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My Travels



It is really spring when the dandelions begin to bloom.   I see more and more every day.    Sue Ellen's spring  I have enjoyed my last two weeks and my mind is full of all sorts of ideas and happy memories.    On the Tuesday before I left I went to a FAB meeting at Judy’s house.   Everyone was full of news and even though there were no new projects we had a good time.  Then that same day I ran off to a QuIG’s meeting in Sue Ellen’s studio.      Sue Ellen is still working on her tree theme series.    I really like all the hand work she put into this work.     Linda is experimenting with Yupo Paper and IMG_5404ink.   She sure got  some fine results.    I think I purchased some of this stuff a while back, I wonder what I did with it. IMG_5406.jpg  Sally took a class from Noel were she made this wonderful rose and then built a great evening bag with the knowledge.   We had a good time.

Then on Wed.  I flew off to Chicago to see my friend Sharron and go to the Quilt Festival.  IMG_5407  She picked me up and we drove around the city in her wonderful new  2015 Mustang.  I was stopped cold when I opened the door and this logo appeared at my feet.  Techknowledgy is every where.    The Festival was wonderful.  The quilts were amazing.   Such strong use of color IMG_5482.jpgand texture as well as wonderful patterning and breath taking images.    I do not feel like I can post any of them on this sight –just believe me.  We did go to the dedication and delivery of Quilts of Valor.  It was so moving I found myself with tears running down my cheeks.  Later Sharron and I spent time at that booth working on blocks and we both finished six for some future Veteran’s quilt.     We came home with tired feet and a pile of goodies. IMG_5468This is only my pile.  Sharron had one as big.     She has a wonderful studio with a full wall of fabric.  Her own Quilt store  I would say.  IMG_5408.jpg She is still working away on her six  “ Dear Jane “ quilts.    She has all the centers doneand is a little beyond a third of the way around all six with the triangles  in the boarders.     I am sure she will finish this year and they will be amazing!  Again I am not going to show them here as she has a show in mind that IMG_5505.jpgneeds to keep the images off the net until they are shown there.   Sharron also has a second passion and that is her Christmas Village.  It is set up in a space that was once a dinning room.  It is electrified and has a train that moves through the display.   Most of the building have lights inside as well.  I just kept looking and looking .IMG_5506She told me she has been collecting parts for over 30 years.     I sure can believe that .  What a delight for the kid in all of us.IMG_5517.jpg


IMG_5525On Monday I went to Ithaca and took down my solo show at the Briar Patch.   The staff did not want to see it go, but all things must end .  Anne has someone else lined up for the next two months now.

Progress Report:   Ethel’s Quilt Ethel's Quilt   This quilt was designed cut and partially assembled by my quilting buddy Ethel Whittamore.    She asked me to finish it and then pass it on to Quilting By The Lake for there raffle in July.  The Raffle money goes to the scholarship fund for the   classes at QBL the following summer.     I did finish the assembly and started doing the hand quilting like Ethel always did on her quilts.  But I was unsatisfied with my work soIMG_5537 I sent it off to an Amish woman I know who does beautiful   handwork.  The results came back and I was delight and she got the cash for a new calf.      I was so excited when it came home that I took it to a Diva meeting  were Cheri asked if she could take it to be shown at the YMCA Central New York Quilt show April 8 /9. IMG_5541   I said yes and now it it home with me in all its glory.  I will enjoy it for a few months before it goes off to QBL and its new home.

Riverwood RiverwoodThis work is 31” X 49”.   It meets all three of my monthly challenges. The orange and yellow fabric is some I hand dyed in a class last fall.   The silk and the browns are from Ethel’s stash.   The design is based on a collage I created.    There are always alterations when one  goes IMG_5554

from 3” x5” to a larger from. IMG_5557  I liked  using a limited pallet  working with a the bold print against a smaller scaled area. IMG_5558  I am also enjoying using the faced shapes to add another detention to the surface.

