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Carolyn Hello,

This week has been a week with several little victories.  The first was last Thursday evening when I went to the Prevention Network banquet.    Just by chance I sat next to Carolyn and she wanted the quilt I had donated to the cause.  As this picture suggests she was successful in her pursuit of that goal.  I was as delighted with her achievement of that goal as she wasVictoria's woek and the Network got the benefit  too.       Friday was the Towpath Quilt show and I attended that event.   This is Victoria’s finished work.  I have watched her struggle with this piece and I think her solution is great.

IMG_3530 Another   event in my week was a trip to the SAQA meeting on Saturday.  The group was small but full of  exciting ideas.  My friend Chris showed two of her framed works.  It made me think again about working in that direction.Regina's work

On Monday I went to visit with another quilting buddy Regina.  We had not seen each other sense fall so she had lots of new works.  I really like this one were she used discharged paste and then embellished it with lock washers.  She had also completed four works from the IMG_3550

Carol Soderlands class in Soy Wax printing that the both of us were in at QBL II.    This shot is of the wonderful potato smasher that she brought to class and we all used to print with wax.    This shot is a work in  progress but sheIMG_3551_thumb.jpg also had four  she had completed.   They were wonderful insect type pieces that I truly enjoyed.      Then because I just can’t seem to get enough play time with other creative soles, I went to play with Cheri yesterday.  IMG_3576We had fun painting   on Tyveck.  I now have a new pile of  altered material to add to my stash.  I will do the melting of some of the surfaces tomorrow.  Ans as Cheri suggested one does not need to melt all the Tyvec to use it.

The Big success  of thisBaby quilt week was saving the Baby quilt I had ruined.  At the  Towpath show I talked with Angela about the problem of my marker marks.   I told her of the methods I had tried and she listened very sympathetically.  Her suggestion was I try Oxi Clean.   I stopped on the way home and got some at the grocery store.   It did not take all of the marks out on the first run( the fifth wash) but it didIMG_3565 diminish them.  I air dried it and Sue Ellen looked at it on Sat before we went to the SAQA meeting.  She said they barely showed and suggested I repeat the process again.  So I did.   To my delight when I went down and took the work off the line yesterday it was clean.   I only took six washes to do the trick.  I will give the quilt to the expectant mother and tell her that I know it will withstand lots of washing.   I am so very thankful for my encouraging friends.   They pushed me forward on this project until it was a Success.

Running Red 39" X 46"
Running Red
39″ X 46″

Progress Report:  Running Red   I am delighted with how this quilt finally came out.    The curving quilting did prove to be a big IMG_3571challenge for me, but I think it works in the end.    I used a variegated thread and that proved to be a good idea as well because some times it faded into the background and other times it stood out.  

I used  silk from an Obi, taffeta,  IMG_3572and old table cloth I had done deconstructed screen printing on and cotton in this work.    The quilting pattern of the swirls came from the Obi.   IMG_3569

 IMG_3553 Make Visible   I had so much success with the circular quilt pattern in  Running Red that I tried a  variation on that idea with this quilt.  I am going to write the words in the quilting pattern on the surface.   This shot is of the letter patterns I will be following.

Flags: Stretch  DailyIMG_3555I am working away on the flag challenge too.   What a great place to try new things and explore.  This time I did a little trumpto on the dark green figures.  I added green plastic to  give more interest and I cut new bigger stencils that I then spray painted on the work.  Lastly, I added the letters.  They are cut from a photograph and stitched down.      My talk with Susan made me feel that adding paper to the work was okay.

IMG_3554 Flags: Dive In  With this flag I took the paper idea even further.  The week before I had been dyeing with Ethel and I put paper under the work so the wax would be absorbed and I left it under when I dyed too.  So I had several pieces of beautiful papers on the desk when I was playing with this project.  I traced the painted sections of the flag on the papers and cut them out.  Then I stitched them down.  Ribbon Work

Ribbon Work    This work is moving along- but I have hit a snag with the fact that I have used the whole spool of yellow ribbon now.     I need to live with it before I decide what will be my next move.

IMG_3578 Label Block  The nightly work goes on with this project.

