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Out of the Dark closeup 1Hello,

I feel so Positive when I think about my work.  I did a solo trunk show yesterday for the North Syracuse Art Guild titled

Out the Window  16.5" X 21.5" $125.00
Out the Window
16.5″ X 21.5″

” Your Art /My Art”.  In that lecture/ trunks show,  I compared my work to the many styles and types of work that the members use.  In doing so I really realized how much I draw from the other  art categories to get my ideas across.  I draw  directly on the fabric with pencils, crayons and markers.  I use my machine as a drawing tool too.  I  New-IrisPaint  with acrylic,water color and dye on the surface when I need to create a special effect.   I print on the surface using  silk screens, stamping and stencils to get images I want on the work.POMEGRANATEcl4  I use some weaving techniques like felting, silk papers and frapping.    I often use collage techniques to build up my surfaces with

Red Nebula  18" X 24"
Red Nebula
18″ X 24″

textures and transparencies and different already textured fabrics like velvet and satins.    I even embellish with old jewelry on occasion.   I am thankful that I get to use from all the different art areas to full fill my creative drive. I realized too that I have been using my experiences and interests to fuel my work for most of my life.   Doing a presentation like this is a good way to reflect and re evaluate oneself.

Oak Leaves 45" X 30" $ 350.00
Oak Leaves
45″ X 30″
$ 350.00


I now have the monster job of returning all the work back into the category packs that I store them in.     I feel so very thankful that I am working in so many ways to fulfill my creative ideas.


Acanthite: Foundations XXIV 18" X 23" $ 150.00
Acanthite: Foundations XXIV
18″ X 23″
$ 150.00

Progress Report: Acanthite :Foundation 24    This quilt is  went together very quickly for me.    This stone added some problems as some of the areas where a sold white.    I wanted to be sure to use velvet and now whale corduroy  on this work to show the wonderful textures they  add to the surface.  There were also lots of  cracks on the surface that added interest to this one.    -Acanthite-cl2





This shot also shows some of the chenille yarn( dark green) and some silk paper( blue- near the top).






 Broadcasting    I am enjoying doing the hand work on this piece.  Most of the saxaphone Broadcasting full pads are stitched down now and I am adding  beads and french knots to the surface.   I have added some reflective quilting to the surface too.    This work is going along well at the Broadcasting detailmoment with each actions leading to the next.



YellowstoneYellowstone    The ease that Broadcasting  is a great contrast with my slow process on this work.  I think I finally have the map portions the correct size and location.   I will do the paint step for that and then I will move forward.  I also realized that the piece is too pale.  Yellowstone has lots of forest and I want to project that feel too so I pulled out dark green organza ( pinned to the left) and adding that will help me go forward I hope.


The Blues   This work The Blues just needs time as the hand work is a slow thing.   I am playing with three of different types of stitches-  the chain stitch,  the blanket stitch and the  fly stitch.  I am varying the size of the stitches  to add interest.




CarmelizedCaramelized    This is a new work that is still in the shifting and  pinning stage.    I melted  the Tyvec that I painted in the fall colors last week, with the iron between sheets of parchment paper.  The melt results are so much fun because they  are uncontrollable.     Mixing them with silk paper makes me think of carmel  and melting butter.  That is were the title came from.     I am enjoying the play.

Keep Creating


August 16, 2013 Nature is Lush

FlowersHello followers,

I am always amazed by the growth that happens every summer.  These beautiful flowers are at the top of some swamp loving plat that is nearly six feet tall.  They are annuals and the amount of energy it takes to grow from a small seed to this towering colorful plant just makes me stop in my tracks.

I have had a busy week as the kids are getting ready for a return to school and we all seem to be in a rush to do all summer activities that we have put off thinking there was still time for them in the future .    With that though in mind I will tell you that there were be no post next week as I am off for a trip to Ohio next week.

This week included a play day with my friend Cheri.  We painted fabric on Wed. Play day Cheri's-work BA16Playdaywork  Cheri did the two pieces and I did the single one.  This is only the first step of many so we will be getting together again.  It is always fun to experiment with a fellow artist and we had a good time even though it rained off and on all day.

I am putting most of my efforts into preparation for the “Sticks and Stones” show at the Americana Winery now.  It will be hung on Wed next week.  I am doing a bit of rework and additional quilting to some of my Grand Canyon works for that show.   Images will appear in the next post.