IMG_5530.jpgOut My Window  This quilt is 38” X 41”.  I hand painted the big white sections.      They are all views of things that I saw out  different  windows in my life time.   This shot is of the barnIMG_5532 yard I could see from my bed room in Iowa.   All the dark purple blocks are machine drawn trees and most of the other areas are leaves or clouds.IMG_5533

IMG_5545.jpgNew Work -Ice on Vincent     As I mentioned before the quilt show was inspiring and  so I started this work  based on a photo I took earlier this spring of ice along Vincent St.chaudieredianemarie_winterslace Ice  It is a close up and I have already done some major altering of it as I have put down the fabrics.

IMG_5543New Work   This is an early shot of the beginning of a new piece.  I want to do another stretched work, so this  piece is 26” X 50” .   It is based on a shot I took in Washington State on a trip with Marty.  IMG_5547  I am doing it all in shades of blue instead of gray.

2 label BlocksLabel Blocks # 46 and # 47

Two weeks- two blocks.  I did a lot of the work in the airport waiting for the plane.   The beat goes on….

Keep Creating




Winter has begun according to the calendar.  But I am not so sure about that as our mild weather sure makes me feel otherwise.      I have enjoyed my walks and the sun shine helps me feel calmer and much less stressed during this holiday season  of hurry and worry.   This shot of  the skyIMG_4840_thumb.jpg reflected in  a rain created pool is also a part of  this unique season.    If I ever had any doubts about how the weather effects my work a look at the colors of the stuff I am working on this week will sure confirm the fact that I am still feeling the influences of fall.

IMG_4856_thumb.jpgMy only out side activity this week was an afternoon when I sat in the gallery at the Schweinfurth to answer folks questions.  It was pleasant to talk with students and quilters  and  I did a lot of hand work.    More little faces for Creative Assistants.


Progress Report:  Buffalo Bluffs

IMG_4845.jpgI am now done with the assembly of this work.  This is the last photo of it as a total unit as I plan to cut it in half and make a diptych out of it.  That was the plan form the start and building it as one big unit first makes for unity I think.    I will slash it and stretch it before next week I hope.

  Autumns CollectionIMG_4843   This is a close up of this work as I am almost done with the building.  I even got the silk leaves on the piece this time.  I am adding the facings now so it will be done by next week.   I have a little bit of bobbling in two areas so I will need to go back in and quilt a bit more to flatten it.   I can always draw more leaves with my machine.


IMG_4852.jpgTurning Autumn   This quilt is ready for the quilting step now too.   I am doing stitch in the ditch at the moment to stabilize it for now and then I will begin to do the machine drawing step.  I will do some sketch book work before I begin that however.

IMG_4854 Williams Quilt   This is a shot of the back of this work.  I only need to add to the sides about 10 inches as it is a bit narrow .  Then I can begin to assemble the parts.   It sure is bright and colorful for  the grand child who will receive this gift.

  IMG_4851.jpgCoastal Color This series of three works is based on a photo of the Atlantic coast.    On one cliff the color of the rock went from green moss covered section to red rocks at the top. IMG_4850I tried to capture that feel with these three starts.  My  main machine had to go for a quick cleaning – I can not believe I have had it a year already.    So I pulled  the Felter out  for a little play in a different mode.  IMG_4849.jpg  They are starting places for machine and  hand work  now .

 IMG_4839Label Block 32    I just do the work.

Enjoy the wonders of the season.   Hugs


Mild Days


Blue skiesHello-

I like most of folks in the east am enjoying the wonderful weather we are having.     Blue sky is always a welcome sight and the mild temps do not hurt either.

I came across this quote this week.

There are no mistakes.  What happens during the process of making something is sacred  and organic.          Vicki Noble.

I like this idea and always used and thought a similar idea when I work.   I just see errors as a small challenge to my way forward.  It is reassuring to find reinforcements for ones ideas. Judy plus quilt

There was a FAB meeting this week.   Judy is creating her one of her wool tied quilts for her daughter.     Big and bright is her motto.   IMG_4818I am finished with Scrubs for my grand daughter.  They are cheerful as she asked.

