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Trunk Show Nov 26, 2017


After introducing myself I described my working pattern as  DDT.

Determine what you want to do

Do the work

Triumphantly celebrate the completion of the project

Sometimes deciding what I want to tackle is the hardest part of the whole process.

I divided my talk into five categories, because I discovered that I return again and again to many subjects.

1. Nature and  Science.      My mother was a science teacher and  she had a profound influnce on what I became interested in too.  The first quilt that I am showing is  Totem Poll and I did it for my father as he did a lot of wok with the  Native Americans in Alaska when I was growing up.  This quilt show all four of the  earth elements that they believe in.  Air is represented by the Eagle at the top.  The Wolf represents the land.  The  tribe celebrates two types of water-salt and fresh- thus the whale for salt water and the frog for fresh water.    I did  showed several other quilts that showed my use of animals as subjects for my work.

2  Water : The next  Icedisplayed work was Ice.   I seem to go back to this subject repeatedly  and perhaps that is because of living here where ice and snow are so much a part of our lives- I don’t know,   Spring Thaw     Spring Thaw was the next work on the wall.   This work shows how I was starting to add different materials to my quilts.  The opalescent color is created with the use of floral plastic.

This work was followed by Ice on Vincent   a piece that I did just last year.

Next came   Deep Starsdeep Stars  I was a scuba diver and the ocean has always been fascinating to me.  When I learned that along one of the hot water wholes in the Mariana Trench supported Fuchsia colored star fish , I just had to do a quilt to note that wonder.










Deep Jellies is also a study of the ocean and my love of texture.  I hand dyed the lace and the jelly fish are spray painted for extra color.









Briar Patch is another example of my love of plants and  texture.

Blooming Bacteria
24″ X 38″

Blooming Bacteria    After visiting a display of Elizabeth Bush’s work where she used the dyed slides of diseases to build her pieces I did a close up of dyed bacteria  too.

When I saw a shot of bacteria, I remembered seeing  pond water under a microscope in Mom’s Biology class and so I did this work- Pond Water.





3. Rocks Grand CanyonCanyon’s Create Towers.   I did this work after a trip down the Colorado River in the  Grand Canyon with my Dad.    This trip resulted in 8 works based on that experience.   My Grandfather was a rock hound as was Mon and so we where always picking up rocks and collecting them.

Canyon De Chelli  was also the result of a trip.  I went with two other quilters who are also crazy about rocks.   I had to do this quilt because I was fascinated buy  the fact that I saw three  layers of man kind here.  The Anasazi- a very old Native American culture was built into the canyon up high.  Then the  natives that had returned to the canyon and were living there when  the Spaniards came-the lower bigger buildings.   And to my eye the stain on the top rim of the canyon looked like the New York City sky line.

Whip Shock Hill.  This work is a geogical sight that I visited with Marty on our way to Maine.  The size and the up heavel f the rock I find amazing.

Asurite  is based on a small stone that I have enlarged.  I love building up and playing with the effects I can create with fabric.

Granate GranniesGranite  Grannies   I see faces and bodies every where.  This quilt shows the three ways I know of altering the surface of fabric.  There is acrylic paint on the faces, the black and white, machine drawing to show the detail and it is dye painted from the back to get the blues.   There were  a dozen works in my “Spirits All Around Us” series.

Motherhood mazeMotherhood maze was done to show how sometimes being a parent can be.  I used sculptures from Europe-  The Veins of Walendorf  to represent Eurasian and the fertile stage of motherhood.  The Myna birth goddess to represent the beginning of life.   And the African mother pole  to show how we are tied to the little one for a while after birth.

Generation Whispers was a tribute to my family of women.   I am the center with my mother  and mother in law above me and all four grandmothers stitched in too.  The my daughter with my grand daughter  at the bottom.

4.ology Wood men is a mix of people and plants.  It is also my first trip into felting as a way to build with fibers.Close up of woodmen  There area over 90 faces in this work.

Blooming BranchBloomimg branch  I can always count on my love of plants to help me out when I need a subject for a new work.  I have done lots of branches and this one has a sister work that is very like it as I had to build two limbs before I was happy  and so I created a second background and completed it too.








Briar Patch is another study in plants and my love of texture.  I added berries made from Angelina to this work too.


