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Winter is still a part of central  New York, but today it is melting and that is a good reprieve from our cold and snow.

I continue to clean and purge.  This is day 13 of that process.  I did make a run to school with the back end of my station wagon  full   this morning, where I passed the stuff off to a fellow art teacher.     Doing that run did clear up some floor space.   I can see the end of the process now.

  I just need to do  a bit more sorting before I put stuff back on the shelves.   I do feel lighter and I am growing anxious to start some new work.

IMG_0144   I did a few other things this week.   On Sunday I volunteered at the   Schweinfurt Art Center for the final day of  the  Quilts= Art= Quilts show.   This piecer is one I was really taken by.  I had a chance to visit one more time with the work I really loved and think again about the processes other folks are exploring.

I also visited Sharon in her studio  this week.  We had a good time talking about what she is doing now that she has finished her graduate work.  This piece on the wall is one of the items she is pursuing. 











This work- Red Nebula, is one of the works I am donating  to the Jazz of Central New York  Auction.     IMG_0173  Name Game # 3 –Patti,  is the  second.   I always feel good about passing my art forward  as the process is the important part for me and selling is not my main goal.  I like what this organization promotes and does to keep Jazz  alive.

IMG_0166Progress Report:  Glyph  IV     I keep beading away on this project.  This tail of the L got completed this week.

Hand work  I continue to do my evening work too.  This project is coming along.

 IMG_0178 New work   I have been doing some drawing in preparation for the next work.  The new word is JOY.     I also experimented  with JIG- but I like the Joy a lot better.

   Tarot- Don’t Know     As I was feeling a bit starved for some  creative  work that was not related to the cleaning- I did two cards this week.  This card also reflects how much I  feel I am being left behind in this ever changing world- especially with  technology issues .










Consider  This concept is really on the top of my mind as I look at all the stuff I have saved and collected.   I have spent a lot of time considering whether I will ever take the time to use and or look at some of the stuff.   It is difficult for me to let go of all the slides I have taken and collected even tough I do not have a working projector any more so getting rid of them should be easy.


Winter Wonder Dec 26, 2013


I hope the holidays are treating you well.   I am enjoying all the beauties of winter.   We have had lots of little snow storms that seem to out line the trees in dramatic fashion.  It has been cold though and I have cut my walks short on several occasions.   I am still enjoying my new camera and learning how to use it correctly.  I hope everyone is enjoying their new toys too. Everyone seems to be very busy with family and so I have not had any meetings or  art related events this week.

 Splits 27.5" X 33"
27.5″ X 33″

Progress Report: Splits  I am delighted with how this quilt came together.   I did not have a firm idea about how I wanted to quilt it when it was finally peaced together.  I spent some time looking at the quilt and decided to emphasize the gray triangles.  I used silver thread and filled in the shapes.  When that was complete I  decided that I did not want to use the silver thread through- but still wanted a little sparkle.  So I switched to gray thread for the next reflective outline of the gray units.  I did this action around the shapes twice and then switched back to the silver thread for the next pass.  I did this same pattern of thread color all the way to the end of the quilting process.Slpits close up 2This first close up shows some of the white silk with a gold Slpits  close up 3pen line on it.  This section also shows the rose print with the quilt patters crossing them.

This second close up shows one corner of a silk and gray block that started this project.  On the left is some of the ground cloth material that I also used in this quilt.     Slpits close up 3

Red Nebula  18" X 24"
Red Nebula
18″ X 24″

Red Nebula

This is my second felted piece.   I have been adding beads to it for the last few weeks and it is now complete.    I want to frame this one just like I did the first one.  Now that the holidays are over I may get them both done.    This first close up shows the center of the piece.  I used  glass and metal seed beads and bugle beads as well as a few squiens to decorate this one.   I felted in some metallic  red threads too to add more sparkle. Red-Nebula close up 1

red nebula -close up 2  I enjoyed working with all the add-ons  and  the many different threads that I used here.  Red-cl3  I also added some hand work stitches too.






Pomegranate    I continue to work on this piece.  I think I started out with too many pieces of fabric and  took some out this week.  I am not worried about using them, as I have a second piece in this series and I can use the extras there.


Foundations VII   I started a new piece Foundations-VIIin this series this week.  I laid out the buckram in the size I wanted  then placed several shades of blue on top.  Then I  added a parts of an old wool jacket, old silk shirt and one of my husband’s old shirts to the surface.  I do not let the type of fabric make any difference if the color is what I am after.    I look forward to starting the free motion work on this one tomorrow.  When that is done I will build on top with more layers of fabric and yarn.


The last five squares with red triangles and black circles were done this week.  Then I started the red circles and black L’s.  I cannot believe I have been doing them for three mouths.  I sure enjoy the challenge.

Enjoy the cold and snow.


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