FramedProgress Report:  Near Indian Creek   This piece is 16″ X 20″ and stretch on a blank canvas.  I m trying to think of different ways to present my work and this is one of them.    There is a lot I do not know about this process.


It is finally complete after many starts and stops getting it stretched.  I need to thank Andrea for explaining  how to cut away the excess fabric at the cornersIMG_4821 for a smooth fold over.    Then she also suggested that I put fabric on the back instead of paper and I really like that solution too.    I have IMG_4823_thumb.jpgall the materials and I am set for three more rock  based pieces in this little series.    I learned a lot doing work this way and look forward to next ones.




IMG_4817.jpg  William’s Quilt   I am working away on this project and I can see the end of this step.  I only  need to assemble three more rows and the top will be done.  Then it is on to the back of the project.


Autumn Collection   The back ground is all laid out and stitched down for this project.   Now I will begin to add the leaves.  I am so lucky to have my friends looking out for me.  In this case Patty gave me some great old scarves that are just the perfect color to use  as a part of the leaf clutter under this tree.






Double RockDouble Rock    This is not the official title  for this work.  Just a working one.  I am trying to make  two pieces that work together  so I am sewing both of them at the same time and I will cut them apart when I am done.  These will also be stretched pieces.    The only draw back is the  big size problem when I am doing the free motion work. But I think it will pay off in the end.

Label Block # 31    IMG_4813One more done in this process.   I  For me this  is very calming work at the end of the day.  Thanks too to the folks who have passed more labels on to me.

Keep Creating


More ways to study ones composition


The fall colors are still fascinating  me.  I just can’t seem to look enough.  And every day the view changes.

I have a few  other ways of looking at a work to see if the balance is good and the composition on is as strong as it can be.    One is to squint.  I do this a lot with out even thinking about it.  But is is good to pay attention.  The second is to use a reducing glass or if you do not have one – to use binoculars in a backward fashion.  By making the work smaller the eye can see all of the composition at once.    You can also take a digital photo to reduce the size for viewing too.      I  do anything that helps the brain to make a good composition.  Because who wants to waste their time working on something that is not the best one can do?


IMG_4613.jpgProgress Report:   Earthly Fissures    I am pleased with this work.  I took it along with four other works to my photographer,  John Dowling yesterday.  Having the proper lighting and such really does make a difference.    I feel that I achieved my goal of IMG_4617_thumb.jpg creating a dark crack without using black. To do so I used  the  dark green to create the darkest area. This rock had lots of cracks in it.  I used a lot of yarn and thread to convey this feeling.IMG_4615


15    This work is my entry for theIMG_4609.jpg  Diva’s 15 anniversary show.  The rule we all have to follow is : fifteen  must be some were in the work and the quilt must be 15” X 15” .  I made a block using the roman numeral for fifteen- XV and then built the quilt.  The only block were you can read it is in the lower right hand corner. IMG_4611  My personal challenge was to assemble it all by hand and quilt it that way too.  I have not done either of those things  in a long  time.  I also wanted to get a little practice in doing hand quilting before I started quilting  Ethel’s quilt.  Now I am ready- if I can only decide now what pattern I want the quilting to follow.



IMG_4605.jpgScarp Happy  I finished another one of these fun quilts.  I did make it to the Ronald McDonald House this week were I left off the previous one.  I looked at the shoe box that holds the extra blocks and it is still too full so I will make another soon using old blocks.

Taffy Pull  This close upIMG_4604_thumb.jpg shows the machine work I am almost finished with on this project.    Again I let the fabric tell me what to stitch.




IMG_4607.jpgButterflies for Ethel     This will be the third in the Butterfly Series.   The title of this work comes from the fact that I have used only Ethel’s fabric for the background  of this project.    She had a good eye for color and pattern.    I am now ready to cut the Butterflies themselves out of the ground cloth.    After I add paint I will apply them to this surface.