Grounded   I enjoy stamping  on fabric and this work shows lots of fall leaves that I stamped  a few years ago.

Palomagranate Pomegranate II.   As the title suggests there are several works with  the pomegranate as the subject.  This work along with the others is stenciled.  I designed and cut the  stencils myself and  enjoyed toe process.    I have several others subjects using stencils in my collection of work.


Tulip Bed.Tulip Bed  This work was my first attempt at an l regular  edge.   I also did this work as a challenge as my friend Barbara gave me the starter fabric that she has painted.  I will give it to you if you promise to cut it up she said.  And I did.

Five Jacks.    I am now mixing felt with applique work to represent my plants.  I am then stretching the works so they will be flat.

Call Crows.  49” 34”   This work came about due to an experience too.   I stared in the Hilton in Auburn one fall when I was at a workshop at the Schweinfurth.  I along with my room mate was awakened at 4 in the morning by the calling of the crows outside our windows on the third floor.  I just had to comate that event and this quilt  does that.

5. Text   We Can 72” X 74” We Can  This quilt is my declaration of intent to do what I can to help the endangered animals of our plant.   I machine wrote the names of all the animals that  were threated at that time.   Five of them have been removed from the list and two have become existent.

Glyph II talk Glyph II    31” X 36”     This is the second graffiti based series.   I love letter forms and I am playing with them  at this point.  There are  nine quilts based on the word OWL  in this series at this point.

Fractured Glyph  32” X 41 “  is another of the glyph series.

Label Quit.    This is my third quilt that uses labels like a crazy quilt.  The first one was done in 1985.  It took me 144  weeks to do this one as I did one 8” block while watching the news each week.












I learned that I go back and revisit many of the same themes over and over in my work.   These five areas are only  a few of my interests.

Rust Dyeing tutorial

IMG_7657.jpg  Lovely color  and unique fabric can be created with rust dyeing.     If you want control then this is not the process for you.   One never knows what one will get.


Clean prewashed fabric.  ( this example is done on white- but color can be used if it is light)

Metal- tin objects like the ones pictured- but old drill bits, tools iron  shapes  etc..  ( I did the work in an old cookie sheet that was rusted and it added to the effect.

Vinegar / water solution of  50 /50.

Spray bottle, and gloves.

It is best to do this on a warm day- but one can put the work in a black plastic bag and get good results.  The heat seems to help.

IMG_7644 You can simply lay your objects on the fabric and pour the vinegar and water solution on top or you can wrap and tie the fabric around the rust to get the transfer.   I like to lay things of top of  the bundle too.IMG_7689.jpg

Then you spritz the fabric with your solution and  put it in the bag if you wish or if it is warm one can just walk away for 24 hours.  I usually check and respitz  later in the day .IMG_7688 This is how my fabric looked in the morning before I started rinsing.  The old tools and bike chain still on top.

Then rinse fabric in a water and salt solution.   This is a lite solution of salt.   Next rinse in water. The soapy water. Then in clear water again.   These are my buckets lined up.


Then hang your cleaned fabric to dry.IMG_7655



IMG_7751.jpg Have fun.

Susan had good regulates  placing a piece of glass or plexi glass  on the table.  Then placing thin cut shapes  between two sheets of  fabric  spritzing  then with vinegar and water.  Followed by a second  piece glass or plexi glass on top.   Again wait 24 hours .IMG_7648The top fabric was the most successful.     Look at the image at the top on the line.  You can see the butterfly clearly on the bottom row here.   It is as the bottom of the line piece too.


Christmas CatusHello,

We are racing now toward the end of 2016.    In thinking about the end of the year  and closing my book keeping, I become very aware of numbers.   Because I am still enjoying Ethel’s fabrics I only purchased  38 yards of fabric this year and most of that in half yard units.    The first  for the  Label Block project for this year was block # 34.   This week I completed block # 100  so that is  67 blocks  for the  year.  A bit more than one a week.   I make pillows and  fill them with the cut off bits of batting  from the trimming and squaring off of  quilt work. This year I completed   9 pillows.   I donate quilts to almost every organization that asks for them and this year I gladly gave away  13 to such deserving origination’s like Ronald McDonald House, the Art Rage Gallery and my local Public TV station.   I am still ahead in that game as I completed 59 on my own creations.     I use lots of thread in my work and this year  and  I emptied   65 spools.   I was a part of  5 quilt shows and I am looking forward to my solo show in January.     I participated in 4 challenges.   A good way to stretch ones self.       I was rejected from 7 competitions.    But I keep trying.     I wrote and posted  37 blogs this year too.  This year has been a full   one with lots of  things going on in my quilt life.  Looking back,   I feel that 2016 has been a good one for me and I hope you can say the same.  I hope that I can face  2017 and handle the challenges it presents as successfully as I did this year.