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Mistake- Lesson Learned


064  Hello,

I have had a mixed week.  I spent Friday morning last week helping my friend Nancy and her Grand Daughter Jaelyn  do a little stencil work.  They were making a back pack and Jaelyn wanted her name on the flap.  We had a pleaset time stenciling  and as soon as she was finished, Jaelyn  pulled out the feather weigh and was ready to get back to assembly.

The  upsetting thing this Bears-001.jpgweek was a gift project.   I was making a baby quilt for a friends grandchild and I was nearly done.  I only had to add the strings for the balloons that the bears were holding and I would be complete.  I thought I really wanted to the strings to be strait so I pulled out a marker and drew the lines on to follow.  I was excited as I could see the end of the surface work for this project.081  I did not take time to test the marker and that was my down fall.   When it came time to wash out the marks I found that I had picked up the wrong tool and the marks will not come out.    I have tried several of the ways various folks have suggested from the inner078 net, but no success.    The quilt is ruined as a gift of course.   The pens do look similar, but that is an excuse.  I can go and purchase a gift, but some how that will not be the same.  I have no one to blame but myself for my haste.  I am disappointed with myself.  I am certain I will not make that mistake again.

Name Game III Patti Progress Report: Name Game III- Patti     This quilt is 14” X 26” .   I am so enjoying this processPatti- close up 1 as it really challenges my design skills when it comes to putting the blocks together.  One change in direction can 093change the whole movement of the work.      I like all the texture of the raw edges too as they seem to add a different type of movement to the final work.     There is also the challenge of using letters as a starting point because the shapes of letters involve strait lines and curves in ways I do not think ofPatti before cut drawing usually. This shot is of the work before I cut it into pieces.    I am dreaming of a new challenge using more then one name.  This could add to the spice of the project.

Vernal Equinox  Vernal Equinox This work is  22” X 25”.    I call this building process fabric collage.  I used lots of fabric textures in this work. 097 There are velvets, valures, satins, cottons, corduroys, and brocades here.  The 098wading and folding adds its own texture to the end product too.  I was trying to fill the surface with visual interest and I feel it was successful.

Running Red085I am to the quilting stage of this project so I am only showing a detail this week.  I used the  pattern on the red silk as my inspiration for that quilting pattern.  As it is turning out the double knit on the  old table cloth( on the left here) has some woven patterns in it that are similar to the swirls of the silk pattern.

077Make Visible is the title I have chosen for this new work.    I spent and afternoon with Susan last summer trying out all her mark making 076tools and  in doing that I wrote lots of different quotes.   I had pulled out a bunch of fabric last week and this piece seemed to go with one of the collections.  This shot shows how I star the assembly of this type of quilt.   I lay out were I want the big blocks and then I begin to fill in the spaces around them to create the top  using 2.5 ” and 1″ strips.

075.jpgFlag- Spring Grass   I got a call from Susan this week.  She too is struggling with this flag challenge that we created.  We agreed that for both of us, starting with the central image or center of interest  first- is not the way either of us works.   I am not comfortable filling in around the graphics we are both working with.  But I will persist as that is how growth takes place.  I only finished this one this week.  I am still struggling with the text as a part of this challenge too.

Label Block083  The beat goes on with this project.

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Seeing July 3, 2014

SKetch - CopyHello,

As we head for the 4 of July celebrations I have been thinking about seeing.   I read “We don’t see what we see.  We see what we want to see.” by ALan Fletcher.    My first response to this was surprize.  But as I though about it I agreed.  I then though- Oh this is not so true of artists- we pay more attention to what we see.  Then to test myselfshoes I tried to visualize my walking shoes that I wear almost daily and recall how many holes were there for laces.    Five I though with confince…. but when I checked there are six, although I only have my laces in five of the holes.     So I drew them as my drawing  exercise  this morning.    This will help me really “see”  them I though.    And that is true, I really did see them,  but in the  looking at the shoes I shut out all the things around the shoes.   I would be quickly overwhelmed by the visuals if I did not do that editing and selecting of things in my world.   LIz's-work In the end I have to agree with Mr Fletcher- we all are confinded by our choices of “what we want to see”.

