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More Fall Stuff

Creatie-Assistants  Hello-

Fall is still all around and painting the landscape here with color.   I love it.

When football season starts, I watch and spend my time making  my Creative Assistants.   This is the  first batch of 49 that I have completed.  I so enjoy the process and it does make the football go by faster for me.   It seems the games have lots of time when there is nothing  much going on- but commercials, so I stitch away.BO29-QBL2    I  enjoy giving them away when I go to Quilting by the Lake every summer.   ( there is a tutorial on how to construct your own Creative Assistants below)

I am taking a class called Deconstructed  Screen printing with Kerr Grabowski. It starts today and lasting for three days.  This is my pile of stuff for the class.  I am sure I will come home with lots of  new altered fabric to use.


Spill 17" X30" $185
17″ X30″

Progress  Report: Spill  I had a good time working on this piece.   I so love texture and this one has lots of different materials that add to that.   There is the usual cotton of course, and my current  favorite – silk paper then I added iron melted plastic bags and  turquoise mylar as well as satin, and course woven silk.  I added hand stitching t in the form of french knots, button whole stitches and chain stitches to the surface as well as machine drawing too.   I  am pleased with the results.

Spill-cl3This piece BO29Spill-cl1fits very nicely in a little nook in the wall.











Watermarked Sandstone 33.5" X 25" $305.00
Watermarked Sandstone
33.5″ X 25″

Watermarked Sandstone- Foundations XXIII     I am finally finished with this newest  member ofwatermarked-sandstone-c BO29Watermarked-Sandstonew-the foundations series.  I really enjoyed the free motion work on this project.  I had a good time doing the painting on the surface of this piece.  Adding the iron nodes to the surface was a bit of a challenge as  I tried them in many different locations before I finally selected this layout.  Then when I was shooting the work Watermarked-cl3for this entry I discovered that I like it on a 90 degree  turn from the direction that I had been looking all the time I was working on the construction.   One always needs to be open and aware of what is in front of them.

New-workNew Work    As I was nearing the end of my work on  Spill I realized I needed a new piece to do hand work on so I looked  through my sketchbook of ideas.  I came across this old idea of using circles  and lines for a piece and though I would try it. I have a box full of old Saxaphone keypads that a friend had passed to me and I thought this would be my BO29padsopportunity to use them to express this idea.    There are so many different sizes, colors and textures here- I am sure I will have fun with this work.

I hope all   enjoy the colors of the season and the kids all dressed up for Halloween.

Keep Creating




leaves2 Hello,

Leaves continue to be a big part of  my daily dose of nature.  But I want to talk about a Jewish Proverb I came across in my reading this week.        “The Quality of life is fuelled by our productive wealth.”   That idea has been on my mind while I have been walking for the last two days.  To begin with I really think that my life is a rich and wealthy one,  but I think even though I am productive that is not the only thing that adds meaning and value to my life.   Quality  is strongly related to context.   One can have “Quality Time” and for me that can mean just

Costumetime spent listening and interacting with a friend or child.  A big part of that quality comes with the  focus of that time- no distractions or concerns for other things.  When I was making the halloween costume for my grandson- (some video game character that I do not know anything about)- that” one on one time ” with him telling me exactly what he wanted and helping with the sewing machine work was real quality time.   I spent quality time talking with Nancy's-quiltNancy on Wed at the FAB meeting when there were only the two us and we got to telling stories about our youth to one another.  That shows a quality of trust too.  (She is making progress on her quilt and the sky with the clouds she made in silk paper on that sky is great.   ) Then there is also  quality friendships like the one I share with Nancy and a few others.   There is a degree of necessary quality in all our lives for things  like  shelter, food,  good quality air and water- without those assuredness none of the other quality things can come about.   We need those quality ingredients  to be  healthy and to fully appreciate the degrees of wealthy  excellence our lives hold.

Agate 23" X 36"   $300.00
23″ X 36″

Progress Report:Agate  I finished this work this week.   It has been created from a big piece of silk paper  that I made with Ethel a few weeks ago.  The most difficult part of this project was deciding what side of the  silk paper to use- they were both so lovely.   I had a good time attaching the silk paper to the quilt with  many hand stitches.    This project was created with silk hankies that were hand dyed before I put the paper together.  I might not have selected these colors to use together on my own, but I sure like them and  will try to add this type of mix to my own way of thinking.BO23Agate-cl1 BO23AgateCl2










SpillSpill   This quilt is coming along nicely now.  I love all the textures on the surface of this work. This shot shows silk paper- two types the sheet form (on the far left) and the flow form(the green blue at the top) , the iron melted  mylar( the turquoise ) and iron melted plastic bag( the apple green).   The whole thing has been fun for me.

Watermarked Sandstone  watermarked-Sandstone I am still doing machine drawing on this work but I can see the end is in sight.    Again I am playing with texture- my favorite thing.   There are “nodes of iron ore” in the image and so I have created some solid rust colored circles to add to the surface of the piece.   Before I can stitch them down I need to add rust colored paint to the surface to show how the water wears away the iron too Iron-Nodulesand in so doing it stains the surrounding stone.



Yellowstone Memory Map   Mapmemories-Yellowstone  I so enjoyed creating the Sandstone Church project that I thought I would do a second memory map type quilt from my childhood.  When I was seven, my Dad was a summer ranger in Yellowstone National Park at South Gate.  I have wonderful memories of that summer and want to try to  put them into this  new project.     This is layer one and it too is ready for a paint layer  to soften and unify some of these  parts.

I hope you too are enjoying the fall color and creating fun works.