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Working time


Four 6X6Hello,

I feel good about the confines of winter as I seem to get a lot done.  I am still feeling the energy of my show too.  I will take it down tomorrow however.  I have four works in the Cabin Fever Quilt show at Bette Branch Library here in town though.   These four little works  pictured here are my 6” X 6” pieces for the Rochester Art center.  I  mailed them off on Tuesday.   They are all part of the felted work I was doing last week.   I still have big chunks of the felting to use in the project when I get the final additional parts.

IMG_7349FAB meant this week and everyone had work to show and talk about.   This is Patti’s new weaving project.  The can at the bottom is full of her woof  threads.   IMG_7350 Judy put aside her red sweater for the summer and has not pulled it out again.  She is getting to the arm wholes near the top now.


Nancy'sNancy got busy and finished off six new placemats for her home.    They are spring like I think.

IMG_7381  We had another snow storm last night so I am doing more snow dyeing.  This is a shot of the top of the bucket shortly after I put the dye on top of the snow that is setting on top of the prepared fabric.   Now to await the melting/dyeing.

FlingProgress Report:  Fling This work is 50” X 34”.   It is based on a collage and  has Ethel’s Marbleized fabric( the orange) and my hand dyed yellow and the light green and blue stuff.  IMG_7366   The quilting is done in two styles.  For the orange and the white fabrics I followed the edges of the color changes.  For the purples I did a pebble style. IMG_7372


Circle Challenge VICircle Challenge VI   This work is 14” X 19” .   It has a lot of movement in it.  The quilting is reflective of the circles and done in quilting thread.  IMG_7377  I liked adding the beading at the end and I will do that again in number VII.

Circle Challenge VIICircle Challenge VII   I finished the  quilting last eve.   It is trimmed and ready for beads and facings so I will finish it quickly this week .   


IMG_7382 Three Jacks   I put this work under glass this week- and that makes  for awful reflections.   Then before I sealed the back with brown paper I checked it and noticed that I had some how gotten a nail on the outside  between the matt and the glass.   So I will need to take it all apart and do it again before it is complete. IMG_7383


Scrap Happy     IMG_7379.jpgI continue to work through Ethel’s scrap box.  I need to complete a scrap happy quilt for the Prevention Network so I have been putting in an hour a day putting the scarps together.   They are cheerful I think.

Scarf IMG_7353   I have always  enjoyed  looking at a project and trying to figure out how it was done.  So this week when I saw a wonderful image on Pinterest I thought- I will try to do something similar.   First I pulled out a lot of green roving.    After adding some leaves I cut from gold ribbon, I placed them  on some wash away and drizzle some yarn on top of the whole thing. IMG_7374   After placing a second bit of wash away on top to create a sandwich I started stitching everything together.   This will take me a while to complete, but I am looking forward to this little challenge.

TizelNew Work   I am all done with the assembly of the background for  this project.  But when I added the Tezel on top I did not quite  work as I though it would.    Then I looked at it in gray scale on my camera and realized the Tezel heads are too small and too close in value to the background.  The opposite of what I did with the Jack in a Pulpit project.    So I took the heads off and created new ones that are bigger and have a bit of orange in their color  to create a contrast with the background.  Brown TizelThey work a lot better.  Now I will need to create a new background for  the first heads.  I am going to test myself by creating it in the same  size as  the first and see if I can make it work with just a value changes.

Sharron’s ChallengeIMG_7380   Sharron  and I purchased the same kimono( the stuff in the center) last year and have a challenge to created something with it.  I pulled some fabrics that I think work well with this fabric and will start a project soon.

IMG_7344.jpg Creative Assistants  I finished off a new batch of these little fellows this week.  I need to really get going on them as I do not have much of a tribe yet this year.  I want to be able to give them away  at QBL this summer and not leave anyone out so I need to get going.

Label Block # 105 Block #105   I think that I only need to do fifteen more and I will be done with this step of this project.

Keep Creating




Tree Hello,

I was looking at how the light shown off this tree against the gray sky and liked the sheen there.   That lead me to think of all the different words we have in the English Language  to talk about light.  Objects can have gloss, glint, sparkle, luster, shimmer, flicker  and glow.    Light as a concept expands our language to make it more colorful  too.   We can see the light.  Things can dawn on one or we can have a flash of inspiration.  There are bright  folks as well as dim wits.     One can have a brilliant idea.  There are  many more examples of words related to light that are a part of our language that we use  to describe a lustrous  world and I am enjoying that.

Jill  I went to an opening at Onondaga Community College yesterday were Jill Doscher  talked about her fiber work.   IMG_7301She talked of her process and how she grew from a printer to a fiber artist who dyes her own fabric and prints on it too. It was great.