This week was the first Tuesday of the month of July so I went to meetings.   QuEGS meant and we all had lots to share.  Liz is making progress on her memory quilt for her friend.  All the blocks are made now and she will begin the final assembly soon.    Linda's work

Linda C. showed us her crazy quilt and amazed us by flipping up the work to show the  paper and that showed the planning pages she had under the  sewn squares.  Several of us admitted  we would not have planned out as much as she did, but would have let the process tell us what to do next.   We all have different procedures BJULY3LInda's-drawing we follow as we work.  This work will be a stunner when it is complete.     The good thing  about seeing the processes of others does  help us all of us to think more carefully about our own work and consider if we can improve by following the  the examples around us. ANGELA 's  Batic

Angela is still being influnced by her tip to Hawaii.  She showed us several beautiful  silk painted flower pictures  this week.   BJULY3Cheri's-work

Then I was off to my DIVA meeting.  Cheri shared her  “Miss Liberty” wall piece and her new lady lizard( in the for ground)   She mixes fabric and yarn in her sculptures and I think that is  a great idea.

BJULY3ALIC - CopyAlice had her fabric books to show us.  They are so delightful.  I enjoy how she mixes commercial  fabric images- the water lily- with her own hand painted materials- the turtle. Ruth's

Ruth assembeled all the units she had created in the class she took last month.   They do make a pleasing little collection I think.  And what a great visual review of  techniques to have on the studio wall so one does not forget about them.

Yarn Progress Report:  New Iris   I am happy to say this work is now complete.    I took it to both meetings on Tue and asked for ideas on the beards for the iris.  I had thought that purple was the color to use, but the others felt yellow or white would be better.

New Iris 28" X 22.5"
New Iris
28″ X 22.5″

I tried both colors before I settled on the yellow.     The  yellow sure does pop forward on the purple flowers and draw the eye.  That is what contrasting colors are suppose to do, but I do not think of it most of the time while I am working.

NewIriscl1I like the depth this quilt has – all the applique on top of what I once thought was  a completed work, helps that idea.    I will try to keep this more in mind in the furture too. New Iris Close up 2






West-Window East Window     This work is done now .  I made this quilt to put over the  window in the east bedroom in the winter.  I used a special batting that has a foil liner in the center to reflect heat into the room and cold out.   There is not a lot of quilting on this work.  I only stitched in the seam lines( in the ditch) to connect the top and back.   I would have done a lot more machine drawing on the closeup1surface if it was not for  window use.


 Baby Quilt    This one got completed this Lauren's-bably-quiltweek as well.  I was surprised when I finished putting the last hem stitches in last even and realized I had finished off three this week.    The bad news is I have no new beginnings.

I try to be practical with baby quilts and make them so they can be easily washed.  I also add a sleeve so  they can hang on the wall if  the parents choose.  This  is Baby quilt close up -the second child for this family so there are two bears, one for each child.  The bigger one is helping the smaller bear and that  is my way of saying that they should care for one another and the older one is a part of the process.

I like the simple -baby quilt close-up3outline applique technique that is easy to use with this style of quilting.  It goes  quickly when the layout of the parts is done.  One only needs to think about the layers of  the pieces so there are as few starts and stops as possible.  Here I did the mane first, then the ear, then the body, and last I added the reins and the eye details. Dadily news 3

Daily News       I can now see that it will take a lot of time to finish this piece.  It takes a seven min. toDaily News2 machine add the velcro  spot, and stitch around the two units , leaving an opening.   When I set down to do the hand  work  I trim the corners  and turn the block right side out, before stitching it closed.    I Daily News2get between four and five of them done in an hour.      I know I am working as fast as I feel comfortable withDaily-News1– but the process of finishing up seems a long way off at this point.

Please leave me a comet in the area provided at the bottom.   I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Choices June 26, 2014

Flowers Hello,

It is  another  gray and rainy day here.  There are lots of reasons to feel down.  I am having trouble with the tension on my sewing machine.   It is very humid  and my hair is droopy. The sky is gray and all this rain even makes the Martha Washington  Greniums  hang low.  In my effort to empty some of  the excess rainwater from them , I accidenty spilled it all over my feet and my sandels are all wet.  Inspite of  all this stuff I still  feel happy.  I am making progress on my projects even with  the thread problem, because all the rain keeps me in the studio a bit more.  The birds are singing and I even saw one taking a bath in one of the mud puddles on my walk in the rain.  I noted too Dusty-Trailsthe circular patterns of falling rain in one of the puddles and thought it might make a good starting place for a quilting pattern.      So why I feel so good?   I believe it goes back to what my Dad always use to say to me as a kid” It ‘s not what happens to you that matters so much as what you THINK about what happens to you that matters.”    I am choosing to be happy about the possibilites of today.

