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Winter Wonder Dec 26, 2013


I hope the holidays are treating you well.   I am enjoying all the beauties of winter.   We have had lots of little snow storms that seem to out line the trees in dramatic fashion.  It has been cold though and I have cut my walks short on several occasions.   I am still enjoying my new camera and learning how to use it correctly.  I hope everyone is enjoying their new toys too. Everyone seems to be very busy with family and so I have not had any meetings or  art related events this week.

 Splits 27.5" X 33"
27.5″ X 33″

Progress Report: Splits  I am delighted with how this quilt came together.   I did not have a firm idea about how I wanted to quilt it when it was finally peaced together.  I spent some time looking at the quilt and decided to emphasize the gray triangles.  I used silver thread and filled in the shapes.  When that was complete I  decided that I did not want to use the silver thread through- but still wanted a little sparkle.  So I switched to gray thread for the next reflective outline of the gray units.  I did this action around the shapes twice and then switched back to the silver thread for the next pass.  I did this same pattern of thread color all the way to the end of the quilting process.Slpits close up 2This first close up shows some of the white silk with a gold Slpits  close up 3pen line on it.  This section also shows the rose print with the quilt patters crossing them.

This second close up shows one corner of a silk and gray block that started this project.  On the left is some of the ground cloth material that I also used in this quilt.     Slpits close up 3

Red Nebula  18" X 24"
Red Nebula
18″ X 24″

Red Nebula

This is my second felted piece.   I have been adding beads to it for the last few weeks and it is now complete.    I want to frame this one just like I did the first one.  Now that the holidays are over I may get them both done.    This first close up shows the center of the piece.  I used  glass and metal seed beads and bugle beads as well as a few squiens to decorate this one.   I felted in some metallic  red threads too to add more sparkle. Red-Nebula close up 1

red nebula -close up 2  I enjoyed working with all the add-ons  and  the many different threads that I used here.  Red-cl3  I also added some hand work stitches too.






Pomegranate    I continue to work on this piece.  I think I started out with too many pieces of fabric and  took some out this week.  I am not worried about using them, as I have a second piece in this series and I can use the extras there.


Foundations VII   I started a new piece Foundations-VIIin this series this week.  I laid out the buckram in the size I wanted  then placed several shades of blue on top.  Then I  added a parts of an old wool jacket, old silk shirt and one of my husband’s old shirts to the surface.  I do not let the type of fabric make any difference if the color is what I am after.    I look forward to starting the free motion work on this one tomorrow.  When that is done I will build on top with more layers of fabric and yarn.


The last five squares with red triangles and black circles were done this week.  Then I started the red circles and black L’s.  I cannot believe I have been doing them for three mouths.  I sure enjoy the challenge.

Enjoy the cold and snow.


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New Camera Dec 19, 2013


As this picture shows I got a new camera.   When it took the broken one to the only shop in town, I was told it would be $25.00 just to look at it before the repair started. What with the cost of new ones be as cheap as they are now days, I decided to go that route.  It is a  Cannon Power shot and I am quite pleased with it.  I would have gone for the same type of camera as my old one, but as the local photo store did not carry Sony’s, I did my research and selected this one instead.  ChairThere is only one camera store in town now and I am sorry about that.  When I was teaching photography there were four shops as well as all those  funny little booths in parking lots were you could take film to be developed and get yur pictures in an hour.   Times have changed. 

I did a few house hold things in the studio this week.   I covered my rolling chair back and seat as it was looking a bit shabby.  Then I got busy and made a hanging waste/pin cushion unit for next to my machine. Bag  It is made  from the scraps of the chair- the other side of the fabric.   The pin cushion part is filled with sand to give the unit the weight it needs to stay on the desk top while I stuff the thread and fabric bits in it as I sew.  The sand helps keep the pins sharp too.   There is a hand bag handle in the front of the bag to hold it open. That is also why the shape of the unit on the desk top is arched; it fits over the opening if I need to close and transport it.    This is not my idea- I saw it some were and made up my own version.  

BD12Box-Project The third bit of housekeeping was a altered box.  I needed a place to store the Daily’s.   I took a substantial corrugated cardboard boot box I had and glued it all over with bits of old lace.    Then I painted it with black gesso on the Exterior BD19inside-boxout side and white gesso on the inside .  When that was dry I applied green Lumiar paint to the surface to highlight the lace.    I now have a very attractive box for the storage of the Daily’s. 




EbbTide-FoundationsV-clProgress Report: Ebb Tide- Foundations V   As the new title suggests I now have a name for this work. I am having a delightful time with this piece.  I have tried lots of ways to add texture to this top.  The first shot shows  roving and yarns that I stitched to the surface. Ebb tide close up 2   Then I tried using a course sort of thread(the sea green).  There is also some chennelle yarn (gray) that I chrocheted to add more texture in this close-up.   By using the buckram as a foundation there seems to be no limit to how much sewing machine work one can add on top and  I really love that.

The third close-up shows organza that is wadded as well as old lace.   Some is captured under the organza and some is free.Ebb tide close up 3

There is also some orange trim that I cut and added to the surface shown here.    All the textures come from the images I saw in  a second photo of a tide pool that I took in Maine last summer.   This piece will surely be finished by next week.



Cascading-Foundations-V Cascading -Foundations VI    This little piece is also near completion.  I mixed silk paper and an old silk shirt and a failed silk scarf  in this work.  I think is needs only a little more free motion work and then I can paint the back.

SplitsSplits  I started this top this week.  It really flew together under my fingers- almost had a life of its own.  I had premade the diagonal cut blocks before and have tried twice to lay out an effective arrangement. I am delighted with how this finally came together.  I will need to think carefully about how to quilt this one.


 Daily'sDaily’s   I can not believe I have nearly finished my fourth mouth of Daily’s.   There are only a few more pieces with black circles and red triangles in the box.  I will need to plan my next layout this week.

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