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Quilting by the Lake 2017



I can not believe that this is how the gym at Onondaga Community Collage looked on Friday July 14 the day after my last post and the day we started preparing for Quilting by the Lake for this year.     This post will be full of photos and snippets of what happened in those glorious days plus a bit of what has happened this week too.


So by the end of the day we had filled the gym with all the quilts that we had received at that time.  It was not ready for guests as more work

came in on Saturday,IMG_8694 but we did a lot.

I spent my Saturday helping my friend Sharron move into her dorm room and decorate for Christmas in July.  We had fun, but more about  that later.

IMG_8808There were four special shows within the quilt show at QBL this year.  One was five Dear Jane Quilts by Sharron.

Sharron's dear JaneShe talked about her journey with the development of this project one afternoon after class. IMG_8705  I have watched her work away on the blocks doing all the color variations at the same time for each of the 350 blocks.  It has taken her six plus years to complete this master  body of work.  It looks great.   Marcia De Camp had a solo show as well.   Non on my photos of that are strong enough to be included here, but believe me when I say it was powerful too.

The Finger Lakes Fiber Artists had a great display .  Cheri and Sharron  These two works are from that section.  The top Quilt is by Sharon Souva.  The bottom one is by Cheri Sheridan.     Liz's work














This quilt  is by Liz Anderson,  she is also a part of the Finger Lakes Fiber Artist’s group.  The little girl on the far right is Liz at the age of six.

Noel and her lecture










Noel Keith also had a solo show and talk the second week . Some of her works have been included  in the Quilts=Art=Quilts shows in the past. IMG_8825She works with silks that she has hand dyed herself and that adds a wonderful layer of excitement to her work.


Sister Sew and SewSister Sew and Sew made an appearance at the quilt show.   She had lots of tips and bits of knowledge that she shared with us as well.


This shot is of Sister checking the length of this woman’s hem from the floor.  An item that my Catholic friends assure me was common in their pasts.




My class week one was with Cynthia Corbin.  I am going to post a few of the solutions that folks created in class.IMG_8744This is a shot of Annette’s project in the middle of the week.  It changes as she assembled it.  I really like the quiet colors.

IMG_8745This work is by Diane.   Her first work with all solids she tells me.   IMG_8763  This shot is of my table partner Robin and her work as we did our Mimi talks about our work for the week on Friday afternoon.

We were Cynthia’s last  topic class and so we gave her flowers as a thank you for her kind support and help.Cynthia


IMG_8767Friday night at the end of the first week of QBL we have show and tell where each class with their teacher get up on the stage and show what they worked on.  This is a shot of Alice with her project from Studio class.

Wedge classOne class- on the use of wedges-  just moved there boards with their work into the auditorium and display them.  Nice touch.

Another event at the end of the week is the action of TOTE Bags to raise money for the Scholarship IMG_8774Fund.   This is Rosalie Dace with her “Chicken bag” .

Week two I had a class called “One Theme – Many Variations”  with Kerr Garbowski.   IMG_8884

We started each morning with some drawing.  This shot is of Cherri doing a blind contour.IMG_8810of onions- her subject.

We worked with colored pencils, chalk and paint blocks too.   This is Cherri’s experiment  using those things on a silk screen. Cherri's wrok With each pass she added more color so the image changed   with each print.

Lots of my friends where in this class and we all had great fun.   We did lots of deconstructed screen work.  IMG_8852Cris and Ann were in front of me.  Both worked hard.  RobinRobin sat next to me again and did some strong work.

IMG_8850 Gerri really did some big works with her little screens.Liz I have been dyeing with  Liz on most Mondays this summer and her big strong   gestural work is so inspiriting.   These two works from class confirm this feeling.

Angela Angela was also in this class and she did this wonderful series using  a glue line print of her husband’s  saxophone keys.    She too changed the background color with  each pull.

These are IMG_8977some of my fabrics from class.

Quilters are a divers group. One of my friends,IMG_8786.jpg Emily has done a lot of beading in the form of bracelets this year.  She shared them with us.  They are wonderful!


treeWeek II of QBL also brought our Christmas in July celebration.

We played games based on carols.Christmas gang  We pulled  poppers.   We drank eggnog, we had a garb bag gift exchange and laughed a lot. IMG_8734 Sharron dressed in red and was our master of ceremonies.Sharron   It was great fun.









The second week ended with show and tell like the first.     Debbie had completed this quilt.Debbi's quilt














LindaThis shot is of Linda with one of the works she did in class.   IMG_8888 And another class project.

The week ended with the tote auction and Cynthia’s tote sold for $1,350.00 – the highest price paid for any work that was going to the scholarship fund.   Cynthia Cynthia sweetened the pop of her tote by adding some of her own hand dyed materials to the collection.IMG_8899  This is a shot of the bag after the sale.      Nice way to close QBL for 2017.