Swoop    IMG_4603.jpgI lost my last curvier cut piece when I was at Pat Pauly’s work shop.   After trying to find it I have finally accepted  the fact that it is gone.  So I thought I better get going on a new piece.  And I think I was doing a bit of avoidance too as I did not feel confident about starting the quilting on Ethel quilt.

IMG_4619New Rock      This is another avoidance start.   Judy is pushing me to stretch /frame my rock pieces.    So I decided to find a little section in the photo I used for  Earthly Fissures( it is framed in white near the top).     I cut a piece of wool big enough to stretch around a 18” X  24” canvas that I have and I will begin to try to create the area in blue.


New Work    IMG_4606.jpgThis work is really not very new.  I started it at QBL last summer.But it had become buried. When I unearthed it this week I decided to move forward on the completion.  It is small and I think it will go quickly.


 IMG_4608Label Block #24    And a another one  down when it come to this project.

Keep Creating




Wall Nuts Hello,

I am still enjoying the  sights of fall.   These wall nuts still in their husks are reflective of the colors we are experiencing at the moment.    Reflection is another way to check out the composition of ones work.  I have  a long mirror that I sometimes pick up and look into to see if the work is balanced.  The image is in reverse and that helps me see if thing are off in one way or another.   It makes the emphasis different and that helps.IMG_4580.jpg

I have been busy supporting my fellow artists this week.  My great friend Barbara had an opening on Sunday at the Library.  It was/is a wonderful show of the work representing her whole creative career.    I really enjoyed it. IMG_4589.jpg Then when the FAB group meant, Sally showed off one of her pastels.  It is based on a photo she took on Nancy and myself getting into a canoe.That brought back fond memories for all of us.   I like the work as  well.




Progress Report:   Taffy Pull   The top is all together now and I am

IMG_4592.jpgready to start the quilting.   I sure hope the pressing helps level it out.  I am still struggling with the cutting of curves.  It is a technique that takes lots of repeat action to master.










IMG_4593.jpgEarthly Fissures      I am still building up the surface of this work.  It is nearly completed.  I really enjoy stitching down the yarns and adding  lines of stitching to the surface.




Label Block   # 23 IMG_4596   One more completed.   The box full of labels does not seem to be at all diminished however.

Keep Creating





I was struck this morning by how much I depend on the low light of morning to help me see my work.  When the light is soft before I turn on the studio lights, I can really see the  grays of  light med and dark in my working pieces without the distractions of color.    Now I  am not saying I always pay attention to this- but I do know that when I take note-   look at the balance , note the movement of the eye  – the work is stronger.

IMG_4566Progress Report: Earthly Fissures   This photo is of a rock formation in the Adorancks that I took a few weeks ago when I was up to visit Cris at the Pink House Gallery.   I have selected a small section of theEathly Fissures photo to be my jumping off point for this new work.  I am building up the layers for the look  I want now.  This process always takes longer then I expect. But I love the final process so much it is well work the time.

Scrtap HappyScrap Happy  I have now finished this work.  I just keep playing at this process.  This one is very cheerful even though there is gray and black in the quilt.

15  I am doing the hand quilting IMG_4569on this little project in preparation of work on Ethel’s quilt.

New Work   I started a new pieceIMG_4564 this week based on a collage I did over the week end.  I did six collages and then picked out this one to be my challenge/ starting place.   I am really exploring with this new process.  That is both fun and scary at the same time.

IMG_4563.jpgThe quilt top does seem to take on a mind of its own and the enlarging of a small” sketch/collage( 3”X 5”) and going to a different color combo changes things.  I am enjoying the challenge however and feel I am growing with the process.

Label Block 22    The beat goes on for this project. IMG_4567   Enjoy the fall colors.


