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September 19, 2013 Harvest Moon

beadshow Hello,

Last evening the harvest moon rose round and orange as a giant pumpkin.  It was beautiful!  I tried to capture it with my camera- but I am not happy with any of the shots so I am going to leave the idea to you imagination.Barb creating  The Harvest moon is the last full moon before Autumnal Equinox.

This week has been a full one as they all seem to be.  I went to the Bead show here in town on Sunday and managed to keep from purchasing  too many new beads.

Friday was the Explores day to play with Fused Silk.  I think I can speak for everyone in declaring it a big success.    This top shot is of Barb spreading the GAC* out on her silk.

Liz-ans-Corriene  Liz and Corinne working on step one- spreading out the silk fibers.


sue ellenSue Ellen concentration on  her work.

We all had fun and Angela even go far enough along with her fibers to add them to a top.  I think we all took home at lease four pieces of fused silk.  Liz even experimented with fusing the silk directly to the fabric with the GAC and that seemed to work too.

fused Silk  I make mine very thin- only one layer of fibers to use with my rock wall stuff  in the future.   It was a fun day for all of us.

Progress Report:  Pumpkin Lichens

Pumpkin Lichens 36" X 40"  $375.00
Pumpkin Lichens
36″ X 40″

This work had given me fits when it comes to being square and it still looks off kilter to me.   The work measures true though.  I did have a good time using more of Randy’s wonderful fabric .    There is also a bit of the discharged fabric that I did with Marty this summer in this piece( the light orange cream in the middle)Punpkin lichens close up.   I used the  curves of Randy’s images to get me started with the quilting patterns too.  They were so organic and the lichens I used for part of the inspiration were also irregular like that.   Pumpkin Lichens Close up 1    This second close up show one of the areas where I started reflective quilting when I got away from the  “lichen ” centers.


On the Road to Dry Falls

I worked on this piece this week and all the fabric it attached.  I did not shoot it because it does not look any different than last week.


 limb  Oak Leaves   This is the same limb that I was working on last week from the other side.  It also shows the limb all frapped in a second layer of  black textured yarn.     I plan to get to the background work this week and start putting it all together soon.


Rounds     I started this work before QBL – eight weeks ago now.Rounds sliced Working through my stack of UFO’s it finally came to the top again.    I sliced the work vertically  into seven units.  Then I pulled out some solid blue fabric and stamped on it with one  of the stamps that I cut in my “one a day for Rounds  blue insertscl230 day Challenge”.   I did the stamping in a purple/pink that works with some of the fabric in the circles.    I have ideas for more additions,but will wait to work on them until I have all the units added together.  Make the visual decision based on what I see.


New Worknew-work   This one got some hand work and some paint this week too.    The leaves are just pinned on- auditioning so to speak.  I like the idea of them, but feel they are not strong enough to work with all the little units of this piece.  I think I got a bit carried away with the paint step here.   But errors show growth is taking place.

Enjoy the wonders of the season

Keep Creating


* GAC is a Golden Product used to thin down acrylic paint.  GAC 900 is what we used and it is designed for fabric so you keep the soft hand.

Sept 6 , 2013 Back to School


It was the first day of school for students here in central New York.  When I went out for my walk this morning there were two boys waiting for the bus on the corner.  The same place that my daughter waited for the bus many years ago.  I passed others on  my trek and thought that this is a sure sign that fall has begun.    Liesa's-book1
This week was the first Tuesday of the mouth and so I went off to my DIVA group meeting on Tuesday.  I had missed the mouth before so I was very excited about seeing what others were doing and I was not disappointed! Liese had been doing a lot of marbling on paper .  She created two books.  I really like the one with the  quotes and her second one was an accordion book with wonderful creatures that she saw in the marbling.

accordian bookShe said that she learned that the newsprint paper worked the best for this job.

Susan is doing some great exploration based on sleep.  She is printing on fabric with old stencils and writing her quotes in water soluble graphic pencils.Susan sleep quoites

She has a wild collection of stencils and is trying not to cut any new ones for this project.   I really like the long line of people she repeated in this second print.Susuan's book
She is also  dealing with the inside of things- including people.  The rib cage is made with painted canvas suspended in the opening.   I can hardly wait to see how this develops.BS5susansinnerimages  She always looks at things with such a unique eye.
Sally's ProbemSally brought a problem to the group for suggestions.  She is getting ready for the Art Trail in the Ithaca area and one of her practices is to have each of her visitors add a piece of fabric to a background that she has selected.  Then the sews them down were they are placed.  Every five years she take the panels and puts them together in some fashion.  She was after suggestions.   We brainstormed and gave her several ideas- I can hardly wait to see what she finally does.  I really get a lot out of this group for the support as well as the many skills and ideas that each person brings to the setting.
Occasions 35.5" X 49.5" $ 440.00
35.5″ X 49.5″
$ 440.00

Progress Report: Occasions     This quilt is one more of the ones that I started at Quilting by the Lake, the second week.   I had purchasedOccasionsCL2 some deconstructed fabric( the light blue) from her the first week of the conference and used it as my starting place for this piece.  This fist close up show the wonderful texture she had created with lines that attracted me to it.  I pulled the rest of the materials from my stash and supplemented with a few new pieces that I purchased from the venders there. BS5occasionscl4      I enjoyed doing the circular quilting on this piece and feel it is just what the  quilt needed to pull all the sections together.     The gals at the Diva meeting really liked this work too and had lots of kind word about this work.

BS5OccasionsCl1I enjoyed working on this one.





……………       ………………………     ……………………..      ………………………..     ………………………     ……………………
East WallEast Wall  – Rock Series
This work got lots of additional machine drawing added this last week.   There is so much texture now that I feel it is pulling together a bit better. east-wall cl2
I used some of my painted wonder under on the surface  to add more color and pattern.  There is also a bit of intense quilted pink velvet on the right side of this shot for more texture.
PumpninLichens Pumpkin Lichens :  I am to the quilting stage on this quilt.  It too has some of Randy’s wonderful decomposing screen fabric as it start-  The orange with the the dark circles on it.   The colors of the  trip to southwest really have had a long time effect on me if the work shown here is any indication.
New Work   new  work     Here is some more of the curved piecing work I am trying to conquer.   I am ready to start  the  placement of the  fused silk paper on this top to add texture and unity to it.   There are two pieces sort of pinned in place.  I think more will help as well as some of the painted wonder under.
Then the quilting will really pull it all together .

Keep Creating