottom and it will be complete.



Label Block 114Label Block # 114   I made it to the fabric store this week and got more black fabric for the last 25 blocks.  Cutting them is the next step.  Only  36 to go now.

Keep Creating


PS check out my  tutorial on how to rust print.

Home again


I am home from my trip to Florida.  I had a good time and enjoyed my stay with Susan.  We got up with the sun and went to the shore to see it rise.  She and I worked on rust dyeing and I came home with a nice selection.IMG_7751  Jim took this great photo of me holding one of my rust creations.   We went to his home one night and drew  all evening too.    I will do a tutorial  of the process rust  and post it by next week.     Susan This shot is of Susan  across the table at  drawing on Tues.

IMG_7705Chris Winter visited on afternoon and  we did  image transfers with Citra Solv . IMG_7707.jpg

Through out the week we  cut stencils and made flags with them.IMG_7700 Now all I need to do is the finish up on all fifteen of them.   They all need text of some sort because  that was the main challenge to begin with.   Susan in the studio  I will put the two I have completed in the progress report section.     We  worked away  very day and the time flew bye.     I came home to  find   ice and snow still remaining from the storm that dumped 24”  before I left.IMG_7642  This shot is of the sky light in the airport.

Monday I went off to visit with my friend Angela.  She did a special demonstration for me of how to use pre felt.  AngelaI now feel I know a lot more about how to use my roving and felt more effectively.   She is a good teacher.   I am sure the processes will be a part of future  works.

IMG_7764.jpgThis morning the FAB gals meant at my house.   Nancy has finished the top of her quilt for her mom.  It is beautiful.  The colors make one feel so summery and warm.  We will get together and pin baste it in the near future.      Judy is still knitting away on her red sweater.   She is working on the arm wholes now , so the end is in sight. IMG_7766

Progress Report: Flags 1  Bee Happy  IMG_7760 This is the fist flag I finished.  I did most of it in Florida and only added the sleeve here at home.

Flag 2- Llegado IMG_7759 I added the tabs and the beaded fringe on the bottom of this one to make it long enough to fit the size we agreed upon.   Llegado is Spanish for  alight.

Blooming BranchBlooming Branch   All the blossoms are stitch down now.  I am working on the hand quilting step of this  project.   I did not add enough wind  lines with the machine for me to feel it is stable .   IMG_7779   So I am outlining  things in the background by hand.

Summer Meadow   SummerThis work is nearly done now.  I added the daises and little yellow flowers to the surface .  All the work was done from the back side of the work with  extra thick threads in the bobbin.  Another new machine process that I will add to my tool box of techniques for use in the future.

crow callsCrow Calls     I thought I was ready to add these trees to the surface of the quilt.  But when I started pinning them up,   it became apparent that the black trees are too dark.  The crows will be lost in them if I do not build up more browns and grays into the black trees.   So there is work ahead for this week on this project.   I think the wash away partly obscured this problem until this point.

Samurai Romance  IMG_7778   I am adding the beads around the outside of the leaf panels for this project.    That and the Turkey Work stitches take lots of time.    This panel  is done the other similar one does not have any hand work yet.  It is smaller then thisfist pannel.

iceNew Ice  I started a new ice piece this week.   I took a lot of photos of the ice forming in Xavier  wood and this one had leaves sticking up through the ice and snow.  I want to try to capture/show them with this piece.   I have some ideas, so stay tuned.





Label Blocks # 111, #112,#113

Label Bkocks  The one thing I have completed in the last three weeks is my label blocks.   But I did discover that when I laided them out that 120 blocks will not be enough to cover the bed without sashing.   I do not like that idea so I will cut  25 more black squares and add labels to them before I put the top together.

Keep Creating.


Visual Effects


Spider wartHello,

I have spent my week with  many other creative people and in doing so my world is richer.    Yesterday, while coming home from a wonderful performance of West Side Story with  my friend Barb and I,  we were enjoying the beautiful landscapes of up state New York.  In doing so we talked at length about how  we are so eager to feast our eyes on the world around us and  that we easy find and celebrate the wonders of our world with joy and delight.   That is a job all artists do – with our works we  celebrate our own joy and in doing so hopefully open others  eyes to the beauty all around all of us.    Our acts of “ Valuing the Visual” with each work or art, hopefully makes others value  the world as well. IMG_3793

I went to a FAB meeting this week.  Nancy displayed her dyed fabrics from the week before.  Now she  is ready to move on to the IMG_3794_thumb.jpgfinal assembly of here quilt.      Patti work on one of her  mini weaving projects during the meeting.

Sue Ellen's tree



I then went to the QuEG’s meeting .   Sue Ellen  is working away on a Tree series and this is one of her pieces in that series.    She had several others pinned up in her studio.  It will be fun to watch the series get completed. IMG_3796We seem to have a rash of baby related works going on in the group at the Baby quiul8tsmoment.  This is  green and purple one is Linda’s new baby quilt.

Here are two more by another expectant grandmother.