Wind Fall 23" X 42" $245.00
Wind Fall
23″ X 42″

Progress Report:   Wind Fall      I am very happy with how this quilt turned out.  All the twigs that I pick up after the wind storm work well on this curved pieced background.   I had a lot of fun doing all the hand stitching as well.  The only real problem with this quilt is it must be rolled and not folded as the sticks will break if it is folded.


I like all the color changes that are present in the tan twigs- from very dark brown to a cream color- some times on the same branch.





I machine drew in branches in the dark areas of this work to add  bit more interest too. Wind-Fall Close up

The Machine drawing came about because I  felt that the quilt needed a bit of horizontal action to  contrast the strong verticals present in the sticks and most of the other quilting.BA16WindFallcl3

Synapse Firing 30" X 47.5" $ 360.00
Synapse Firing
30″ X 47.5″
$ 360.00

Synapse Firing     I am happy with how this quilt came out.  I have found that when I am exploring new territory I can only go so far before I need to fall back to familiar ground were I know what to do.  Such was the case with this work that I created at QBL.  I was playing and working on all the rock/texture stuff and I needed to feel safe again-Synapse-Firingcl1 so I pulled out this fabric that I had purchased from Randy last summer and put this quilt together.   I quilted this with silver thread and then added a variegated around the out side of the work .Synapes-Cl2

On The road to Dry Falls








On the Road to Dry Falls
This is the work I was constructing when I did Synapse Firing.    It is highly textured with fabric that is wadded and then pressed in the wadded state before it is sewn to the surface.   I also used a satin fabric ( dark brown) that was shinny on one side and matt on the other to add additional texture.  I tore strips of fabric and left the raw edges exposed for a further texture.close-up Road to DryFalls    I am enjoying the free motion quilt drawing process to continue the wrought feel of the rock too.  At this point I am more concerned with the way the eye does not quite flow across surface as I intended then I am with the texture parts.    There is always work to do.


 Bloomimg Bactoria  Blooming Bacteria   This quilt I started before QBL as I wanted to keep my direction with this idea.  I am adding the black  button wholes on top by hand now.  They really add a wonderful texture to the surface of this piece.  It will take a long time to complete it however as the hand work is quite slow.  I do think the time and effort it worth it however.Blooming Bactera

Please remember there will  be no post next week.


Keep Creating



March 28, 2013 Daffodils


The flowers really seem to brighten my days  so I am sharing them with you too. Daffodil’s   really are so bright!  The sun shine we have been enjoying the last few days really pulls my spirits up.  The buds on the trees are starting to get really fat too so I am sure the young leaves will pop out in the near future.    This last week has been as full as they all seam to be for me.  Friday I went to the Turquoise Studio- that seems to have become a bit of a habit that I do enjoy.  I shaving cream printed a second layer on some of the work from earlier in the  week.  Every thing is all pressed and sorted in my “starter basket” now- ready to server as a jumping off point for a new quilt.   The same problem is still a part of me- more ideas then time.  But I will keep trying to master that.   Both Pat and Beth were at the studio  this week.  They are both working on pastels for a show that is coming at the beginning of next mouth.  Beth was working on her project upside down so she could really see the colors and shapes she needed to add to her work- that is why she ended up on the floor.

Progress Report:  Baby Quilt  This work is also coming along nicely.   I have not done a baby quilt in such a long time I sort of got carried away with the creatures.  I think it will fit the jungle theme of the nursery.    I enjoyed doing all the zig zag work even though it is very slow.   I did the  machine binding step yesterday and it will take about an hour plus  to do all the hand work to attach it to the back.  Then only the sleeve will remain and the off to wrapping and a new home.

West Window Quilt  This quilt is all done now.    I enjoy using up some of  the extra blocks that remain from Scrap Happy quilts in these projects.  Matching color is not an issue for me either so when I start the next one I will only keep the blocks and strips as unifying factors.    One down and three to go and this project will be complete.

