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Fall Color


Red orange green treeHello-

On my walks this week I have been enjoying the fall colors.  There is such a wide range.   I love the oranges and reds as they contrast with  the greens, but the browns and rusts have a beauty of their own.IMG_6632  I was stopped by the  deep Purple leavespurple\ blue  I found on the ground here.   So many colors!   There are also lots of mushrooms in various colors out now as well.     I have taken a lot of  photos of the IMG_6681 trees and bark too.  I am sure I will have a good supply to begin some new work with.  So keep your eyes open and while you are enjoying the season and perhaps you too may become inspired to start a new project.Under tree











Ethel's Nine PatchProgress Report:  Ethel’s Nine Patch   I



finished the double bed quilt this week.  I sure enjoyed working on this project and thought of Ethel every step along the way.    The back is all done in her black and white scraps too and the quilt is reversiable.Back of Ethel's nine Patch I think this side will be the winter side.




Queen Anne's LaceQueen Anne’s Lace This quilt is

26” l X 18” wide.   It is one of my works that is built on the curvy cut system.   I quilted in lines of the wind with  the same curvy feel.IMG_6709I enjoy the hand work that I put into the surface of this work.   IMG_6711



Fall FiresFall Fires  I am still working away on this piece.   I am just about ready to begin to build in the smoke around the flames.   The bottom area is not done either.






Leaving the LandLeaving the Land  I put in time on this felt based work this week too.  It is much closer to being complete then Fall Fires.   There are only islands of spaces were I need to do the free motion work.   The dark area on the far left about half way up is an example of a space where I need to add stitching.







Bird landBird Land  I have assembled the top for this work at this time.   It sort of got out of my control as far as size is concerned.   I do not usually work quite this big on art quilts.    I will do a little drawing of possible  free motion quilt patterns  that have a bird motif this week before I begin that step.




Curvy CutIMG_6694 As I finished the last curvy cut piece, Queen Anne’s Lace, I thought I should begin a new work in that vain.  Again I used Randy’s deconstructed screen printed fabric as my starting place.    It is about 41”  l X 37” w   a little big for this type of project.( Is there a theme here?) IMG_6697I have pulled a  pile of fibers and threads  that I might  use to embellish this project.



Label Block # 86 #87  Label Blocks #  86 #87

I am working away on this project too.    Only 69 more blocks to go.

Keep your eyes open in this time of wonderful fall color and enjoy creating