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Summer has begun


Fox GloveHello-

I spent Monday, Summer Solstice, at Susan’s.  The wonderful Fox Glove is from her garden.  We were experimenting with adding  color to fabric.  Susan being more systematic  did a lot of different studies.  IMG_5897  I did rubbings with chalk and paint.  This example is of one of my  early works.   Susan’s daughter Rebecca worked up stairs and completed a quilt top.IMG_5900.jpg  Then she tried another color combo of the same block and this little work is a corner example of that. I like how the high contrast creates a glow effect here.  It was a good day and I enjoyed myself.















Dappled SunshineProgress Report: Dappled Sunshine  This three challenge quilt is done now.  It is 58” l X 45” w.   I have not worked this big in a long time.  There is pebble quilting in the orange areas and strait quilting in the tan and brown areas.   IMG_5911I used some very old altered  fabric like the cream with lines of paint at the top of this photo.  The area under the brown strip is ice dyed from this spring.   There is also some canvas in thisIMG_5912  and a print I did in paint using a doily as the resist.


Deep Jellies- close upDeep Jellies    I have started doing hand quilting in the areas of solid  blue in this quilt.    I like the contrast.   It will be a slow project too as there is lots of blue.



No Clue















No Clue    I keep trying this work with different orientations every time I work on it.  The machine quilting is going forward and I have quilted about half of the pink areas at this point.IMG_5919


Blue Iris  Blue IrisI have now completed the top assembly of this work.   Ethel had collected all the fabric in one bag.  I have put together  all  the squares and done the lay out.     Now on to the quilting step.  Great fun.








IMG_5908.jpgGenerational Whispers    I continue to work away on this project.  I re drew Alexis’s head because it was too small.  I decided I did not like my drawing of Gwen so I re did her too.  I took this work with me on Monday and got some help from Susan about how to move forward on this challenge.



wool workWool work The base is mostly down on this work.  I will start to add in fabric and yarn this week.





New work  IMG_5906This work got buried under the other stuff this week and did not get any attention.  That sort of thing happens when one has so many projects going on at the same time.



block # 66Label Block #66  I just keep plugging away on these.

Keep Creating




Butterfly Days



These beautiful paper butterflies represent the happy feelings I feel for this time of year.  Patti cut them with her press cutter on Wed when the FAB group meant.  I have seen some live ones too, but I am not fast enough with my camera to capture any images.  They seem to represent the slow easy time  we seem to be in now.   IMG_5872  We had our last FAB meeting until Aug as we  all  agreed that travel and family will now fill our days for a while.

I have learned that when I am unsure of what I need/want to do next I tend to start a new project.  The result of this is I have lots of new projects going on at the moment  and only have a Scrap Happy quilt finished this week.  That project too represents my feelings of unease, because scrap happy’s are  also fill in projects.    I have made 150 of these scrap quilts and they require no thinking on my part.  But they do keep my hands busy and  allow me to think through what is upsetting/ blocking  me with other work.

IMG_5888Progress Report: Dappled Sunshine   I finished the pebble quilting and the line quilting on this piece this morning.   I am now ready to add the facings and finish this project.    It will be done by next week.

Scarp Happy 150  Scrap Happy #150I have no home in mind for this quilt, but I am sure it will go to a worthy cause.

new Scarp Happy  IMG_5878  When I put together the center blocks for the last scrap happy I also made extra blocks.  Enough to make two more actually.   This one got put into the row form this week.

IMG_5881.jpgGenerational Whispers  The grandmothers and great grandmothers got drawn on to organza this week.  I know this was part of the stress I talked about as I do not feel very sure of myself when it come to do portatures. IMG_5882    My machine drawings  are human but not good likenesses of the folks they represent.  I have decided to let that be that way as only a few people know the subjects any way.  I will add a second layer of machine drawing when I attach them to the quilt surface.

Deep Jellies  IMG_5886.jpgThis work is also causing some stress for me.  I love the colors and the textures of the jellyfish themselves.   I am just unsure about the movement of the tentacles and how I want to quilt on this project.IMG_5884    There are lots of little design decisions in this piece.

IMG_5876.jpgWeeds    I am happily to the detail part of this project.  I like doing the hand work that defines the weed heads.    Three done and a dozen to go.









wool work IMG_5877  This is the biggest machine felted work I have ever done and it too is very slow work.  I finally got stretcher bars with out any canvas on them and that is what this work will be used on.   I am not even done with the first layer, so there will be lots of color changes.