Aunt Shirley's QuiltProgress Report:   Aunt Shirley’s Quilt  This work got shipped off  to it’s new home on Monday.  I hope it gets to my Aunt before her birthday Jan 2.






Cotton Candy










Cotton Candy   This work is  12” X 12”.     It seemed to take me a long time to get to this little work.  I just kept shuffling  it to the bottom of the pile.  The colors are so very different from what I am working with at the moment.  But once I decided not to try to make it into one of my rock works it was easy and enjoyable.  I will try again for rose quarts later.


Name GameName Game- Wendy and Mark This work has gone through a major change sense last  week.  I added Mark’s name- (he is Wendy’s husband)- because the Wendy section was not enough.   Still it is not something I look forward to working on.  But I felt the same way about the one I did last summer where I used my own name. Perhaps that is the nature of this project. I am still shuffling  the strips at this point.

Dead Horse Canyon  Dead Horse CanyonI have been calling this wool work 1 for the last few weeks.   That just does not cut it so I selected a name.    This name comes from a childhood play area near my then home in Carroll Iowa.    I have been thinking about it a lot of late and though this could be a tribute to all those memories.



New workNew Work This is the newest rock based piece.  I used gabardine for the base and I also added fusible inner facing  to the back.   That extra body has some real strength.   I really like how it is not a warped as the wool piece above.

IMG_7149Circle Challenge 1   I have finished the hand  circle  quilting on this work now.  I am ready to add the facing and finish it off.

Circle Challenge 2Circle 2   With the end of Circle Challenge 1 in sight I put in machine quilting work on this one.  I now feel I need to work on the layout for the third in that series now.


IMG_7158Scrap Happy  I am working with the scraps from Ethel’s box this week.  She had a whole stack of batik samples and they are all 5” square just like the ones I made for my quilt in the fall.  So I am using them with some old and  new 5″ squares for this new top.

Label Block  # 100  LABEL Block #100As the big Spiegel  label  ( upper left corner) shows I am still using labels that are not all current.  I just enjoy the process.

May the new year bring you joy and creative times.




I am thankful for this wonderful day when we all take a few min. to thinks on all the wonders in our lives.   I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.

I will post tomorrow.




Spring get away


Before I left for Florida I was a part of a second show at Turquoise Street Studio on the week end.   I even sold a piece and I am thrilled by that.  Barbara is so kind to share her studio with us and help  us all benefit from that experience.Sun rise


The photos tells the story of how I started many of my days when I visited Susan and Carolyn in Florida.  The sun rises were wonderful.  The light was truly “golden” as Barbara says.  IMG_5317A big reason for my trip was to see their show.  I went through the door and  was stopped short by the visual impact.  There was so very much to see I could not get myself started.  I think I IMG_5293.jpgwas fortunate to have seem some of the work before or I think I could have been truly overwhelmed.   In trying to decide my favorite I was struck by the variety and the powerful use of color.  I really like this altered Barbie that has become a  god.   Carolyn’s Swing Clocks with the moving feet made me smile too.IMG_5294 This picture is only two of  seven different variations that were presented.    Some works were small and intimate and others were bigger than life size like this red dress.  Red DressI liked Susan’s piece that was based on Little Red Riding Hood too because it had so many parts IMG_5296 that were all fascinating all by them selves and  also worked together.  It was a full and delightful experience for me.  IMG_5310.jpg  We went to the building next to the gallery and saw a second exhibit of the works of the collage faculty and staff.  I was taken by this wonderful small weaving.  Susan told my it was by the director of the gallery were their work was on display.Susan















Susan and I worked in the studio every day too.   This shot is of Susan painting on Tyveck for her project for the Diva 15 Show.   IMG_5339  We worked with wood and fabric as well and had a lot of fun.    We  went for a morning at the  beach as our way of celebrating Easter.    The day was a perfect one for our ramble with a clear blue sky, white sands, crisp  ocean smells and a cool breeze.