Line Types



I have been thinking a lot about lines.  That is my emphasis for this year.    I think lines in art at least can be put into five  categorize.   There are strait lines, curved lines, broken or dotted lines and a combination type line that puts two or more of these types together.    The last category is the outline or the edge line.  This type does not really exist in nature, but artist us it all the time.  The edge line is some times created when  two colors meet.  Another time you get the edge/out line is when an object meets space.     This air to earth line also helps us see and define up and down.  We tend to think of the sun as being up and light from that source is on top of objects while the line is dark on the underside that is away from the sun, there for it is down.    I am still pondering this effect of edge/outline and I am sure not that it is in my consciousness I will see it more often.
004.jpg Progress Report: Rifts

This is the newest member of the Foundations series.    I am enjoying doing all this rock work.  This piece is the third based on a photo that I took in Maine a few years ago.004.jpg  I really enjoyed all the deep cracks in the surface of the rock and tried to show the depth of that with these last two close up treatments of the image.009   I am enjoying using the silk papers as well as threads and various fabrics.


001.jpgNew work   This work is based on a collage from my class with David Hornung.   He suggested that we use collage as a way to work out design problems before doing all the fabric work.  because I liked the print on the light brown fabric I used it in this work.  It is a very loose weave and so it did not sew quite the way regular cotton does.   It took a lot of adjustment and re-seaming to get it to lie flat.   I still need to work on the bottom edge.

IMG_4379.jpgNew Butterfly work   At the Diva meeting a few weeks ago Noel challenged me to make a second butterfly that showed off the butterfly’s more.  This is my new background for that idea.






 Creative Assistants   Football014.jpg season has begun and so has my work on the Creative Assistants.    I have about 19 faces done now.  I do enjoy this process.




011.jpg  Scrap Happy Twin 1  I am building a set of quilts for some bunk beds for a friend.  This is the first of the two.  I am only to the step were I add boarders so there is still a ways to go.

Label Block #19003  I decided to number the label blocks so I can tell how many I have done.

Keep Creating



I take a great deal of joy in celebrating the work of friends. That has been my intent with the images I have shown in the past here on the blog.   But even good intentions can create disasterous effects and such was true here.  My posting went viral.  I do not know how this happened and Goggle could not give a clear answer either. The unknown and unintended consequence of my actions caused the denial of a powerful potential opportunity for the friend. The out come for me was a badly brushed friendship  and a feeling of shame. She as forgiven me, but I have not forgiven myself fully for this action.   I ma truly sorry.  I will no longer be posting images of anyone else’s work on my sight. Please learn form my mistake.

Summer seaProgress Report:














This little quilt came together very quickly when I got started.  I used a lot of silk paperSummer Sea clupon this one to represent the sea weed and the flow patterns of the water.






 Mill Site MelodyMill Site Melody





I have been enjoying the free motion work on this piece this week.  The dis charged fabricclose up was done by Randy and the print was created by Jean.   I used very heavy thread around the fern print to help it show up.





closeup 2The idea for the free motion wheat heads  came form Randy’s fabric.



Rift’s   I am still not Rift'ssure what direction I want this quilt to hang so if it looks different- that many be the reason.   I keep adding layers of stitching yarn and fabric to this one and it will ” tell me “when there is enough.

 15Diva  15 Block     The Diva’s will be celebrating there 15th year together with a show next summer.  For that event we are designing a block that is 15″ X 15″ and has some aspect of fifteen in the work.  This is my first run at that challenge.

001Label Blocks:  I have finally got the label blocks back on track.  These two represent blocks 20 an 21.

Keep Creating




Summer Actions


Morning GloriesHello,

These beautiful Morning Glories are from Susan’s garden.      I had an unexpected invite to go to Quilt National last week and that happened on Thursday and Friday.  That was the reason there was no post.   It was a glorious experience and I have a ton of new thoughts and ideas about work.032

There were wonderful works  by many folks I have seen before as well as lots of new comers.  I purchased  the book,   and I treated myself to a poster with Elizabeth Bush’s quilt on it.    It was a good experience.