Blue Bugs  This project is the result of two playful experiments.   I had read about putting paper on fabric with matt medium.  So I did that with a torn  dictionary page.  The text was too strong so I painted color on top to obscure the words.   The second experiment was the blue  turquoise and purple fabric- that has the bugs on it. (  More about that step later.)  That fabric was created from whipping up after other work and then scrunching the fabric  into a cup were I poured  a mixture of turquoise and water on top of the fabric and  into the cup.   That is why there are darks and lights in it.  Both fabrics have been shuffling from one pile to another for weeks when they ended up one on top of another.  They looked like they could work together so I started pulling fabric to go with them.  I ended up  seeing that it need  more light and my eye fell on some of the stamp printed fabric from earlier this year, so it got put into the mix as well.   When I started putting the bindings on I realized that the two big units needed some embellishing.  The work hung on the wall for several days until I was tiding up and one of my stencil notebooks fell out on the floor.  The book was open to the insect.   Problem solved!   I got excited by the insect stencil and drew two more- both too large to use here.   They will appear in another work.

Three Pooka   This is the last work played with this week.  It grew out of that  Starter Basket that I mentioned before.  I had spilled it and was putting things back. I selected figures for  this piece first.  I stenciled them about four years ago.  I had been to a Donna’s Creativity Retreat  and I was experimenting.   All the others that I had created had long gone into pieces.  These three were weak by comparison until I got out the squeezie paint and added hand drawing detail to them.   The canvas- the two big blue green rectangles,  are also very old-from a class I took with Elizabeth Bush  over ten years ago.  They seemed to go together too- so I was off and running in a new direction.  It is spray basted and all ready for quilting.  I will start with stitch in the ditch and then do free motion around the pooka’s.  The  last bit of quilting will be to “draw” pooka in the canvas areas in thread.

I hope spring is filling everyone’s heart.

Keep Creating



Feb 7, 2013 Winter Work

Hello Readers,

It is full winter here in up state New York.  Lots of snow all around and cold to keep one inside and working in the studio.  We are set to get a big snow storm tomorrow so I look forward to even more  Occupassion- Linda Twichell’s new word for the work and play approach that I feel when I am in the studio. (One cans see she put occupation and passion together to get this new word)

I went to my creative quilting meetings on Tuesday this week.  I enjoyed talking and seeing what my peers have been doing too.  Alice has been working with some fantastic Zebra fabric that a friend had passed to her.  I enjoy her playful style.  Cheri had some wonderful canvas work that she has been doing too.  I am only sorry that I shot this image from the side and not strait on.  This quilt was created after her trip to Ireland and is of a  area where Fairies gather.    I enjoy this group as much for there support as for their diversity.  One gal is making a fabric book for her grand daughter.  She does an excellent job printing on fabric I think.  Then my camera battery died so I do not have any more photos of the many other exciting projects shown.   I should know to carry the spare battery  with me, I guess that this is the lesson.



Progress  Report:  Rusty Words 

Rusty Words
22.5 “X 44”

This piece was to be one of my two allowed entries for the Text Message contest- but it is too slender.    I though I had allowed enough for trimming- but I guess not.  I stamped letters on interfacing ( the white)in three colors so the words are really lost.  I like the final effect even though it will not fit the show.



Madam Peli
21″ X 30″

Madam Peli     is the volcano fire goddess of the Hawaiian Islands.   I really had fun doing this quilt even though I did not get it finished in time for the goddess show.  I am still playing with the wavy edges on my work.   That plus the color really made me think of magna flowing up from the earths core- therefore I just pushed the idea to get my goddess feel by adding the organza arms and  hands.   I used a bit of the painted wonder under on this work as well to show how it looks and to give a feeling of the transparency of fire sometimes. The organza hands and arms sort of give the feel of spirits or steam in the volcano itself.   I used copper metallic thread here  to promote the fire feel.

Soy Wax Project          Last week I had not washed the water solvable thread out of this fabric.  Now that step is done and the soy wax was washed out with hot water and them ironed.  I really like how this looks.  Although I am eager to use it I will wait to start until I have shown it to my friend Ethel before I cut it up.   Mean while I have done a few sketches in the sketch book of   ideas for the sewing step for  a second or third project using this technique.

