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Mapel treeHello,

It is the first full day of summer and now the days begin to get shorter.   It is also the beginning of what as kids we called “Maple Whistle Time”.  As a kid for about a week we would use the maple seeds as a devise to make a whistle sound and drive my mom crazy.  There is also a mulberry tree that is dropping its fruit  that I pass under when I walk.  That too brings up great childhood memories of  climbing the  mulberry tree in the front yard and eating those berries. They were so juicy. We even tried to make mulberry one time .  Summer was always one day of adventure after another. IMG_8401

Progress Report: Green Dragons Green Dragons 31"wX 37.5  This piece is 31” w X 37.5” t.  It is quilted with stitch in the ditch work and then machine drawing of five dragons was added on top. IMG_8425I stated out by outlining the dragon that was printed on the fabric panel in the work.  I did  little research on Google  and then  some drawings      I then  did the others in a mimic of fist dragon.IMG_8426I have not done a  dragon quilt for many years, but there was a time when I did one as a yearly thing.   It is fun to revisit themes .

Wind Blown 16" X 29"Wind Blown  This quilt is 16’ w X 29” t.  I built up the background and then painted that ground.  I knew I wanted a tree on the surface so I did some drawing.IMG_8394

After  this step I had to decide how I wanted to build the trunk of the tree.  I used tear away paper and drew the image again.  Then I laid treeout yarn for that trunk and the limbs and free motion sewed them all together.   After pulling away all the paper I free motion stitched the tree down.   Next decision was  how  to make the leaves.  I placed a  piece of wash away on top of the tree and  then sprinkled shredded bits of green fabric on top of the wash away.IMG_8395 Last, I placed a bit of green organza on top   to create a sandwich and  free motion stitched the  everything together.  After washing out the wash away  I flipped the organza to the back and free motion stitched it to the tree area. IMG_8415




Little JellyfishLittle Jellyfish  I am still doing the hand work on this piece.  Stitching down all the tentacles is slow.

Ethel Scrap Work IMG_8431 I sewing sold blocks to the 5” pattern ones at this point.

Fly FastFlag- Fly Fast  For this banner I set the machine on zig –zag and drew the letters in free motion.  I like the strange effect.




Flag-Dream IMG_8420This is the last banner that I made in Florida this spring. The letters are done with a chain stitch.


new WorkNew Work  I am building this in the build a unit technique that I use.   The challenge Liz made was to use some of the hand dyed materials we had created.


Label Block # 130Label Block # 130 I can see the end of this process now.

Keep Creating


PS    I will be away again next week .  I am off to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright house Falling Water.

Leaves Change


Red Leaves  Hello-

It is really starting to be colorful here in central New York.   I have seen all shades of green, yellow, orange and red this week.  Mother Nature has been busy.IMG_6566  I went off to a Fiber Arts show  on Sat.  There was lots of weaving, spinning and roving.  I came home with a back pack full of new colors to work Cheri.jpgwith.  The yarns were beautiful as well.  It almost made me want to knit…. then I remembered all the yarn I already have so I walked away.    I also went off to the Rock Garden Art Group  Show.  Two Fiber arts friends had work in the show  Cheri and Terri.  It was great.     I so enjoy seeing the work of my fellow fiber Artists in gallery settings.Terri



IMG_6583Progress Report:  Ethel’s Nine Patch  I got all of the quilt  put together with week.  I am working on the binding and that is about one third done.    I  am sure it will be completed this week.


IMG_6572.jpgBirds  I am making progress on this work too.  I have not put much of it together but the layout is getting more and more complete.






Land Fall IMG_6576 I did work on this piece this week but this is the slow stage were not a lot seem to be happening in the over all image.

IMG_6570.jpg Orange Wool  This work is like the other wool based piece.  Lots of time but little difference on the surface.  I am pushing myself to go more toward a fire like image.   Time will tell if I can make this work.
















Queen Ann’s Lace  I did work on the heads of the steams on this project.   I have been so busy doing hand work on other things that I have not really spent much time on this project.

Thread Painting IMG_6574 At the QuEG’s  meeting Angela talked about doing thread  painting on  wash away.  Well I tried it this week.  I like the concept, but I need to plan more carefully with the grid I put down to build on.  I also marked the pattern were I wanted the white in red washable marker.  I turned the thread pink.  Not my plan at all.     Mistakes are what we need to move forward.  Then today I re read the instructions and it said to do the machine drawing on both sides.    A second mistake.

Blocks#84 #85 Label Blocks # 83 and # 84

I  just keep working  at the little daily blocks.

Keep Creating