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Were Do Ideas Come From? January 9, 2014


Anastasi Ruins 18" X 24"  $ 110.00
Anastasi Ruins
18″ X 24″
$ 110.00


The New Year is starting off cold in this part of the country- A feeling that makes me want to hibernate.  But I have just stay indoors and worked away instead.   Last week I said that I was going to choose a word to be my guide for this year.  The word I selected is “EXPLOIT”.  I intend to fully “exploit” my materials, stash and potential for new directions.     Like so many others I have a lot of gadgets and stuff that I have saved for just the write project- but I will not be doing that anymore.  I plan to go ahead and use them now- with out fear or worry.   That is not to say everything will be a big success, but that idea is an illusion anyway, I have given myself permission to “exploit” what I have and enjoy every bit of it.    Saying that I was asked by a friend were do my ideas come from?   After careful thought I decided there are many sources for me.Doodle

First Pay attention to what interests you.  When one is interested in something they look at it and think about it more then other items.   When I was teaching middle school every September when the students all had their new sketchbooks I would ask them to make a list of all the things that they liked in the front.  My lists change and grow from sketchbook to sketchbook as my interests change.    Together my students and I  would use the list as a starting off place for new projects when we needed it.   I still use this practice.

I love to travel and pictures from my adventures can be starting points for work.  Like the  quilt above.

I alsoBlock-and-print doodle and that can be the beginning of work for me.  I used this doodle as a starting place for a stamp that I created and printed this week.  It is not a quilt yet, but I think the graphic is good and I am sure I will use it in the furture.   Sketchbook  I find myself searching out items that I have  interests in and the list helps me remember.  Pomergranates are one of the things on my list.  So when I saw this shampoo bottle it caught my eye.   I then purchased the fruit Shampoo bottlewhen I saw it again the grocery and I did a little sketch to make myself more filmier Pomegranit2with it before I cut a series of stencils of this subject.  I am enjoying using the stamped fabric that I created using this idea. So those are three sources of ideas for me.  I will try to pay attention over the next few weeks and mouths and note were the ideas come from and point them out.

Progress Report : PomegranitPomegranate I   This work is still at the quilting step.  I have learned that I do best if I only work for about an hour before I stop and go to something else.  That way I do not hurry and mess up.   I am nearing the end, but I am not there yet.


Charlottes Shadow 2 Charlottes Shadow2  I had just pinned this to the wall last week.  I am building away on the top now.  The quilt is taking shape.   I use the tape measure to help me keep my sizes what I have in mind when I am working.  I want all the pieces in this series to be the same size and this method  really helps me do that.

Sunshine-and-rustSun Shine and Rust I really love the print fabric that is in this top.  That is the real starting place for this work.  I also wanted to work with a sunny color this week when the sky was so gray and it was so cold.  This project did help me feel more cheerful.

Foundations VII   I still have not settled on a title for this piece, but I am enjoying the BJ914FoundationsVIIprocess.   There is so much wonderful texture here and the free motion work is so very calming to me now that I have done so much.  This close up shows the use of  waded green organza, wool fabric and wool yarn.    There is also a little bit of colored pencil drawing in the lower left hand corner here.  I am exploiting all  my knowledge and talents on this work!

Daily'sDaily’s    I am still going strong on this project.

Stay worm and keep creating.



July 11, 2013 Summer Days


I feel we have reached the slow days of summer when Mother Nature really does her magic.  I have noticed on my walks changes especially in the trees.  Hickories, pines and oaks all have immature versions of the seeds to come in fall.  Because of all of the rain we have experienced here, I think the apples will be really big this year because the green ones on the trees now are already bigger then gulf balls.  Nature provides me with a visual feast each day.   Sorting

I am getting ready to attend the  Quilting By the Lake conference.  I so look forward to seeing my friends and to getting stimulated by lots of new ideas and thoughts about the art of quilting.  In preparation for that work  I had to do a bit of sorting.  One thing lead to another and I ended up pulling all the fabric out of the closet and refolding and stacking it.  This shot shows the job as it neared completion.   As you can see  I have lots of fabric. This activity not only cleaned up the shelves, and sorted out the material that I need for my projects, but it also made me realize I do not need to purchase anything new.   I hope I can stay to that resolution over the next two weeks while I am there and tempted by the fabrics of the venders.  I am doing two weeks of Independent study this year and I plan to keep working on the Rocks and Canyon series.   I will allow my self to find other ideas as well.   Please be aware that there will not be any posts for the two weeks  of QBL.  Then we plan on a little vacation so this will be the last post until Aug 8.