  DMC Challenge- Purple Tree         After finishing up Twilight Trees last week I was ready to begin the DMC challenge.  I started with the three fabrics I had selected because if it turns out too disastrous I could always pitch it and start again.  I have a full yard of my own colors  and only  a half of the other two gals stuff.      Shifting to this more complex tree has proven to be more difficult than I expected.  Getting the slender strips is not the problem- it is getting the cuts to fit together in the way I think they should that is proving to be the problem.  I feel I am really growing from this project.   I m glad I have not put off starting and that I have a long time before the final is due.


Tsunami Wash Up
18″ X 24″

Tsunami Wash Up      This  project got framed yesterday.  I wanted  to finish this because I was having a little show for one my friends who had had given me many little plastic items that  I used in this project.   The red is from one of the plastic bags that our news paper comes in.  The big yellow  pieces are cut from a plastic bottle.

New  Project – Stamped Out    I started this project because I trying to add paper into my tops for additional texture.  I captured stamps between two sheets of nylon net.  Then I added additional stamps on top of the captured ones and put all of them on a blue fabric.     I put it all together in my usual manner and I am ready to assemble the units.  They may get shuffled before I do the final.  It has proven to be a fun bit of assembly for me.


  Wonder Under- second application.  I am still still fascinated by the wonder under that I painted last week.  So when I realized that I had finished with the Tsunami Wash Up work and that was the only hand work I had going- I though I would  use this.  I will just embellish with stitches on the fabric that had the Wonder Under ironed to it.  In looking at the fabric I think I will add beads to the surface as well.


 Auction Piece   SAQA has a 12″ square block auction every year to raise funds for on going projects.  When I read about the call for entries I decided to start my work  for this year.    I spent some time looking through my stash and found some small printed fabrics  and decided to use them as my starting off place.  By the end of the afternoon I had a piece I was happy with and so I put the little top together.  I know it is not due until April- but I always liek to have things done ahead of time.

I am really into Occupassion at the moment.  I hope winter is doing that for you as well.

Keep Creating



January 31,2013 Opening

Hello Friends,

  Here in central New York the wind is blowing up a storm as a cold front from the north hits a worm front form the south.   Trees are bending and swaying and  some tree limbs have blown down.  The snow has been blown  horizontally  off and on this afternoon.  I am glad to be inside working in my studio today!

The Opening was Sunday afternoon and it went well.  I was delighted by the many friends that appeared from all parts of my life.  My daughter and grandson appeared early in the afternoon and my husband along with several of the folks that he works with near the end of the event.  My friends from school, from Social Art and fellow quilters also showed up to support me and enjoy the wonderful banquet that the director provided.   I was delighted to discover that I have now sold two of my works, the second being the Kachina Sun quilt that was on the post card.    It can be very affirming for an artist like my self to sell a work to a total stranger.

I think that Spider Woman’s Spires looks really strong on the brick wall  background too.




The placement of Motherhood Maze so it is seen from the doorway as you enter the dinning area makes it one of the first works you see.  I think I talked about it more as an individual piece then any of the others.  I am still flying high from the experience.


Progress Report:   Play Day
Barbara invited me to the Turquoise Studio to have a play day on Thur last week.  We were working with gesso- stenciling and stamping with it .  I put on it on fabric and felt and Barbara mostly applied it to stretched canvas.  After the gesso was dry in the afternoon we painted the surfaces.  The gesso resisted the paint a bit and that changed the color as well as the texture.   I was so excited by the results that I created a top with some of the altered fabric already.



I am calling this Eventide.   I used all of one  of the  turquoise felt pieces in this as well as a second painted piece.   The white is the pure gesso.  The turquoise felt has been painted with purple and blue acrylic paint.


Pepe’   I started this quilt  before the show but did not get it finished.  It too is a goddess quilt as Pepe’ is  the Hawaiian goddess of the vocano.  I have started  the quilting with a copper metallic thread in a swirling pattern.   But the thread kept breaking so I put the thread  on the bobbin and I have been quilting from the back side.  It is just a little scary to do it this way but the braking is not happening now.   The ghost like color changes shown  here in this close up come from using painted fusible web that I painted orange and brown.   I keep learning new tricks along the way and that is exciting for me.     

   Painted Fusible Web     I went off to my friend Ethel and had a second play day this week.   She and I painted the fusible web.  I did blue, orange and yellow, black and a pink gold  pieces.  I do not know where I will use most of this but  it did the trick for the Pepe piece.   I sure had fun and one can never have too many tools in the creative tool box.