IMG_5367.jpgI found so many fascinating  patterns and textures that I took over 75 pictures.    But I decided that this shot of Cyprus  stumps is my favorite.   They almost look like they could walk the shore them selves.   I had a great visit.



IMG_5388.jpgProgress Report:  Watakoo Wall This is another in my stretch works.  I am getting better at trimming back the corners enough that they lay flat now.  It seems I learn a new trick with every one of these projects.  IMG_5390 I put lots of fabric bits on the surface as I build up the effect I am after.  This one even has some “plastic twist”  on it to give it  a bit of a punch.IMG_5391 It has silk paper as a part of the texture and color as well.

  Second Wall  IMG_5381.jpg This work is a partner to Watakoo Wall.  Both are from the same  photo, but a very different part of the rock face.     This is a very early stage and I am sure it will grow and change as I work on the surface.  It seems to cry out for some light at the moment.

IMG_5392Out My Windows   I am to the fun stage of the work on this piece.   I am doing the free motion drawing part and I always enjoy that step.  I did all the  dark purple squares yesterday afternoon.Trees They are all night views across the roof tops showing the bare trees.

Spring GreenGreen Grass of Spring  This work is another of the pieces that is based on a collage.  It grew and changed a lot as I enlarged it from the 5”X7” card I did the collage on.  I did try to keep the tones of light medium and  dark in the same areas however.  I have it layered together and it is ready for the quilting.   I am just looking and thinking about that step at the moment as I have no real clear idea of how I want to do that.

Memory Maps:Columbus Junction IMG_5383.jpg  I started this work after talking with Susan before I went off to Florida.  She mentioned how much she liked one of the other Memory Map works and I realized that I had not done all the pieces I wanted to do in that series.  So after checking my list of possible subjects I selected Columbus Junction the home that  I lived in from Kindergarten to the end of  third grade.  IMG_5385.jpgThen I  did a list of possible  subjects and began some drawings.   I built my base and then started working on top.   This shot is of the map section with our house being the square with the blue roof.  This shot is of the upper right hand corner of the work.




Ethel’s Trees IMG_5382  I inherited lots of Ethel’s unfinished work and this is one.  I am sure I will not not put my stamp on all of her pieces, but using it as a starting point is a good challenge for me.  This started out as only the brown tree painted on the white cloth.  I added the gray painted “wonder under” to build up the land and then found this second  Ethel cut tree yesterday.   I need to live with this work to know were to go from here.  The gray tree is not stitched down so it may move before I fuse it down.

IMG_5379.jpgLabel Block # 45   I worked on this as I waited for the connections flying back and forth.    I did not want to get behind while I was away and the activity does not require a lot of attention and its small so it travels well.    Susan gave me a new batch of labels so I have more to work with.

IMG_5357  I am going off to Chicago to the Quilt Festival and a visit with my Friend Sharron Evens  on Wed next week so there will be no posting for  April 7.  It will be another double shot when I get back.

Keep Creating,




It has taken me a while to decide on my word of focus for this year and I have considered many and tossed several away.  But yesterday I  decided that the word would be MARKS.     I make marks f all sorts as do all humans.  Think of the margins of note books in high school.   Perhaps that is disappearing as kids spend more time on the computers , IPhones and pads, but I doubt it will ever disappear totally.  Animals leave marks of there passing in the mud , snow and dirt.  As do machines.  Like skid marks that many  of us created with our bikes.  As an artist it will be a focus that I feel I need to pursue.

I sure seem to have a lot on my plate as we move into February.   I did finish the Upstate Cancer Mask and returned it to the hospital before the dead line.   I chose to treat the whole thing as a big

IMG_5053 three  dimensional needle point project.   I can hardly wait to see how others treated this challenge.

This week being the first one of the month meant that both QuIG’s and Diva’s had meetings.   The turn IMG_5056

out for QuIG’s was small but full of exciting projects.  Sally is all ready for Valentine’s day with some wonderful cards for her grandkids.  She also created some wonderful heart shaped book marks and  bird candy holders.   IMG_5058

Liz had just finished a on line class and she enjoyed doing personal historic explorations as well as learning some new techniques.

