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Back in the Studio May 29, 2014

 Foundations XIX -Mossy Stone  33" X 29"  $340.00
Foundations XIX -Mossy Stone
33″ X 29″


It is good to be home and after I recovered from my jet lag I enjoyed getting back into the studio and working.    I think having something partly finished helped me get started too.   So I will jump into the Progress Report.

Progress Report: Foundations XIX Mossy Stone   As this image shows I am now done with this quilt.      I am not sure about Mossy Stone-cl2how to declare the size, but have settled on measuring the distance at the longest points to  come up with the numbers.   This quilt  has a very large number of fabrics in it as well as threads, yarns  and some silk paper.   I enjoy the extensive thread work that finishing the quilts in this series requires.   The thread patterns create nice direction and flow directions  to Mossy-stone-cl3my eye  and when I get to that step it is almost meditative in nature when I am working away at it.    I do not see the end of this series any time soon- it is just too much fun to see how many fabrics I can use and how many textures I can include in the process.




Growing in the Dark – Paper Quilt  

Growing in the Dark  Paper Quilt 16" X 21"
Growing in the Dark
Paper Quilt
16″ X 21″


I took a  day workshop in  using the Gelli plate on the weekend before I went off to Paris.  I  made a lot of  wonderful paper and fabric printed images.  I decided to challenge myself and use some of them to do paper quilts again.  I have not done that style growing in the dark -cl2in over two years so it was a bit of a challenge just to recall the process.   The Gelli Plate process is full of chance and I really like that aspect of  using them.  Paper is in the bottom section of this shot   and fabric in the top- they do take the paint /ink differently , but I like them both.    This work because of the nature of the stiffness of the paper Growing-in-the-dark-cl1requires  that one work smaller.  I can only roll so much under the machine arm.  The paper  also is a much flatter material  so it goes together much more quickly .  I added in some of the silk paper as you can see here and it works well with the  other materials.  I have pulled another pile of paper and fabric from the workshop to start another soon.






 Three Trees   This work is coming along.  I made the base of the trees on wash away with a dark gray green  wool and then added black yarn on top with machine stitching.  I then trimmed the  away as much of the wash away as I could before I submerged them in  back-of-3-treeshot water.  When they were dry I arranged the trees on the surface and sewed them down.   I loaded my bobbin with brown embroidery thread and the top of my machine with black.   I turned the quilt over and did free motion drawing of smaller branches in the trees using the outlines of applying the trees to the top as my three-trees close up 2guide.    This shot of the back of the quilt helps show what I did.    This closeup shows all three processes.  The dark green is the wool, the black is the  yarn and the brown is the thread.  This project  proved to be a very good way to get back into the free motion process for me.




AsuriteFoundations XX- Asurite  This is my new inspiration stone for the new work in the series.   The first step is to cut the bucrum in the shape of the stone.  Then I  start pinning the background  fabrics to the surface.  Asuritestart   I did the light area first this time and used two different blues and some hand dyed that had blue, white and gray in Pileit.  I then pulled  a pile of blue fabrics that I thought could work and piled them on the floor below the BM29Pinned-Asuritepinwall.  Having them at my feet meant I could pin look down and cut the next piece I wanted with ease.   I continued building on the surface until I had the whole color areas built  in.    The next step was to begin to Asurite close upstitch and pin more into the work and start to build the surface.  I like to work in this free form way and let the process guide me along.  It does mean that I stop and pin the work up frequently and look at the work, but I like that step  as well.


Spring Iris BM29-Spring-Iriscl1 Spring Iris   I am doing the free motion outline step of this work now.    I was so happy to see the Iris in Monet’s garden and I took a lot of photos.  I think I will try to add a  bit of applique on top with the photos in mind.   I am not sure how I will do this yet- but I am thinking on the process.







Red Canvas   red-canvus I started the painting process of this work in the fall as a play day with Cheri.     Seeing the great way she used what we started that day at the Diva Meeting  in March got me to pull the canvases I had created out again.  I cut them up and then zig zagged them back to create a bigger unit.  I then painted on top again to add more depth.  I was still not happy.  So I have now done some hand work and I think I am nearing completion.  I added beads, buttons and some altered metal to the  red canvas close upsurface.   I need some assistance as to how to finish this work  so I will take it to the Diva meeting and get some help.



Daily's Daily’s     I think I am done with this series as far as making the little units is concerned.  I have eight more and that will complete the thirty blocks I have with the two triangles on them.   I have done this daily work for eight months and feel I am ready to find and ending place and move on.  I will take this week as I finish the blocks to decide on a way to complete the project and to think about a new daily or weekly challenge.

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