Soy Wax Resist     This was another thing Ethel and I played with.   We had both read  about this technique in the February/March  issue of Quilting Arts Magazine- issue 61.  The article is by Susan Purney Mark.  We followed the instructions  and did the sewing  step first .  Then we painted with soy wax on the mountains and tried not to get the wax in the valleys were the tread was.  The next step was to paint in the dye in thous valleys.  It is batching now so the final images will not appear until next week. This second shot   shows how the dye penetrates to through   the  batting to the back.  The dye will all wash away as the batting is synthetic and the dye will not adhere. The same batting can be reused for a second try of this method.  Ethel and I plan to do just that.

Tsunami Wash Up    I have been hand stitching down mostly plastic  objects like the ones I have seen in photos of the plastics that have been washing ashore on the west cost do to the Tsunami last year.   We are really polluting our environment and events like this really play that up. We have too much plastic in our lives. It does not break down into reusable materials like natural objects.  So were does it go?  Sure it gets broken and ground into smaller and smaller bits.  Sometimes birds and fish eat it.  What are the effects on those creatures?  Do we end up with it in ourselves when we eat sea food?  How dangerous  is that?   What are the long term effects?   I do not have any answers, just lots of questions.

Keep Creating


January 24, 2013 The show- Goddesses:Text to Textiles


The show is all hung.  I will admit that I am very pleased with how the thing looks.  As the creator of this work, I had never viewed  as a group.  I do not have a big enough space to even spread it all out in one room.  I was quite surprised by the fact that Lauren insisted we hang them all, and by how well they all worked together.  This shot at the top is of three of the quilts and three of Lauren’s baskets below.   It was a fun experience doing the work with her too as she was so very excited by my pieces.  She had asked me to do the show after seeing only one piece of my work.  This third shot with the pink wall behind it is in the bar room of the  resterant. She also has pointed me in several other directions for places to contact about future shows too.  It was a very up lifting day for me.   These photos do not show all the work I will add more next week.   I now look forward to the opening on Sunday.

Progress Report:Spiraling Out

Spiraling Out
43 ” X 55″

   This quilt is finished now.  I added a lot more quilting to the surface this week and I like how that pulls it together.   This work was  created do primary because of the silk screen material that I had purchased from randy Kennan this summer.    I really liked the action in the fabric  and tried to repeat some of the patterns in the quilting patterns I added.   The close up shows the decomposing screen and some of the needle work.     It was a fun project.


Twilight Trees    I have really enjoyed doing these twisted tree forms.  I am enjoying  the movement using curves has added to my quilt work.

Twilight Trees
21″ X 22″

I liked the new skill I am building and feel now that I am ready to tackle the DMC Challenge that they were meant to be a prelude for.  I sure hope that my vision can be full filled- but that remains to be seen.     Tree Men     I have been playing with the felt work tree too.  This shot is a partial of  two of the faces.   Thus  far I have done all the work by hand and so the green tool to the lift side is in the photo.   I have rediscovered that the black wool felted skirt that is the dark background unit is difficult to felt to.  I am glad that I need to soften the intensity of the dark so I am going to really build up the other grays and browns on top of it.  That will help unify the work too I hope.

Pele    I spent time this week getting this top to be flat.   I cut and stitched away several wedges of fabric for this purpose.  There is still a lot for me to learn about the curved cutting process like do not make the action too sharp.   Anyway it is flat now.  This shot shows the arms of the fire goddess drawn in thread  on organza.  I will trim away the the outside portion before I attach it to the top.   I am still considering if I want to add some more color to the arms before I do that step too.   I  do want the arms to appear as a spirit like presence on the surface.

Play Day Printing I spent  Friday last week printing with my Styrofoam stamps.   The Styrofoam is the thick sponge like  type  that comes packed around big items like printers or computer screens.  One draws into them with a welding iron in a well ventilated location.  I cut mine last summer out doors  The teacher who taught me  how to do use this technique was teaching a second class on the same day and I was tempted to take it a second time, but decided instead to just play by my self with what I remembered.   I think I got more accomplished too because I did not have to pack up my materials and  spend travel time to get to the workshop. This top one shows two fabrics printed with fabric paint on  commercial textured fabrics.  This shot shows more turquoise fabric with a Styrofoam  leaf stamp print and on the gray a stamp made from some plastic floor matting.  The white is a mixture and I like this piece of fabric the most.    This last piece is the white again with the last Styrofoam stamp  of the figures dancing.    I cut one set on one side of the foam an the other set on the back.    I had a good time and although I have no plan for there use at the moment, I am confident they will all go into work in the future.