New top    IMG_5880.jpgThis in the newest piece that it based on a collage.   It also has Ethel fabrics and some I have altered, so it fits my personal challenge.  I think the the title will have something to do with angles or irregular cuts.



New Work IMG_5873   My friend Tanya gave me the wonderful big orange print fabric I am using in this piece.  It is in the real early stage.

IMG_5874.jpgLabel Blocks #64 and #65   I did double duty on the blocks this week.  It is so pleasant to set out doors after dinner and work in the evenings.   I hope  summer is bringing delight into your life too.

Keep Creating


Spring progress



We are enjoying the colors of spring even though the temperatures are a bit chilly. Nancy's Blue birds These pansies are from Sue Ellen’s garden.  All three of the groups I meet with meant on Tuesday this week.  I was exhausted when I got home.   First was the FAB meeting in Judy’s Book markGarden until the rain hit us.  Nancy shared her progress on the Blue Bird quilt she is building for her Mom.  It is growing beautifully.

Patti blessed us all with a wonderful felted book marks.     It is a great bit of felting!












Then I was off to the QuIG’s meeting.  Sue Ellen had a wonderful curved challenge on her pin wall.  IMG_5837 She rotated and changed position of parts so I know this is not the final orientation.  It will be fun to watch how she changes this work.   Angela is working away with her felting projects toward Linda'a workher show next winter.  She showed us her sketches.  Linda is working with how to create Sea Grape leaves.    She showed us a bit of her school glue resist dyeing too.  I love the colors   Liz continues to do her two blocks a week challenge and she showed us six new ones.IMG_5842It will be on playful quilt when she is done.

Barb's workBarb showed off another of her tributes to her ancestor works with this lovely little quilt.  I think the way she is presenting the old lace hand work is very strong.

IMG_5841This piece  is one of Sally’s wonderful little works.   She also shared some very nice pillow cases and bags she had made for her grand daughters.   It was a good meeting.

Alic's FoxesThe off to Diva’s.  Alice shared her newest work with a tribute to musicians. Sharon's Piece Sharon showed off one of her altered print works and I really like the texture.  She also shared two works that were giving her problems and asked for suggestions.    I am sure she will solve the problems with time and work.

Lori has been stitching away on her tundra pieces.  This time she also brought along the source of the idea for this work.  It is great.IMG_5850   I am so very glad I belong to such a diverse and talented group.

Progress Report: Purple Passion Purple PassionThis work is 45.5” l X 31” w.      It is based on a collage and after some long study I feel could go back and try to represent the collage again.  I got so involved in the assembly process that I lost the simple color break up of the original work.IMG_5868  I do feel like I am getting better with the technique part of the assembly and quilting  however.IMG_5870 I enjoyed adding the sparkle of the metallic fabric to this work.



Dappled SunshineDappled Sunshine   I have just started the quilting on this work.  It is another of the bigger pieces so it will take a while for this to be completed.

IMG_5854Deep Jellies   The jelly fish are getting tacked down and I am building in the details with machine stitching and the couching down of various yarns.   It too is rather large so the getting it under the arm of the machine is tiresome and I seem to only be able to work on it about an hour before I feel I must put it aside and work on something else.

Generational Whispers   Generail WIspersThis too is a monster quilt.  I must have been in an expansive mood for a while.   The faces, life sized,  are drawn on wash away  and are of my grandmothers.   IMG_5853  I am planning to free motion draw them on organza and build the next generation on top of the organza and below  them on the work.    I am dealing with a bit of fear here too as I do not know what I am doing……

Weeds   This work is part of the wiggle cut series.Weeds  I am slowly hand stitching in the stems of the weeds and will add the heads in time.  I only work on this piece in the evenings and only after the Label Blocks and other hand work is done, so it is another slow project.











Leftovers IMG_5861  This work is just made from sections of Dappled Sunshine that did not work in that piece.  I will use it as base to experiment with some ideas I  am trying to work out.

new workNew  work  This is a new piece based again on a collage.  I am learning a lot  about how to use angles in my work with the collage stuff.    This piece fits my three challenge too.  My dyed work are the big purple units and the red and blue sections are some of the snow dyed I did last winter.  Ethel’s fabric is the turquoise and  and pink stuff.



Label Block # 62  label block #62I just doggedly  keep at these blocks.

Enjoy spring and Keep Creating