Saturday I went downtown to the Art’s and Crafts fair where I saw several artists friends and watch the native American dancers.  They really moved and I enjoyed all the action.

Dancers My daughter’s company had a booth there too and this shot is of her and several of her fellow workers.  IMG_8929Wendy is the one in the middle.

I also had QuEG’s and  Diva meetings this week.  At QuEG’s  we looked at many projects  folks worked on at QBL.IMG_8931This is the piece that Linda was working on in Independent Studio.

Liz- hand work This piece is what Liz worked on in Rosalie’s class week one at QBL.




Sally's Light houseThis is another  3-D work by Sally.   The whole section at the bottom is all made with thread- except the door. The light house had a lite in the top too.  She does amazing work with her embroidery machine.IMG_8932This is another bit of jewelry  by my quilting friend Corrine.

The Diva gals had lots of wonderful work too. IMG_8944Lori showed off her knitting with these hand warmers that she made on her curse to keep her hands warm.   She also showed off her stitch work.

















Sandy proudly displayed her work just home from a quilt show.


Noel's work












Noel showed off her newest work where she was mixing black and white with solid colors.

Sally's piece

















Sally displayed her second quilt showing off her morning walks.  The quilt shows a map of the rout in red  and the photos are  some of the items she sees.

IMG_8960.jpg  Ruth is actively working away on her dinosaur track quilt.  These first layers are ready for the mud layer now. IMG_8953

Maureen is working away on layers of dye  for her new projects.   This is lovely.

SusanSusan is still doing little units of work on Pellon.   These are memory pieces of her experience in Mexico.       As I have said many times I am so very fortunate to have so many stimulating  and creative  friends.


Progress Report:  Owl project

Owl 1The first week I took a class with Cynthia Corbin called The ABC’s of Composition.  In this class we design blocks using letter forms as the basis of the blocks.IMG_8698Gliph This is the black fabric patters for my blocks.    We then interpreted the patters in color and built the quilt around them.     I stayed with this word all week and went from this first start to a “glyph” using the word owl.

I have always been fascinated  by the positive and negative spaces in art and this project played into and developed several more pieces in this vain.IMG_8737


Glyph IVAt this point I wondered about a size variation with the  glyph.   I did a shrink   and an enlargement.IMG_8740 I have not done any work with the smaller ones even though I have several ideas.

Glyph VThe larger one however has become two pinned works.  Watch for upcoming developments.



Label Blocks








Label Blocks More blocks is getting  smaller and the end of this step is insight.

It has been a busy few weeks and my mind is full of ideas.  Now I need to slow down and get some work done.

Keep Creating.



QBL 2016 Plus


So much has happened in the last weeks it is hard to know where to start. IMG_6051.jpg  Quilting by the lake was as wonderful as ever.  I helped hang the quilt show for QBL on the Friday before.            We started out with a empty  gym and over the course of the day filled it with beautiful quilts.   IMG_6052.jpg    This shot is of a special exhibit is of work by Debbie Heaps.  She did one of the little lectures about her work IMG_6090.jpgduring week one where she explained her process and philosophy  of quilting.  It was great.




I had a class with Carol Southerlund called in the Thick of It. IMG_6060.jpg  She is a strong teacher with lots to share.   The first day she sent us out at noon  to find images that we enjoyed.  I got hooked on the patterns and shapes in car tail lights. IMG_6078_thumb.jpg These images turned into the inspiration for our foam stamps.  We did them in both positive and negative.




This is a shot of my work space on the third day.
















My good friend Regina was seated behind me.












There was lots of work going on .  Carol showed us how she built her steamer to fix color in cloth on Thur eve.  IMG_6108_thumb.jpg










She also showed us how to discharge fabric.  This   is a shot of part of the class wearing out masks.  One can never be to careful when it comes to using chemicals in dyeing.


My friend Sharron worked in Independent  Studio.  IMG_6111.jpg This is her sixth summer of working on six Dear Jane Quilts.  She is doing the triangle boarder blocks now and she assures me that they will all be done by next summer.












Friday Evenings at  QBL is show an tell form the classes were students hold up There work and   the teacher’s explain what they did.


IMG_6126.jpgRandy was in Valerie Goodwin’s class and did many little  works.
















There are two other  parts to the final evening.  There is a raffle and my friend Ethel Whittamore gave me one of her unfinished quilt to put into this project.   I finished it and put it in the raffle as she requested.IMG_6146.jpg The money goes to the scholarship fund.   Sally Davis won the quilt.  She was an old friend of Ethel’s too so I am sure it went to a good home.