Progress Report:   Dusty Trails    I am to the quilting stage of this project now.  I was tempted to just quilt in the ditch, but staying in the seam lines with the quilting  seemed like a cop out.  So  I am using is wandering stitch pattern that  reflects the seams instead.  My title has more to do with color than the stitch pattern. New Iris

 New Iris  I am all done with the hand applique of the new leaves and flowers.   I was considering adding some of the fuzzy trim to the flowers as the beards of the iris.   The color has more red in it than the existing flowers but I really like the texture.   I guess it is again a  decision I can only make after I try it  and see how it looks.   That  really is the best approach any way.

baby-quilt New project-Baby Quilt   My niece had a new baby last week  and so I am busy creating a baby quilt for the new child.  He as an older sister so I am putting two teddy  bears on this one.   The three butterflies allow me to add quilting for stability in the sky.  One might also be able to teach a little counting to a little one with this work.

 New work- East Window    I am creating a new window cover for the east room window.     WhenEast-Window I work on these types of quilts I   first  do a wrogh  layout of where I think some fabrics will end up.      I am trying to start quilts now using fabrics I have altered in some way.  This time I used some marbleized  fabric, a piece from the soy wax class, and some painted fabrics.  When I have selected these materials, I chose  things that work with them.     I think of  the second choices as fillers and I cut them into strips of one and a half, two and a half and three and a half inch startssections and sew them into long mixed units.   This method  means I can just add the units  to the fabric sections as I go along and do not have to keep stopping and cutting new fabric.  This method does create some unused material at the end of the assembley.  But I always just add that to my scrap basket and it becomes part East windowof the material I use in my scrap happy quilts that I give as fund raisers .          I always enjoy my time doing the assembly process of quilt construction.



 Daily News  I have finished the base for the Daily’s now.  It is a black rectangle with 30  black velcro  units on it.   I put the quilt on the door to my studio so I see it first thing every day and my new habit has become to change the layout each morning. Daily-News1Daily News2    Its a fun exercise and it means that I finish  several more  blocks every evening during the news like before.

Daily News2 Keep  Creating



March 28, 2013 Daffodils


The flowers really seem to brighten my days  so I am sharing them with you too. Daffodil’s   really are so bright!  The sun shine we have been enjoying the last few days really pulls my spirits up.  The buds on the trees are starting to get really fat too so I am sure the young leaves will pop out in the near future.    This last week has been as full as they all seam to be for me.  Friday I went to the Turquoise Studio- that seems to have become a bit of a habit that I do enjoy.  I shaving cream printed a second layer on some of the work from earlier in the  week.  Every thing is all pressed and sorted in my “starter basket” now- ready to server as a jumping off point for a new quilt.   The same problem is still a part of me- more ideas then time.  But I will keep trying to master that.   Both Pat and Beth were at the studio  this week.  They are both working on pastels for a show that is coming at the beginning of next mouth.  Beth was working on her project upside down so she could really see the colors and shapes she needed to add to her work- that is why she ended up on the floor.

Progress Report:  Baby Quilt  This work is also coming along nicely.   I have not done a baby quilt in such a long time I sort of got carried away with the creatures.  I think it will fit the jungle theme of the nursery.    I enjoyed doing all the zig zag work even though it is very slow.   I did the  machine binding step yesterday and it will take about an hour plus  to do all the hand work to attach it to the back.  Then only the sleeve will remain and the off to wrapping and a new home.

West Window Quilt  This quilt is all done now.    I enjoy using up some of  the extra blocks that remain from Scrap Happy quilts in these projects.  Matching color is not an issue for me either so when I start the next one I will only keep the blocks and strips as unifying factors.    One down and three to go and this project will be complete.