IMG_5059.jpgThe Diva gals were busy too.  Regina is building on her doodles and adding color and bead work to them.    Noel is doing old fashion Paining work  with her wonderful silk kimono fabrics.IMG_5060I can hardly wait to see how this develops.

IMG_5063Lori and Kirsten both too a class at the Schweinfurt with Victoria Finley Wolf last month and did strong works with very different feels. IMG_5062It is the wonder of the old patterns, that different fabrics, prints, colors and sets can make such different solutions.

IMG_5069I am getting ready for the  “heART” sale at the Turquoise Street studio next week on Friday and Saturday with more images.   Please feel free to come between 11 and 8 both days.  The studio is through and behind Eureka Crafts in downtown Syracuse NY.

Progress Report:  PartsParts








I am still adding parts to the surface of this work.  I can see the bottom of the box that I collected all the little bits in, so I will need to add more hand work as I go forward.

Coastal Color IIICoastal Color III











I am ready to start building on this third felted base.    I am trying to  avoid the warp by adding a felted back unit to the work for this stage.   

collageNew Work   I made a bunch of collages this week and I selected this one to be the beginning of a new work.



I have pinned up these fabrics and I think they will be the start.  I do not know what color I will make the contrast pieces. IMG_5079_thumb.jpg





New  Work     I pulled out this big piece of print fabric and I feel ready to build on top of and add to it.  A lot of the base work is already done for me  I think.








IMG_5066Blown Blossoms    This piece got a lot of attention this week and  I am nearly ready to add the facings and finish it up.   It is a small so it too went together quickly.


IMG_50656X6  I was at a bit of a loose end this week so I started my entries for the Rochester 6X6 show.  I decided to do little paper quilts this year as I had not done any work in this style for a while.  I really like working this small as they come together very quickly.  Two done and two to go.   IMG_5064

Label Block #38     IMG_5078.jpgI just keep stitching away on these.

Keep Creating



Paying Attention


IMG_4783 Hello-

I was trying to pay attention to lines  and I noticed this rather gray bit of pavement.  It is  almost a landscape in its self.   All the horizontal lines suggest it could become one without too much effort.   What I was really Leaves on the groundtrying to notice on my walk that day was how the leaves pilled up around the tree trunks.     Sometimes they are deep and  the tree seems to lean  a lot.   Sometimes the leaves and earth round the base of the tree  pile high and other times it seems to fall Tree trunk on hillaway.   Then I came across this tree on the side of a hill and found many of the roots exposed.       I was doing all this visual research for my next quilt project using leaves as the first took on a life of its own and  I could not use the silk leaves I had created.

I went up to see Sharon’s senior show in Oswego this week.   Lots of good work there.  Sharon            She explored lots   of different areas in her college work.    Sharon  will start work on her master’s degree next month.

Nancy's projectBecause of the way Nancy works I made a run to her house today to talk about the lay out of her boarders on her next project.   She really did not need me as she had done the work- but it was fun to talk about what she is doing.   I enjoy how she mixes and uses fabrics that I would never pick out to use myself.



Progress Report: GroundedGrounmded This quilt has been fun to work on.  I really enjoyed the free motion work.  Out lining all the printed leaves was a learning experience.   There were so many veins.IMG_4795 The paint I used was transparent so the leaves showed through one another.   That made the image seem deeper I think.close up -Grounded  I the background is made from Judy Roberts hand dyed fabric( the brown) and Randy’s deconstructed screen printed fabric( the yellow)  The irregular surfaces of both fabrics added interest too.        I am showing one shot of the back of the quilt  to show the machine work  with out the  color distraction.IMG_4797

Hand BagHand Bag  I also though I needed a new hand bag for the season so I pulled out this piece of Regina fabric and made myself a one. Its dark and will not show spots I don’t think.  My only regret is that I did not put a pocket on the outside of this piece and I do miss that.






Williams QuiltWilliams Quilt   I am building the blocks for William’s Quilt.  It will be colorful when it is complete.  I will lay it all out on the floor this week to see how the parts work together.

IMG_4789New Work   These fabrics are my loose layout for the next leaf quilt.  I will try to mix the two images from the top of this blog into one image that I can work with.  I will also be on the look out to keep the leaves around the base of this tree a little simpler so I can use the silk leaves that got me started on this leave thing from the first place.