The teachers also altered bags that are then auctioned off to add more money to the scholarship fund.


It was a good week and I went home tired.  IMG_6140_thumb.jpgIMG_6141_thumb.jpg











I unloaded my car with the dye stuff and packed it again for week two and my class on Pattern, Rhythem and Repetition with   Rosalie Dace.

IMG_6155.jpgLike week one there were lectures.   John Kubiniec talked on Monday and showed all the quilts that are in his new book Spin on Drunkards’s Path.    The book came out this week too.









Nancy Bailes also did a talk for us. IMG_6157.jpg She will be teaching her









techniques next year.  I am so happy for her.



Rosalie started us out with some paper work were we built our designs.  IMG_6158_thumb.jpg  She spent a lot  of time talking about value and I think I have a better understanding of it now.   This is a lay out on my desk of light , medium and dark values  that is considered for my piece.

IMG_6160_thumb.jpgThis shot is of my work space on day  two.






Again Regina was seated behind me.  This is  an early shot of her first piece in Rosalie’s class.IMG_6163.jpg


















Name_thumb.jpgI got involved   with Graffiti again  in this class and did my name in two colors on different backgrounds.IMG_6164_thumb.jpg









IMG_6167.jpgI then sliced them up and reassembled them in this pattern.  It is all put together now and I am pondering how to quilt it.





At the  end of class we had a short critique.        John was in the class and this was his work for the week.











Regina and I also  took down the  part of the quilt  show.  That process always make me feel sad.    IMG_6169.jpg








This is how it looked before we started.  In the end it was just a gym again.


Week two ended with the same pattern as week one.IMG_6174.jpg   Here is Debbie with her top and Jean Riley too.  IMG_6176.jpg


Again the teachers did bags and made more money for the Scholarship fund.
















Sat. morning I got up and went to Ithaca to take down the Diva 15 show. IMG_6181.jpg I had great help so it did not take long.









These are two of my woks that were in that show.



























Briar Patch was in it too.


I feel I am still recovering but I did go to both the QuIG’s  meeting and the Diva meeting on Tuesday.


Noel was in Rosalie’s  Transparencies  class the first week   This is one of her works.




















Lori started this work at QBL.   LOris-work.jpg




















Liesa  did this work for her living room wall.


Maureen is doing free motion machine work on her work now.  It is fun.Maureens.jpg

































Susan shared her Bronte sister dolls with us.        The Diva group is so diverse that it is always exciting to see what  folks are doing.   I enjoy it very much.

IMG_6185.jpgLabel  Blocks #70 and 71     I did manage to keep at this project  and made progress.


Keep Creating


After QBL 2015



I am still feeling the effects of Quilting By the Lake and I am almost a week away from the event.      I helped hang the quilt show  that is part of QBL.  (that was four weeks ago now)  It is always great as one gets to look closely all the work.  This piece is by my friend Randy Keenan.  This shot of her is in the dorm lounging after a hard day.QBL2015 004

QBL2015-001.jpgThe first night we had a great lecture and trunk show by Katie Pasquini Masopust.  She was very excited about her log cabin work and it was very enjoyable.

Seeing old friends is always a big part of QBL for me.  This hand work is by my friend Sharron  Evens .QBL2015 002 She was in Independent Studio class with me all week although she was in the other room.  She is still working on her “Dear Jane” quilts, but she is now doing the boarder triangles.   She is doing QBL2015-015.jpgseven variations on this quilt all by machine and all at the same time.There is one for each of her children.    Each is  different color pallet with a different special effect.    Over the two weeks of QBL she finished seven of the triangle units for all seven of the quilts. ( see some in the background of the second shot)   She assures me she will be done with all of them QBL2015 012by QBL time next year so she can take a class.  It has taken four years to complete this task.    This shot of her on the floor isQBL2015-026.jpg when she was getting ready to insert the center of this quilt on point.   She has written a note book to go along with the project too.   It is quite a task.

The really great thing about Independent Studio is how much is going on. QBL2015-053.jpgTrina and Leona were working on two quilts based on the same photo of a Chinese Garden.  It was fun to watch it change over the course of the week and to hear them talk- sort of a peek into the two different ways their brains QBL2015 011worked on the same problems.      I worked on a new rock /foundation piece.  I did take a photo every day  this is day 2.  QBL2015 042 The second is day 5.

The other wonderful thing about studio is we can do just what we wQBL2015-039.jpgant and on Thursday afternoon I taught a mini lesson in how to make silk paper in the women’s bathroom( it was too windy to work out of doors).  It was fun and everyone who did it walked away with a little bit of silk paper to use .