IMG_3798Angela is doing hand work on this felted work that she cut up.    We gave her lots of ideas about how to expand and play with this idea.    L:iz's workThat is one of the great things about a group- the expanded brain power is wonderful and one can pick and choose from the ideas folks toss out for your benefit. Liz had a wonderful little bowl carrier project that she shared with us.   This soft hot pad “fits” around a bowl while it is in the micro wave  and makes for easy removal with out burning the fingers. IMG_3802Corrine is busy doing paper piecing with very small log cabin blocks.

IMG_3813 I stopped and picked up Susan on my way to the Diva meeting.  This shot is of her table in her studio.  She is really expanding the Flag Challenge in a great way.     I am enjoying the contrast of our two styles and will talk more about that in the future.   At Diva’s  we saw this new work.  Anne  IMG_3818.jpgdid a wonderful job with the quilting on this project.   The front is wonderful too- but I do not have a shot of that.IMG_3820 This is picture of Lori’s  layered embroidery work.    There is foiling and organzaAlice in this as well.

Alice is working on smaller units to sell for Art Trail and this stain glass type pieces is one of her works for that endeavor.   I like her color choices. Regina was reginamy guest at the meeting and she showed us her felted butterfly.  This was only one of three she had completed sense I had seen her the Wed. before.

Meeting all three groups in one day is exhausting and I will work not to have that happen again any time soon.  One can have too much of a good thing.

IMG_3834.jpgProgress Report  Insect Ology 

I am surprised by how much people IMG_3837like this work.  The colors are natural, the subject matter is some what off potting- but I get lots of positive feed.   I like it too,IMG_3841.jpg but not nearly as much as my viewers do.   I will make another companion stencil and see if working two together also gets  this type  of response.IMG_3839  I really enjoyed quilting all the leaves on the surface the most when it came to completing this work.

IMG_3790Flag-  Dance  This flag is really the last of the official series – I think.  Both Susan and I did the same image in black and white to start this project.  I held this flag until the end to complete.   It seemed like a way of closing off.  the process for me.   But after seeing what Susan is doing I am not so sure.

IMG_3788.jpgFlags- Assorted Colors   Being unsure of were we were going Susan and I started by using up her paper paste before we did anything else.   The flag challenge grew out of that play .   I did these colored flags last so  when I got to these I was feeling more confident about the use of words and adding objects to the surfaces.  For this one, Imagination, I embossed the saying on metal and stitched it to the surface.

The second one- Hands – got its  darkerflag additions  in the form of painted wonder under that I ironed to the surface.



The paper paste was thinning down by the time we got to the last this last flag so it is paler.  I added the oil crayons to is for the onion.

IMG_3791.jpgIt is a copy of the stencil that Susan made on Wed of my visit when we went to drawing class.

The studio is calling as I have not spent a lot of time there this week.


Keep Creating


Work Space


Summer is upon us now with all its wonders.  I love how fast a beautifully the flowers are opening and changing the landscape.   This Poppy is from Regina’s garden wereIMG_3762 I was visiting yesterday.    I enjoy her work an find her approach exciting.      One of the things she is working on is printing on fabric with a linoleum block and then quilting into the image.  She added the red thread to emphasize the blossoms.   She has asked a friend to enlarge the image and print it on the fabric for her so there will be even more of this image in her future work.      IMG_3760

I also spent time with Nancy this week doing some dye painting.  She could not find the color she wanted for one of her works and decided to paint to get what she wants.     I am proud of her.


IMG_3785  Through this door is the studio.  I think it is very important to have a place of your own to work.   I have a wonderful converted garage space for my studio.  I has had several lives before it became my space.  I served as a bedroom for two different  boarders, my daughter and  young  grand kids and then for  Eric and myself.      Now it is my refuge for creative work.  It has a wonderful bay window in the front and a door out side on the east wall. A long four foot deep closet in the back with book shelves is were I store most of my fabrics, yarns and papers as well as my felting machine.     I have filled the space with  my stuff and it suits me well.  Studio This first shot  is from the door looking toward the front of the house.       My desk/ sit down work space is a U in this far corner.  I enjoy using my Grandmother Ruth’s sewing table as a work space for my own machine.     That is one leg of the U and the desk its self is the other two sides.desk

I spend most of my time working in this area of the room..By walking strait across the room from the door and looking back this shot shows the view.form the door  Here is my cutting table with a small ironing board on the top at the far end.   The pin wall is also along that wall.  Next to that I have a book case that is full of projects in progress as I like to keep materials all together until I have completed an idea.  northeast cornerThis view is achieved when one walks diagonally  from the  point of view of the second shot into corner I just described  and  look back. ( the end of the sewing machine is on the lower right )  Here one can see the book shelves.  The have lots of quit books and reference materials as well as my tin container collection.  They serve as storage for sequins, oils sticks, markers,  special fabric bits and small items that I find inspirational.   In the corner the  plastic drawer unit  is full of beads, paints, buttons, lace trims and other attachments.   My guest chair, also shown,  often serves as a staging area for hand work that  will be done outside the studio.    I feel fournate to have such a wonderful work area and I enjoy it almost daily.

