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Getting Started January 19, 2012

It was so very cold this morning and still dark- I so wanted to stay in bed…….. But others needed rousing and the day would not do its self, so I rolled out and did the morning rituals.    Still unexcited I then off to the studio.   I had  a “no mind” project to work on- the Scrap Happy quilt.   So I stared  by sewing on the pre-pinned row of blocks.  Before I knew it  I was sewing on the last row and an hour had passed.  My mind was fully engaged in how I wanted to attempt the problem that was on the pin wall.  I realized I had won against the winter doldrums……” Just  DO IT” as the saying goes.  It really dose work- that plus stopping on a project were the next step is obvious really dose not hurt either.

Progress Report

Pink Button Necklace

  Completed Button necklace in pink and cream

This project is now done.  I am working on getting the instructions completed too.  They will go up as a tutorial when that is finished.  My goal is to have that complete by next Thur.  I am still cleaning up details and I know I need to write read, re read let some time pass and check again before I put up instructions so it takes me time to do it correctly.






Adventure Challenge

Last week I talked about getting inspiration from some of my older books, and I think this will be a fun thing to do. I decided to use the Louis Ericson book Design&Sew it Yourself   for the first project to try.  I selected  to do some work with bias strips. I loved the look of the frogs in the book so I sort of started with that in mind.  But the material I selected- a black and white print was far too busy for the fancy work of the cords to show up.  Perhaps later I can try that.  So I built a background of light green,  with a pale purple and white strip across it.Light green and pale purple background with black and white bias loops pined to the surface.  Then making a visual decision visually, I decided that this did not show off the bias to its best advantage and created a new color combo to use the strips on. Image of burgandy and black and white fabricsand the bias tap This works a lot better for my eye.  So I will build a new platform for the bias work using these fabrics.

Blue Fantasy

I have been working on this quite little piece for a while.  I hold onto fabric for a long time as I made the marbleized fabric in a class at Quilting By the Lake before 1985.  

I enjoyed applying the bead work and french knots to the surface to enhance the marbleized area.   It is now a completed work.  I like the horizonal format and the  close color palate.Full shot of the quilt showing the fianl layout with the beadwork and the final quiltingDMC Project

There are several quilts in this project that I worked on this week.

Amended Squares is the oldest one.  As the pictures shows I have done a lot of the machine quilting and some bead work here.  I feel that it is complete at this point.


This sloution is far less clutterd than the first attempt with this lay out.  I am still very close to the works and find they both have strong points.   I do feel that this one is a better place to work from for the next two in the series however and so I kept the others similar in feel and simplicity.



Limber Loss is the next one in the series and they are Marty’s colors and her lay out of the pieces.    I think it is a fine complement to Amended Squares.Limber Loss is in the bead application process.

Slit Slip

  This is the third in the revised  DMC series.   I really altered this lay out one- but I followed the rule 5- If you want to do it- DO IT.   I am plan to join the two units with beads in the opening….. I hope I can pull this off successfully.






Paper Quilts

I enjoyed my work with the openings on the paper quilt that I worked on  last week that my mind went running in a new direction with that concept.  So I painted up two more colored paper piles and built two addition surfaces to work on.  No titles yet but that will come as I play with the work.  I am enjoying the process.

   I hope the week will be a good one you.

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