Blue Bugs  This project is the result of two playful experiments.   I had read about putting paper on fabric with matt medium.  So I did that with a torn  dictionary page.  The text was too strong so I painted color on top to obscure the words.   The second experiment was the blue  turquoise and purple fabric- that has the bugs on it. (  More about that step later.)  That fabric was created from whipping up after other work and then scrunching the fabric  into a cup were I poured  a mixture of turquoise and water on top of the fabric and  into the cup.   That is why there are darks and lights in it.  Both fabrics have been shuffling from one pile to another for weeks when they ended up one on top of another.  They looked like they could work together so I started pulling fabric to go with them.  I ended up  seeing that it need  more light and my eye fell on some of the stamp printed fabric from earlier this year, so it got put into the mix as well.   When I started putting the bindings on I realized that the two big units needed some embellishing.  The work hung on the wall for several days until I was tiding up and one of my stencil notebooks fell out on the floor.  The book was open to the insect.   Problem solved!   I got excited by the insect stencil and drew two more- both too large to use here.   They will appear in another work.

Three Pooka   This is the last work played with this week.  It grew out of that  Starter Basket that I mentioned before.  I had spilled it and was putting things back. I selected figures for  this piece first.  I stenciled them about four years ago.  I had been to a Donna’s Creativity Retreat  and I was experimenting.   All the others that I had created had long gone into pieces.  These three were weak by comparison until I got out the squeezie paint and added hand drawing detail to them.   The canvas- the two big blue green rectangles,  are also very old-from a class I took with Elizabeth Bush  over ten years ago.  They seemed to go together too- so I was off and running in a new direction.  It is spray basted and all ready for quilting.  I will start with stitch in the ditch and then do free motion around the pooka’s.  The  last bit of quilting will be to “draw” pooka in the canvas areas in thread.

I hope spring is filling everyone’s heart.

Keep Creating



March 21, 2013 Shaving Cream Printing

Dear Readers,

We may have passes the Vernal Equinox yesterday and the days may include more sunlight , but here in up state New York it is still very cold.   I will really bundle up when I go for my walk today as it is still only 20 degrees in the sun shine.  I have been staying indoors a lot and working in the studio although I do not have a lot of completed work to show.  I have been playing with my thermofax screens.  Again my connections with other quilts- specially members of QuEG’s has born fruit.   At the March meeting Angela talked about using shaving cream as a carrier for ink with her screens.  I have been playing with that too.  What fun! I spent two days this week playing with this idea.  One day was with my friend Ethel.

Pictured here are the tools, a plastic containor, spoons, the screen and fabric.The second shot shows the shaving cream( I got it at the dollar store) mixed up in smaller containers. The mixture is them spread on the top of the screen and using the edge of credit card one draws ink mixed in the shaving cream across the screen forcing the ink and shaving cream through the screen.  

This shot shows the images printed on the fabric.  It drys so fast that one can print a second color on top with out much time passing.  Ethel and I tried also mixing dye with shaving cream and printing it too.  It seemed to work as well,  but the dye caused the shaving cream to break down quickly and them it runs and bleeds.     That fabric is still batching so I do not have a shot of it yet as I have not washed it out.


Progress Report: Speculations on Value   I have now finished this quilt.  I really did enjoy the  Mac Tavishim quilting patterns and went back and fixed the messy ones from last week.  I am sure I will use this style again on a future work.

Speculations on Value
19″ X 42″

This close up also shows some old silk screen work on the white area pictured here.




Window Work   I also put together this simple quilt to serve as a window cover in the west window of our bed room. It is made from navy blue fabric and leftovers from a “Scrap Happy” project from the fall.   This is ready for quilting now and  I will add those things plus a sleeve.  Then it will go up in the bed room.  I need to replace the cover on the east window too so that will be a second piece  using even more of the leftovers.



Baby Quilt   I am making this quit for the  first grandchild of  one of my good friends, Beth.  The nursery  theme is the jungle so that is how I got started.   I have cut and pinned the giraffe, elephant,zebra and lion.  The  Kola, gazelle ,monkey and at the bottom, lizard remain in the paper pattern stage.   I am a bit frustrated as the big sewing machine is not working correctly, but I will pull out the trusted Bernina 1008 and do the zig -zag applique when all the parts are cut.


Far  Horizons  This work is coming  along.  I am only showing a close up this week as it does not look much different than last.  I have been doing all the quilting from the back side because I am using very heavy silk thread and do not have any needles for the machine with big enough eyes to do the job any other way.    The thread was a gift from my friend Judy.  Her grandfather was a tailor in NYC  years ago and it was left over from his shop. I have had it for several years and I am delighted to finally be using this wonderful thread.

I am hoping for some warmer weather  by next week.

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