There was a new feature thisQBL2015 017 year at QBL- it was a lecture/or trunk show every afternoon  after class.  The topics ranged from “How to care for your Quilts” by a textile conservator,  a talk by Donna Lamb on “Future planning for QBL” to QBL2015 027trunks shows.   Week one I made it to two of the trunk shows.  One by Julia Graziano  and a second by Nancy Breland.   Week two I went to 002.jpg Marcia De Camps’s trunk show.  She showed forty works   in forty min.




A second event that took place both weeks was a mini mall were participants and a few outsiders came and sold there wears at the quilt show.    There was also a raffle in conjunction with that event010

and I won a prize.

017There was an special show / event at the Schweinfurth both weeks as well and I found it to be really fun and exciting.   All the work was done with recycled materials.  I encourage any one to go and see it.

001.jpgIn between weeks one and two of QLB I went home  and did laundry and switched gears as I went off to  a new class.  On Sunday on my way back to QBL I stopped and visited the Syracuse Arts and Crafts fair.  My friend Sharon Souva   won a first place ribbon in the show.  It does look good.

014 Donna and Stephany were  there to greet everyone when we returned.   I took a class  with David Hornung  week two-  Color/Collage.  007_thumb.jpg

This shot is of my work table day two in the morning before I got started.

016It is still sort of tidy- but things went down hill from there.   Marcia worked next to me and I really enjoyed watching her build her projects.   Her style is so clean and beautiful.   027  Linda was across the room and    this shot is of one of Linda’s more lyrical projects.007_thumb.jpg







026.jpgAngela was in the class  too and she ended up doing lots of Gelli plate printing of her backgrounds instead of painting them.  She even demonstrated for David and other interested folks  how the process works.    I think David  is hooked  and will try this technique.

033The last night of QBL is always a mixture of excitement and sadness.    We have a class show and tell  for all the classes.   This shot is of the folks in Sherri Lyn Woods class.     036.jpgThis year was the  final teacher apron auction for the scholarship fund. I really liked Judy Bliden’s  “eat out” apron .

I went back to the dorm for one last bit of talk and parting.  Sharron  made am a root beer float and it was wonderful  way to end a great week of QBL activites .037

Then there was the AQS  Quilt Week going on down town too.

Saturday morning I went down and meant Cheri and her mom to check out the show at the On Center .     The quilt show was a good 049.jpgone and I had a hard time choosing my favorite.  Marcia’s quilt was among the quilts of friends that I spotted at the show.

I enjoyed the SAQA section069_thumb.jpg of the show too.  Most of the quilts in that part were from Europe.     I really liked this wonderful piece with all the different textures the most.  



Things did not stop with the second show for me either.  The first Tuesday of the mount was this week so I had QuIG’s  and Diva meetings too.     So many folks were also QBL partisipants that we spent a lot of time talking about  what folks did.

001.jpgSeveral folks- Liz, Linda C, Linda H and Angela were all in a Cantha class together.

The hand work is wonderful.  Angela has already started two shawls with this type of stitching in mind.003_thumb.jpg It will be a while until it is done- but I really like the start of this one.     008.jpg


Linda H is taking an on line class with Elizabeth Barton.   This is her solution to the problem for the  July Challenge.   What great movement.                                                                                                                              004.jpg Linda C has finished the work she showed us last month.   I really like what she  does with small  inserted lines.

006Angela is taking an on line class too and this is her  felted  interpretation of one of her drawings.

Sally did this work about010_thumb.jpg Dr. Who for her daughter who is crazy about the story.





011.jpg  She was busy with her embroidery too and getting ready for Christmas.     This is a part of a Christmas tree skirt.

Sue Ellen is working away on her tree series and this is the newest one.019 She also took a class at QBL with Cynthia Corbin and did a lot of work with purples.  This shot also shows the inspiration for the piece  she did in this class.016_thumb.jpg





021 Liz is making progress on her Row by Row work .   It will make a great summer quilt when she is done.

Victoria 022.jpg was in Judy Bliden’s  class and here is her final sketch for the next quilt she will be working on.










Julia was asked to be a part of Nancy Crow’s Circles Show and this is her entry.  It is  wonderful.

033_thumb.jpg Sally is moving so we made a little  box full of little quilts form all of us.     She is holding up Alice’s work here.   This second is Susan’s piece for Sally.035

Anne is working away on finishing this piece for a show.  I really like the interesting   machine 039quilting she is doing with her work.

041.jpgNoel took a painting class at QBL and she learned how to paint sea shells among other things.   This work will be fun to watch grow.



Ruth purchased this piece from the AQS show.  It is on of the Egyptian040.jpg tent works that they were  featuring and selling.  I like all the wonderful color and usage of traditional  Egyptian patterns.

I have not done any work out side of QBL but I am very full of ideas.

Keep Creating