I also checked out the Scholastic Art show that is also on display there.IMG_7302 The teachers are doing a fine job with their students.


Little trickelProgress Report: Small Spill This work is 12” X 12”.   It is my usual construction but I did not use any wool roving on this work.  IMG_7322  I did use parts of a silk scarf I hand dye painted about fifteen years ago when Barbara anduse to get together and play with art ideas one a week .   IMG_7324  There are also some yarns that were free motion stitched down to add texture.

Blue Too Blue Too  This stretched work is also 12” X 12”.   I played with taffeta, metallic fabric  and  organza on this one.IMG_7318  I also stitched down purple candy wrappers because the color was what I wanted.   The candy was from the bed and breakfast were I  stayed with Marty and Rosalie last summer.  IMG_7319  It’s a fun way to add a personal memory to this work.

Three Jacks Three Jacks    This work is ready for the frame now.   Judy gave a big frame and glass that I will try to add this work to.    I enjoyed doing all the machine embellishing on the Jacks this week.IMG_7328  Lots of wide satin stitching.

Color Challenge IVColor Challenge VI   This work is  15.5” x19”.     I am enjoying the exploration this challenge is giving me.

IMG_7340This is the last  piece in this series were I will have three of the light colored circles on its surface.   But change is suppose to be a part of the process.



 Collage VColor Challenge V   I only need to tack the last two facing ( brown at the top and bottom ) and add the sleeve to this work to complete it.






Color Challenge VIIMG_7334  I am  doing the quilting on this one before I add the bead work.  I am not sure how this will effect that aspect.     This is suppose to be a challenge and a place to explore……

FeltFelt Studies  I did three more studies in felting this week.  The pink uses organza ribbons as well as the wool roving.   The orange used silk and organza scarves and roving,  plus a bit of candy foil.   The green got it sheen from Angelina  and  a bit of taffeta.  These ideas are all from the book Stitch, Fabric, Metal and  Mixed Media.

New collageNew Collage work   I needed to do a bit of piecing this week so I went  back to the collage based working idea and found an old collage( from Sept)  to build a work around.  The orange marbleized sections are Ethel’s work.  The yellow and pale blue are mine altered fabrics.

New work
















New Work    I started another stacked fabric work this week.  I enjoy the process so much I can not seem to stop doing it.  Building the surface it time consuming and so transformative.



Ice Dying  IMG_7312  I did yellow ice  dyeing this week .  I like the softer colors here.      There is also a bucket full of  the next batch that I need to wash out today. IMG_7333I used yellow and turquoise- and learned that the turquoise takes over.  I will try again after the next snowfall to see if I can mix these two colors and keep some yellow in the final fabric.

Label Block # 104 Block # 118   I keep stitching away.

Happy CHinese New Year    Sat.

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My friend Judy gave this to me last week.   It smells heavenly.


Supporting a Friend


It’s a brisk 10 degrees out side this morning and the heat from my neighbors  chimney is clearly visibel.



My big event for this week was to be a support  a person for my friend  Noel at her Trunk show at the Schweinfurth  on Sunday.   Donna and Noel                      This shot is of Donna and Noel.

As it turned out most of the work was displayed on the walls and I only ended up holding a few pieces.   It was very impressive to see most of her wonderful  work  hanging  toghther.

QuiltsThese works represent years of effort on her part and they show how she has taken an idea that she loves and run forward with it playing with new color approaches and ides along the way. IMG_7065.jpg  She even explored using an artist’s work as  a jumping off place for some of her own work.   I sure cant tell what work is based on another artist.  A lot can be learned from this process.

IMG_7068.jpgShe dyes most of the silk she uses in her work too so there is an extra layer of personal involvement in what she does.   It is one thing to see works by others one and two at a time and quite a impressive and wonderful thing to see them all together.    I am glad she is a friend.




SpottedProgress Report: Spotted   This work is 39” X 38” and is one based on a collage.   I am seeing the end of this type of exploration for a while.  Doing one a month is not necessary any more.  IMG_7099Not only have I learned how to build a work without strait lines I feel my quilting has improved with this series of projects.  IMG_7101  I also feel more free in my approach to design.

Rred NebulaRed Nebula  I am getting ready for a solo show in Januray and  as a part of this process I am looking at older works.   I did this piece a while ago but did not finish it.   I decided to stretch it and add it to the mix of possible works for the show.IMG_7083   Working with older pieces and doing  this additional work makes me want to return to this subject and do further  exploration.

close up of Red Nebula










From Dry FallsFrom Dry Falls This work too is one I did  over a year ago.   When I check this piece for the stack of works to be considered I discovered that I had not stitched the label to the back.  So I had to do that to complete this project.IMG_7092My labels include the title, size, my name and add.

