About Carol

self-portraitCarol Boyer is a fiber artist who started quilting in 1974.  Her first quilt was a bed quilt designed to help her then restless three year old settle down for a nap.  The childs favorite song at that time was “I got the Sun in the Morning and The Moon at Night”.   So with that in mind the two of them designed a quilt with a sun at the top and a moon at the bottom with patchy fields in between.    The child turned the quilt to the proper time of the day and took her rest under the quilt.  Carol then  “got serious” and made her first “real” quilt.  It was a log cabin based using  a  “flip and sew’ technique that was in an issue of Woman’s Day Magazine.    Then she was hooked and she has been playing with fabric and fibers ever sense.  Log Cabins are still one of her favorite quilt patterns.

Carol  has an undergraduate  and a  Master’s of Art Education from Ball State University . Her first teaching job was for three years in the Portland  School district at  Pennville Indiana.   That job was a K to 12 grade position  with 350 students.     She then taught for three years in the Muncie Public schools before moving to New Your state where she started  teaching middle school in the Westhill Public School District.     She held that job for 30  years.

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs.  🙂

Creative Fiber Collage Artist Carol Boyer