I hope winter is treating everyone well.

Keep Creating


January 17, 2013 Preparing Solo Show


I am all excited about the fast approach of my one woman show.   I addressed and sent post cards on Monday.    Hanging day is the 20th and I am busy doing all the little things that go along with that job.  I did my labels this morning.   A quick check of the location yesterday revealed the fact that I need to make new hanging rods as the ones I have are too large to fit with the gallery hanging system used at Sparky Town.  I got the lumber and I plan to cut  and drill the wholes in it tomorrow.   All the work is done now that I have finished the Diana piece.  I will have 15 pieces ready to display, but I do not think they will all fit.   But I always feel more comfortable bringing things home than not having enough.    This also gives the curator some choices.

16.5″ X 29.5″

Progress Report:  Diana    I am pleased with how this quilt finally came together.   I got to use some  fabric I had done a bit of dye painting.  I then used acrylic gold paint on a spiral stencil  on top.  This fabric  was created about three years ago and it was just the thing for this piece I think.   The owls were fun to free motion quilt around.  I like this stamp and I am sure I will use it again on more fabric in the future.  The  Drawing of the head on the other hand is a one time thing.   It was drawn with a sharpie pen and colored pencils were used as well.   The two other attempts of this face are already cut up and disposed of so no one will ever be tempted to “save ” them.

Spiraling Out
I am still working on the hand step of the facing of this work.  it will be finished this week.  I am sure that after the show is hung I will feel more at ease to do  other things.I did spend a couple of hours adding more quilting to this work this week as well.  

Rusty Text    I have started quilting on this work- all in the ditch  so far.     I am thinking that I will use the green liner units as my starting place for the real quilting action .  That will provide a lot of directional movement I hope.

Twilight Trees      I have really enjoyed working on this top this week.   I am feeling much more confident about the inserting of slender strips of fabric after this  project.    It is  pin basted  and  some quilting is already done to the edges of  the trunks.   I am not sure what to do next so I am just looking at it every morning when I first come into the studio.   It needs to set in the subconscious until it is ready for quilting.

Peli    I know that the goddess quilts are all done – but the ideas are still running around in my head.  Cali is the Hawaiian goddess of fire and this top has that feel for me.  I am not done with the curve cutting thing yet either I guess.  I have learned a lot on this one too- like do not make too sharp of a curve.  It is still not at all flat and I will need to do some additional cuts to remove the bubbles- but that is part of the learning I think.

My wish is for everyone to be as happy and busy as I am in winter. Keep creating


January 10, 2013 Winter Work


Angela with printing stuff

I always love this time of year after all the wonderful joys of the holidays have become good memories and things seem to slow down and commitments diminish and I can really get some work done.  That does not mean I am not busy- it just changes and I find I am more focused on what I want to accomplish.  I started on that path with a play day with  four friends.


We  ( the QuEG’s – Quilt Exploration Group) got together in Angela’s  new big studio and played.  It was so much fun that we decided to repeat the play part for the next few mouths doing different projects each time.   We will all be “teaching” a technique or leading in the exploration of a new material for the up coming days.

Corinne, Liz and Angela showing a sample for the future
Corinne and Sally

I enjoyed the silk screen printing with dye that we did in the morning and got some nice images.  They are true to the color expected because Angela mixed up the dye that day.   I do not have any idea where I will use these fabrics.  I do know that I will eventually use them.

After lunch we made cards for a fellow creative friend who had fallen over the holidays and could not join the party.

The whole day was great fun and really got me going for this week.

Progress Report: Spiraling Out   I am still quilting  on this project.  I have not done anything this large in a while and I had forgotten how very long the process can take.   This shot is of the quilt under the needle at the top.  It is fun to do the free motion  work again.
 Paper Quilt   I am enjoying working on this project.   I edged the openings  and edges with a  zig -zag stitch and knobby yarns.  I keep trying different solutions to filling the wholes and different arrangements for the four units.   This sort of play takes me much longer than I expect.

