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Spring and Distraction March 9, 2012

Good morning, and please forgive me for being late on this post.  I like everyone at one time or another I got off track.  I enjoyed my walk yesterday and loved noticing the wonders of spring.  I spotted  my first Robins- two males singing at  full throat in the top of two different trees.   At ground level I saw Snow Drops and Wind Flowers showing there faces through the soil.   My Tulips are pocking through- only about an inch It always makes my heart light.  When I got home I was informed that we were having guests- so I spent my morning cleaning up in preparation for that instead of doing this project.   We had a good time and I enjoyed seeing the old friends but by the time they departed it was late and I like to do this project with a clear mind.  I think what I really have learned from this is that I just might start before Thursday morning to build the blog.

Progress Report:   Blue Frogs-  Adventure Challenge   

most of the top showing the quilt     This quilt is coming along.  I did a bit of shifting of the frogs and now I like the lay out.  I have started to do a bit of reflective quilting around the out side of the frogs to keep the undulating feel.

image showing two of the frogs- front and backThis close up shows the how the striped fabric makes the movement of the knots show when you  tie this frog.   I intend to explore this knotting frog technique a bit more .

Spiraling Out

Images showing the addition of buttons to the surface. 

As this view shows I am still adding buttons to the spiral.  My wonderful friends at the  Tea Cups and QEG’s  meetings gave me additional  buttons and I am making progress.  I showed this quilt in progress at the meeting on Tue and got some great feed back on how to do my facings in a more accurate fashion too.  So I tried that method on one of the other quilts this week.     I like the effect.  It is great to have lots of feed back on what one is doing.







Crimson Diminished DMC   VI

shot of the quilt in the middle of quilting- ruby beads and silver roses added  I had this quilt laid out last week.    This is the sixth quilt where I am still using the limited pallet from the DMC project.   I have added the text like fabric in this case.   I think there is just enought to build one more piece to complete this series.     I have added ruby beads and silver roses to the surface here .  I am quilting with the machine in a geometric pattern that is created by the shapes of the pieced units.    close up showing the roses and a bit of the quiltingI am enjoying this project and over doing as I always do.

Cycling Circuits 

one corner of this blue and pink quilt with the wholes and some of the quiltng   This is just one corner of this quilt.  I am done with the quilting step and I am applying the  new facing technique that Noel told  me about at the QEG’s meeting.   She also had a great suggestion for a better way to face shapes that I intend to apply to the next work were I use that idea.   I have several ideas for what I want to do in the openings and will work at that prat of the process this week.



I intend to keep enjoying the wonders of spring this week .

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