 Modeled surface Progress Report ;  Modeled Surface    I used lots of surface altering techniques on this work. This red purple section is from the Deconstructed Screen Printing class from the fall.

IMG_3773 The light blue is from some dyeing I did with the QuEGs  group last spring.  IMG_3780This dark blue is from a day I spent playing with paint in my own studio.  I was doing tape resist on the fabric and then running the roller over it. IMG_3775The left side of this images shows printing on an old table cloth and the right side is a double print of a silk screen.  It was a fun challenge to use only fabrics that I had altered myself.

Insect OlogyIMG_3769I am still working on the free motion part of this work.   I so liked the shapes of these leaves  that I used them several places in the quilt to fill in the sections.   I like finding inspiration from the fabric for my free motion work.

FlagFlag-Continue I only finished one flag this week.    This one is Susan’s design and her quote too.   I just added the flowers.   Now I only have five to finish before Tue next week so that project will get lots of my attention.


IMG_3758New Work  True to the way I work I have pulled out a new patch of fabric and pinned it to the wall.    I always like to audition  fabrics before I use them.

Label Block

IMG_3784  Two more are now completed.

Keep Creating


Travel Log


Barb's TulipsHello,

I am home from a wonderful trip and I still seem to be flying along with lots of new experiences.     Maine was/is beautiful as it too awakens to spring.    I enjoyed the tulips in Barb’s yard and took lots of pictures.   There are so many wonderful colors.  IMG_3703We visited two artists with studios on this trip.   The first was Elizabeth Busch’s place.   She is working on a new commission for  the state capital building in Augusta. IMG_3699 This is a shot of the models.    She is building in her wonderful weaving on bird netting.IMG_3680She carefully explained how she used her photos of different parts of Maine to build the landscape that she wanted for the project.  She refers to them often E- full wallas she works with the weaving to keep the colors close to the natural look she is building.  She has  a large collection of printed and painted strips of plastic to choose from when she is working.  Elizabeth IMG_3693 sometime weaves as many as four strips into one section to create theIMG_3692 color she wants for rocks, trees, water and other  natural elements.       She is working on all three panels at one time so they will flow into one another as they spin from the three eye beams in the lobby.    The job needs to be More weavingcompleted by September so she will have a busy summer.

The second Studio was that of Nanci  Kohn  She is a photographer and paper  Mache’ artist.   Nanci Kohn She too was very willing to talk about her process and work.      I really love this song bird that is covered in sheet music.

IMG_3734We then stopped and looked at a welded sculpture of an Osprey on a bridge on our way to Portland.     It was an enjoyable and stimulating trip as travel always seems to be for me.

IMG_3740   Tuesday the FAB group meant here.  Patti had nearly completed this   happy little wall hanging.  I like how she used buttons and beads for the eyes of the kittens.

Judy was busy working IMG_3742on a new sweater.  She is doing hand embroidery stitched flowers on it now to add more interest.  I like the soft colors she is using.

ConsiderationProgress Report:  Paper Quilt- Consideration

I am done working on the surface of this project.  I want to add a sleeve in a different manner than I have with previouse paper quilts,because it is so wide.  I want to make the slat removable for this one.     The papers that I started with were from a Gelli print play day last fall.   I have enjoyed doing all the  stitching on this one and adding textures

IMG_3747IMG_3750 I added painted and melted tyveck for that texture.  I used both sides so some areas have the bubble up and some have the bubble down.

IMG_3751.jpgHand Bag  I made a new hand bag out of some of the wonderful fabric that Regina gave me a few weeks ago.   It is time to switch to a summer color so I put the old one( it was browns and blacks) away.

Place Mats  When   I was sorting through the material for the hand bag I pulled fabric for place mats too.  These are the newly  finished  batch.  I have stacks  two more  sets setting on the cutting table.


Pock Marked IMG_3757  I am working on the free motion portion of the quilting on this project.  It is going slowly as I am trying to find lines to follow for all the stitching and it is very complex in some areas.

Insect Ology   I am to the Insect Ologyfree motion quilting on this project too.  It is a much different process than Pock Marked- much more a reflective process.   It is good for me to switch from one type of free motion work to the other.

IMG_3755Flag – Rejoice   For the experiment on this  flag I drew on the surface with magic markers and then stayed it with rubbing Alcohol.  I hung it on the line so it would run down as it dried.   Not all the makers ran because they were different types of markers.     The “Sharpies” rand the most.   The quote is” Rejoice  in the common place.” from an unknown source.

Flag- Find Ecstasy  Rerjoice This flag does not have much in the way of experimentation.  But when I found this quote  l knew I had to use it.    It is from Emily Dickenson:  “Find ecstasy in life – the mere sense of living in joy is  enough.

IMG_3662More Minions  I  am now finished with the last four minions.  I will pass them along to friends who need a lift as I come across them.

I hope summer is on everyone’s door step.

Keep Creating

CarolTulips 2