Rock work -new New Rock Work    This is the very beginning of my next rock piece.   I am working from the same photo graphic that was taken of Dead Horse Canyon wall.   This is about a 4″ X 6″ section of the photo.    Lots more build up is yet to come here as even what it pictured is only pinned in place.



Label Block 30Label Block   This is block # 30.  So now I am one fourth finished with the creation of the blocks for his project.

Keep Creating



Leaf Dance




As this photos shows the crows are populating the trees now.  A few trees still have leaves and watching them fall is still something I do was I walk.   The wind is the biggest factor in that process and over the course of a week I see all types of winds resulting in sorts of fall patterns.   Some leaves zip and race away from there  high homes to the ground. While others flutter, twirl and drift down.   The wind can effect the leaves on the ground too.  Some tumble across my path and others skitter, bounce and jump, while there fellows cart wheel or roll away to be caught in hedges or  cluster at the base of trees .  Some times they stack against walls  or sail across pools.      Until we get a rain the dance will fill my walks.

IMG_4660For three days this week I was a part of the Open Studio work at the Schweinfurt Art Center.


There were six of us in the wet studio.  Cris and Liz were at the tables near me.   Liz Patand  I learned a lot as  we had never mixed dyes for our  own use before.      The really fortunate thing was two very experienced dyers were also in the wet studio, so we had great IMG_4677brains to pick.    Pat  the woman who I had as class instructor was there doing her own thing.   And Maureen was also there dyeing.   She was making yardage. Barbara



My buddy, Barbara  was also in the wet studio   dye painting silk scarves.   She only got three done – but considering she had never IMG_4680done this before I am proud of her.   I am also in love with the rich colors she achieved.    This is my wall of work for the first day. IMG_4664.jpg    Barbara, Liz and I really got the bug and will all do more on our own.



IMG_4678.jpgFolks were working in the sewing studio up stairs in the Schweinfurth too.    Donna came down and showed us her newest paper piecing project.   Looks like new garland for her tree this year.    They were all working just as hard up stairs as we were in the basement.   It was great fun.    There was also a trunk show by my good friend Ruth at the Schweinfurth this week end.     I saw some of her work I had never seen before.  It was great.












Liz and I spent Thursday  making more dye colors to use.  We worked in her garage  and mixed up six more colors to play with.  IMG_4684 I have fabric setting in buckets of water in my shower washing out the dye now.     Good thing I vowed I would make a piece using some hand dyed fabric I had altered every In up workmonth, and  even that many not be enough to use all of this great stuff up.  Even Liz  looked at all the wonderful dye Ethel gave me and said “ you will  go a lift time and not need to purchase any more dye.”  This is some of the new fabric that I altered.





Progress Report:  Taffy Pull

Taffy Pull 44" X 29"
Taffy Pull
44″ X 29″

After the quilt meetings last week I did a little rework of this piece.  I IMG_4706also changed it’s orientation.   Maureen suggested I pull some of the colors out into other areas and I like what happened when I added the IMG_4707thread work to the surface.  I also intensified the blue lines.   It is a stronger piece for the additions.

Butterflies for EthelButterflies for Ethel   I am so very happy about this piece.  It is the third and last in this series  of Butterfly pieces.   I used only fabric IMG_4693from Ethel’s stash  that her children so generously gave to me.   The title is part of my tribute.    The butterflies are form the ground cloth as before.  I also added several machine drawn butterflies to represent Ethel’s being gone from my life but still strong in my memories.   No one can see memories- but they are still a strong part of me. IMG_4692

Breaking Up 16" X 30"
Breaking Up
16″ X 30″

Breaking Up     This quilt got started at QBL last summer.  I was working on the thin line thing.   IMG_4697I am feeling much more confident about controlling the width of those lines now.

IMG_4687.jpgCurvy Cut Project  I did not really get any work done on this project.  But I did  make the eight leaf stamps to use  on the surface.  Hopefully I will get to that step this week.




New  Work IMG_4685 This is the start of my newest rock piece.  I am going to try to work on and 18” X 24” scale for four pieces.   So far I would say it is proving to be more of a challenge then I expected.

IMG_4649.jpgLabel Block  # 26  One more done.

Keep Creating


Creative Fiber Collage Artist Carol Boyer