Anastasi Ruins 18" X 24"  $ 110.00
Anastazi Ruins
18″ X 24″
$ 110.00

Progress Report: Anastazi Ruins
  This work is complete now.    I have really enjoyed putting the silk paper into this work.  It makes the feel of the flow of the rocks really work for me.Anastasi Ruins 3    I liked doing the free motion work to add texture to the surface too.  The other thing I tried here and on the Sunny Crannies quilt was adding torn strips of satin to the  surface. The strips were slender so they folded in on them selves and they flipped over that also added to the textural changes that were created. BJ11Ruins1 - Copy

 Anastasi Ruins - Closeup 3I ended up not using the painted unit I posted last week on the ruins.  It was just too much. But I did add nylon net to the top of the cave area to help with the darkness.



Sunny Crannies  22.5" X 31"  $ 175.00
Sunny Crannies
22.5″ X 31″
$ 175.00

Sunny Crannies

This quilt is a part of the Rock Face series.  I really seem to be fascinated by the surfaces of road cuts and cliffs.  This one came from on of the photos that I took in Idaho a few weeks ago.   Here I went back to the free cut method to put the work together.Sunny  rannies cl3 Rocks do not break in continual strait lines most of the time so the free cut is the only way to get the correct feel.


This shot shows that  I also turned the brown commercial fabric over and use the “back” side to get another tone to the surface.


Sunny Crannies Cl1  I  used some of the fabric that Marty and I discharged in this quilt along with some slender torn gray jean fabric as well.  I really like this plus the satin surfaces on the work.   Finally I used more of the silk paper here too.  This piece of silk  paper has some glitter and gold added to the silk as well as the color.  I look forward to teaching this technique with the Quilt Exploration Group in September.





sunny cranny cl2











This project is moving along nicely  for me.  It is changing under my finger tips however, but one needs to be open to that as it happens.     All the circles are stitch down now and it has been washed so there is fraying of the shapes.  I plan to slice the top and invert one or more to the slices before I reassemble it.   I also want to add so yarn appliqued to the surface to add more texture.  I will then have to see what the quilt tells me to do.


Thoth fullEric’s Thoth 

Thoth is the Egyption god of writing.  I intended to complete this quilt for my husbands birthday.  That happens to be today so I will not make it.   But I am sure he will accept it later.  He is an English teacher and worked on his collage publication called ” Thoth” so this seems like a good idea to me.  I made the stencils- Thoth, the Eye or Horis and the Eagle  mouths ago, but never put them together until now.  Thoth3

The scarab stencil  is even older.  I added the scarab after the whole top was assembled as I discovered that the area needed an addition.


Thoth -wordsI enjoyed adding the  Hiroglyphs to this project too although I did them before I assembled the top.  I have had this set of stamps sense I taught school and I used them with the kids.  Here I spelled out ” Eric the Teacher” using the Heiroglyph guild book.


Green Nebula  Green Nebula

I keep working on the beading work on this quilt.  I am just about ready to do the  quilting now.  About three more evening of watching TV should to the trick to finish the beading step.  Then I will begin the hand quilting.




Blooming BacteriaBlooming Bactorial-Growth - Copy

Here again I made my background using the free hand cut method.  I did the cut and flip thing on this background too.  The  red circles are just pinned to the surface now .  When I get the placement exactly were I want it I will satin stitch them down and begin hand work.  I imagine it will be a while before this work reappears again,  as the work I do at QBL will probably capture my attention for a while.   I wanted to have this work  started   because I have made all the “add ons” and I do not want to forget the direction while I am away.


I will look forward to posting  again  Aug 8.

