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Thur Dec 20- Solstices computer failure……

Hello ,

Happy Solstices! I am looking forward to the days getting longer – even if it is cold.   I am not a fan of the long nights even though I do enjoy setting by a fire.   I just hate to find crows flying to roost in the  darkening   4 o’clock sky.

Sorry to have dropped on the map so abruptly.  The computer  crashed.  We took it off to Best Bye and they had to send it out to have the Mother Board replaced.   When it came back the machine crashed again while they were running a diagnostic check.  Off the machine went again for 10 days.   Needless to say I learned how much I depend on the silly thing and short cuts as I could not excess this sight for the whole time.  The second computer that I did have access too did not have Photos Shop either so I could not do photos even if I could have gotten to it.  I will try  to up date without being  overwhelming.

Progress Report:  Exploration 3

Exploration 3
22″ X 24.5″

I really enjoyed working away on this quilt with the free form cutting and the irregular edges.  It is both freeing and a bit worrisome as I give up control and the reliance on the ruler for strait lines.   I do really enjoy the feeling of flow however and feel there is a lot more room for exploration here.



Thunder Boomer   I started this work  because I was nervous about the wiggle cut things I was trying .  I needed  to work on something

Thunder Boomers
19.5″ X 26″

that I felt comfortable with.  I did challenge myself by using silk as a part of this work.  The silk was a way of expressing how the air feels all electric when a storm is going on.

I enjoyed doing the machine drawing here as well.   This was a good confidence builder for me at that time.


Pillows    I did two pillows to accompany the quilt I did for the bride last mouth.   They came out looking good and I think they will enhance the  bed when they are placed on top of the quilt.

  Abame – Sisters Quilt  This little quilt is the next in the wiggle series.  I call it a sister quilt because a second quilt grew out of this work as well.  I made too much material and found it worked better as a separate unit.  I am almost done with the stitching of the face panels.

Sunmi Wash Up
This  top is mostly done by hand.  I have been seeing lots of images of the large amounts of plastic washing up on the west cost.  The piles I find distressing so I thought I might do a bit of a “junk ” collection piece to highlight this idea.

  Out of the Dark    This top is my next work for the solo show that I will be doing in late Jan.  I have always  been fascinated by stories of the gods and goddess of the past as well as all the little stone figures of women that have been uncovered.  Joseph Campbell’s books have also influenced me.  I was delighted when he came and spook at Ball State.  

Letters This is just the working title of this piece that I just started.   There is a challenge to do a quilt using text and this is my first attempt at that idea.  I feel this does not say exactly what I had in mind- but I like the way it is coming together so I think I will finish it none the less.

Out of Control This too is a working title.  I am so upset by the shooting in the elementary school this last week.  I used some discharged fabric to start this quilt because one has so little control with that process and league of control is how I feel  in relationship to this tragedy.   I tried to show the chaos I felt with this piece.   It does not give that feel yet –  I think that the quilting I plan to use with help with this.

I did a little hand writing with dish washer soap to discharge  the surface of this black fabric.  This is another go at the text thing.  I put the dishwasher soap in the mustard container to do the writhing and it worked well.  The fabric is in the washer at the moment .   Even if I do not use this in the Text Challenge, it was a fun thing to try



I enjoy preparing  for the up coming celebrations so that is where my energy will be going for the next few day.  May the wonders of the season ans the joys of your life fill you in the up coming holidays.

Keep Crating