Wrapped wire insert
Hand made lace insert

I did eliminate on of  my attempts for filler so I feel like I am making some progress.

Lines in Fabric     This is an exploration project.  I talked last week about doing the DMC Quilt challenge.  This shots shows I am still working – but the progress is slow.  Marty  told me  that  I needed to press each seam toward the outside ,cut the “line” fabric and  then sew the next piece on.  That way I can get narrower lines – and that is my goal. I have really not had an opportunity to do that yet.  I will get to it I am sure.

   Diana  I am pleased with how this top came together  yesterday afternoon.  I  added the gold embellishment to the fabric in a class two summers ago.   It is the just the right touch of elegance for this work.     This will be my last quilt for the Goddess Show.  I plan to start the quilting tomorrow.   I have got to get busy with the labels for that show next.

  Rusty Text    This is really a working title for this top.  I needed to do a little creative work that did not include any pressure.    It is also another  bit of play with the Text stuff for  a possible entry into that competition.   I printed letters on inner facing and mixed that texture with silk.  The silk was also printed on in the green stripes.   When I showed it to Marty on Tue she was quit supportive about the work.  I am still not sure about the direction  I want to go with the quilting of this work, but there is not real  pressure here as I have a mouth before it is due.

Enjoy the wonders of winter.

Keep Crating




Thur Jan 4 New Year

Hello Everyone,

I hope you  have all had long enough to relax a bit for the hassles of the holidays.  I spent today at the Schweinfurth Art Center viewing the Quilts=Art=Quilts show with a friend.   I always find it so very inspirational.  Fibers can be used in so many ways to express so many ideas!    I got excited all over again about embellishing and piecing and color!   It is good to be stimulated in the beginning of winter.  For us that means lots of snow and shoveling as well as ice cycles.  I took this shot out the bathroom window of the light on the deck last eve.  I like how the light reflects off the ice.  Winter brings a new appreciation for limited color to me.   It is a good thing for me to consider as I have a challenge to work on that uses a very limited pallet using  light, med and dark tones of three colors.  It is the DMC challenge for this year.   That means we all selected a color and purchased the three tons of each of the colors and then gave the other participants  our selections.  The size this year for the three works is 18″X 24″ and one color from the other two pallets , needs to be used in each work.  There are no other rules….sounds like lots of room for variation to me.    I selected purple and my fabric are at the top.  Marty selected blue and her choices are to the left middle.  Dawn chose  black and her fabrics are on the bottom of the right.    I am a bit surprised at how well the three go together too.  I think my work with Leslie’s Riley’ s ” Artist Success Class” – Composition and You  will prove to be helpful here.      I have also decided to impose a little challenge of my own on the first quilt at least.  I want to further my ability to insert slender bits of fabric into my work and this first quilt will use that method.     So yesterday I started practicing with some blue fabric and this is the result.  I think I will play just a bit more before I start on the challenge fabric as we purchased it in Washington state last Sept and I can not run out and get more if it is a total flop.

Jots and Joints
22″ X 34″

Progress Report: Jots and Joints
This quilt is now completed and it is the first one for 2013.    I really was working to show the free form cutting in this work and I feel I was successful in that respect the curving edges work well here too.   I am also having fun mixing my hand painted fabrics with stock fabrics. This close up shows the raw silk in the left hand corner and some of the silk screen image.  I sketched them after looking at a circuit board from a calculator.  The drawing was done from memory several day later, so it is really my own invention.

In looking at the photo here I am concerned with the high number of wrinkles present.  Perhaps more quilting is in order.  I will need to do a bit of study over the next few days.


Spiraling Out   This quilt top is about half quilted.  It grew a lot as I worked on it.  The whole project started with some discharged fabric that I purchased form my friend Randy Kennan last summer at the  Quilting By the Lake Conference.   I had done just had my first experience with this type of print dyeing in my class with Judy Langille.  I was/am fascinated by the effect one gets as one does not have a lot of control as to how the color will disperse .   I am free motion quilting on the surface and doing a bit of zig-zag  couching along the way to push the spiraling feel of the top.   I feel I am nearing the middle point of the quilting work on this piece.   