Keep Creating



July 4 2013 Happy Birthday United States


tapa clothI hope this day is full of delight for everyone.  We will have family over for a cook out this eve and later enjoy our local fire works.   This week was a full as they all seem to be at this time of year.  Starting a new mouth always means meetings for me.  The Quilt Exploration Group meant and was lively as ever.    Angela continues to work on her Ta-pa Cloths series.  She prints the fabric in neutral colors and then embroiders another ta-pa pattern on top.    The dark brown image is done in  French Knots.  MachineworkSally really has gotten to know her new embroidery machine  this year.  She has been creating feathered star patterns in fabric and thread all winter.  The fabric is yellow and the dark blue in this star- the rest is all created with thread!quilt   Even those many points.  There are 36 stars on this quilt and I just kept looking and looking.  It is so awesome.  Not only were the stars powerful so too was the quilting in the white area.  Sally did an excellent job putting it together too.Noel's-work



I am regretful that this shot is so poor- but the colors  in Noel’s silk circles are so powerful that I had to present it non the less.  Hopefully I will learn to check the image after the shot instead of assuming it is OK.


Susan's puppetsThe Diva meeting was full of new ideas too.  Susan is collaging/painting pictures of some of her puppets.  She wants to create depth with organza as well as paint.     I am sorry that the photo does not show the fact that the arm of the puppet on the right is made of tin and sticks out from the surface.  And All the suttelness of the organza is lost in the photo.

Alice's envelpoesAlice is working on a paper construction for a recycle show that she wants to be  part of.   She has created this ” water unit” all out of privacy envelopes.   The paper is surprisingly strong when it is stitched together even though she still has only one layer.  She held up  envelopes with  green and  some with black images on them for use as trees and rocks.  I hope we get to see the finished work.

Fossil  Sharon  grabbed my camera and took this  shot of me holding up my Fossil Bed quilt.

One of my followers asked if I was worried about copy wright of my images.  That  topic  also came up in the June/July  issue of Quilting Arts and  Jane Da’vila provided a little section about water marks  on page 72. ( There is a survive at if you are interested)   Taking that action would protect one’s work.    I am always very careful to ask permission about shooting the work of my fellow artists and there are times when they do say “No”, witch is  there right.  But my feeling about my images is a little more open.  I do not feel anyone can really copy my work  and if they are so in need of my material, that they steal it –  I hope it serves them well.  That is not to say that I do not value my work- I do.  But I just do not choose to spend my energy in that fashion.   I prefer to keep creating new things and for the most part I have enough.  For that I am truly Thankful!   I hope this source helps anyone who needs it.

BJ4CliffFacecl1 CLiffFacefull BJ4dwellingProgress Report:   Rock Face  This first shot is a close up of the quilt work.  I am using the silk paper I created with Ethel to add texture and color to the surface.  This image also shows the rust dyed fabric in the background  and the torn silk I stitched on top for additional texture.  I used some of the fabric from our discharged day with Marty in this work too.  It took me a long time to decide how to go about quilting this work.  But I am quite excited about working on it now.




Anastasie Ruin    This work got attention this week too.  I tried painting the actual ruin on organza- and I am not sure it works.   The scale is off some how.  I plan to make a second organza unit and add it on top of the  work. Anastazi Dwelling I am going to embellish with the silk paper an strips of fabric here too.  Again I am filled with doubt about where to go with the quilt step of the work.   But I think  that if I get the dwellings defined then the rest will take care of its’ self.



Noel’s quilt from the QEG’s meeting just would not leave me mind so I decided that I needed  to play with circles too.  I though I might mix them with the raw edgue  idea I was playing with a few weeks ago. ( that work , although not tossed yet – is still in a questionable state)  I also played with several different textures here- silk , velvet and  cotton.  I hope I am not falling into one of my typical patterns of trying to do too much in one work….. but I guess only time will answer that.  I though I was making a back ground for all the black and red fiber rings I have been creating- but this is not the home for those creations.

StarWarsfStar Wars Quilt   I did finish a little practical work this week as well.  The Star Wars quilt is twin size and for my grandson.  He picked out all the fabrics and although I think it is busier than I would have selected, he is delighted.

I hope the holiday creats delightful memories for all.

Keep Creating