Susan  I did not get busy and write on Wed before we departed because I went to Susan’s with Noel and  we had a play day.  We did a mimic of the work form David’s class and I have a lot more paper to play with now.  It was a pleasant day and we all enjoyed ourselves.

I also spent a day  001both weeks making silk paper.  I have used some of it on quilts already.   But my main reason for making the paper is I want to teach a class were the we make the paper and then use some of it to make book jackets.

020Progress Report:Rifts 

This is the new rock piece that I am working on.  It too is another close up of the shore of Arcadia.   I am struggling with    direction on this one and keep pinning it up with different orientations.   Looking is the only answer for me.  It is also were I used some of the silk paper that I mentioned earlier. 027.jpg

  The process is still in it’s early stages so there will be lots more build up of the surface and changes.      

030Mill Site  Melody   I stared this piece at QBL and I am to the quilting stage now.  I have had a good time doing reflective quilting in this section and making additional  machine drawing in other areas.Wheat heads

These wheat like shapes are based on the  images I see in the discharged print image.

Forest Floor 033  I continue to  do hand work on this piece.   The stitches are beginning to build up with more remaining to be added.

023Scrap Happy     I finished this quilt this week.  It will be a gift to help comfort my friend Tanya who had to  have her horse put down.  She is quite sad about that and I hope this red and black quilt with give her warmth and comfort.

New Work   I took David’s suggestion and selected one of my collages as a starting point for a new work.034

The collage only has two pieces of paper in it- but I could not limit 021.jpgmyself to just two fabrics.   I have added more and as I build I can see I am making alternations in the design due mostly to scale I think.  It is a different approach and I like that.

There is no shot of a finished block this week either because I am not done with one.  I am off to spend tomorrow playing with another friend working on Gelli plates  so I am writing this a day ahead.  Summer is just a busy time.

Keep Creating


Good Old Summer Time


026.jpg Hello,

I am enjoying a bit of a slow down that one associates with summer.  I have done a lot of walking and enjoying all the colors of summer.    This shot is from Susan’s garden.    I have been  doing a bit of sorting too.  When I put things away from QBL it is always a good time to look at the collections of stuff I have and prepare some of it to pass along to others who can and will use it.    Most will go to the school that I once taught in as I know Margaret will use it with the kids.

005.jpgProgress Report:  Remote Recesses 

I started this work in Independent Studio at QBL.  It is  a selected section from the same photo graph that I used for Relinquished 008Regions.    I am enjoy the movement and action in this piece.   This work has lots of different textures and materials in it. 009_thumb.jpg There is silk fabric, silk paper, wool, velour, and  organza, and some  imitation leather that Susan gave me when I went to visit her in FL.    The  cream and white fabric with the orange speckles on it is from the studio sale that I went to two weeks before QBL.  I just find fabric 010every were that works for me.


011.jpgFree Flight   I had started this work before I went away to quilt camp.   It did not get quilted until this week.    The Butterflies are cut from ground015 cloth and painted.  I then stitched them down with silver thread and  did reflective quilting around the out side with little loops added every now and then to represent butterfly erratic flight patterns.016017

Scrap Happy   This quilt is will be a wedding gift for one of my 003friends sons.    I sure enjoy building these and I think this is  # 140 of this style.


New  Work    001.jpgThis quilt is also one I started in independent studio.  Some of the fabric is from Randy and the brown pieces with the leaf prints on them are from a long ago week end outing at Mill Sight Lake.    I have started the quilting by doing some stitch in the ditch so it is well anchored.   Now I need to decide what type of free motion decorative stitching I will add to fill in the rest of the spaces.

New Rock     I started a new rock based piece on Wenesday.  My friend Tanya gave me some fabric and it just had to be used in this manner.

019  This work  is only the pin up stage and it will change with time.   It too is a detailed section of my       Arcadia shore shot.   020A very small section that this shot shows.  It is  the basis of the quilt for what I have pinned down.


Label Block   I am back in the hand work pattern again.  021  Enjoy the slow days of summer.