Diana   This  drawing on old silk is the start of my next and probably final goddess quilt for my show this mouth.   I did the drawing three times before I got what I wanted on the fabric and all three were “traced”  from a  drawing that I did to begin with.  The drawing was done from a ancient Greek coin.  My Grandfather Howard found the coin while he was in Greece in WWII.  My mother made the coin into a pendant by adding a silver band around the out side and creating a bail that holds a diamond from my great aunt May’s engagement ring.    On the back of the coin is an owl that I used to create this foam stamp.  It will also be a part of the  quilt The owl is Diana’s creature and that is why it is on the back side.

This last image is also a start that I made this week.  I stenciled the rust and brown letter shapes onto white inner facing and plan to pair  it with some orange silk that has green lines on the surface.  I got the silk scarp from my friend Jean Riley before she moved to PA four years ago.  It is not something she had silk screened, but something that  had  been in a bag full of silk that she was given.  We quilters are  frugal and sharing bunch.   I want to create a second entry for the Text Challenge with these  fabrics.

Lastly as to my 30 day challenge- I am going to stay away from sugar for my first challenge.  I realized on Friday last week that there was far too much candy,cookies and sugar around this season- so I passed most of it off to the teen ages and made that my challenge.  It has been an eye opener- I did not realize that I had developed a craving for it, but I have.  So this will be a good test.

Keep Creating ,



Thur Dec. 27 Between the Holidays


We are now in the space between the gift rush and celebration of  Christmas and the celebrations of new beginnings that come with New Years day.  I happen to be in the middle of a big snow storm too and that does give one pause as travel is not really a good idea at this point.  I fortunately do not have to leave the house except to shovel the walk so the post man can get to the mail box.  I will venture out and walk up the street to check on the 95 year old- Fred, but mostly I am staying put.       This week is the time I try to evaluate and be realistic.  To finish up the started projects  and to discard the unsuccessful things, and be honest about what seems to slip to the bottom of consideration and toss out the things I really will never go back and finish.   If I do have anything in the way of resolutions there are two.  This one about being realistic and the second is to try the 30 day exercise that I have been hearing about.  That proposition is to take a small thing that you have wanted to do like become a better  drawer, learn to use  my Print Shop Pro program, or do more collage  journaling, and commit to yourself to doing that idea for 30 days.  Then you reevaluate.  You can then choose your next action on this idea.  This sounds very doable to me.  I will make my decision by next Tue.

Out of the Dark
16.5″ X 25″

Progress Report: Out  of the Dark

 This quilt is a new work for the goddess show that I will be doing in Jan.  I actually did the first piece of this in Aug with Susan.  That section is the middle sized goddess that I drew in pencil and we made a photo transfer onto fabric.  The other drawn images are done in permanent ink.

I did the ink drawings from the images in “The Language of the Goddess ” book by Marija Gimbutas.   I really enjoyed working on silk for this project.

Painted Sands   This is another of the wiggle series and I am enjoying the freedom

Painted Sands
25.5″ X 26″

of this process.  The big painted units I did last summer.  There is also some text on thous areas from a stencil that I created.

The crisp gold line here is the stencil.  It is a part of my graffiti series were I was using my name as the element of the stenciling.

Tree Men

This is one of the old projects that I have pulled out to work on.   After trying out four different arrangement for the units I think this is the strongest one and now I need to decide what the next step will be.  It is hanging from the bookshelf in the direct sight line from my sewing machine.  I think this will help me look and think about the process more.  I do not hold any illusions though- it has been 5 years sense I started this so going forward may be slow.



Written Words  This quilt is again one where I am using the graffiti stencil.  It is

Shot of blue and green quilt with letter stencil in blue/purple. It is free motion quilted with the word Carol in many overlapping directions.

a bit easier to see as this time the letters are stenciled in a blue purple paint.  I quilted my name in free motion work in all directions to hold this quilt sandwich together. There are blue facings on the top and bottom  that I will pull to the back and stitch down to create a knife edge.

Jots and Joints   This is a new quilt top that I started this week as I wanted to use several of the painted fabrics I had created in my class this summer.  In class I   created the stencil- the line with a dot at both ends show here in dark green.   I am still playing with scraps from the silk scarp bag with this top. The light blue/white is  a course weave silk fabric.


I hope you are all enjoying the season.  I will post my 30 day effort  resolution along with my work next week.


Keep Crating