Pond Water
Under the Miscrope Close upo
  This work has not had any attention for a few weeks and it too came to the top of the pile this week.  I am enjoying adding  embellishments to the top with hand stitches.  I have seven pieces that need hand work on them at this time so it may be a while before I finish this one.







Wild Patch  IMG_7072  This work is in the washer at the moment.  I have stitched all the patches to a solid purple background fabric with may raw edges on the top.  I want to see if the frayed parts add a texture that I can use and control in my work.


IMG_7077.jpgCircle Challenge I  This is a personal challenge I am working on.  I want to use circles as a stronger element in my work.  I am to the hand step here and the threads on top are what I am thinking about using for some big  hand stitched lines on top to hold the work together.

Circle Challenge IIIMG_7093.jpg

This is the second on in this challenge.  More circles and I am still using the cut away as a part of the design.   I will trim it to the same size as the first one.  Beyond that I have not made any decisions about this second work.  I know I will have to make some modifications as I am out of one of the fabrics in the circle section.

 IMG_7094 Dog quilt    Our local dog pound has called for little quilts to add to the metal cages that the dogs are put in to add to there comfort.  I had started the quilt, but lost my intention so it was just a top.  I thought it would do better to go to this cause then sent in the box of UFO’s.

Label Block #98  Label Block# 98One more done.   I am happy to say my embroidery thread stash is shrinking  as I work on this project.

Keep Creating


First Week in October



It is the first full week of October and I went to my group meetings on Tuesday.  At QuEG’s, Angela started us out with  a baby quilt top she has finished for her yet to be born grand daughter.  She is excited about it. IMG_6530  She also showed us some of her work  from an on line class  she took.     I really like the idea of making your sketch life sized  before beginning work.   A simple idea that had never occurred to me.   I have always done a thumb nail sketch- but I can see value in doing it life sized.  Angela with bookShe also had her books from her class at QBL to share.  It looks like she learned a lot and had a good time.

Linda shared her   workings with her new felter.IMG_6531   This is a great start and  I think she will do more on it and do several other projects.

Lionda's FpreatLinda also created this wonderful forest quilt.  It has so much depth.

Sue Ellen is busy getting ready for Christmas at the shop so she was trying out new ideas and this tree was one of them.IMG_6534 There were only five of us at the meeting, but we still managed to fill the two hours with sharing and talk.

Then it was off to the Diva meeting.LLiesa's Map     Lliesa started us out with a new map quilt.  Unlike her one from last year that was based on a real location, this one is all imagined.   I like how it is growing.


Ruth's Dianasour tracks  Ruth  is doing a series of works based  on Dinosaur tracks.  I like the way she is working .   The irregular shapes really look like chunks of rock to me.

IMG_6544Lorrie made this little quilt for  the sale at the quilt show next week end.   It is  a happy little thing.

IMG_6546 Donna is doing rust dyeing now and has achieved some great effects.      I always go home for the meetings with a real high on things to think about and try Like the rust dyeing…….   It is great to meet with folks of a like mind.

Water Run 24" X 20" wProgress Report:     Water Run   This work is 24” X 20” wide.   I sure enjoyed working away on this work.  When I stretched it I really  got going on the next ones too.IMG_6562  I like doing the free motion work as the fibers sometimes move as I work.


Water Run close upThat movement makes it feel more organic to me.


Land Fall in progress











Land Fall   This work was designed  on a vertical layout, but is has turned to become a landscape type of work.  I try to pay attention when the work directs me and go with that flow.   It has about four hours of work in it so far.  Slow but enjoyable for me.




Felting  IMG_6551   I am still adding roving and fabric to the surface of this work.  I found some wonderful organza in one of my boxes when I was looking for something else.  I know it will blend well in this work.  No stitching yet.   It is starting to look a bit like a flame to me.


Back of Ethel's Nine PatchEthel’s Nine Patch    This is the back of Ethel’s Nine patch.  Again I am    using her fabric and I though I would add some solids in primary colors to it- but I like the effect so I have just built it this way.    There are lots of scraps left in the box, so I know there will be more work like this in my furture.

Queen Anne’s Lace  

close up of Queen Annn's Lace    I am  working on the hand stitching on this work.   There are only two more flower heads to do and that step will be complete.   My fried Tanya gave me some Eamu  feathers a few weeks ago and I think I may use them in this work.   The gray feather pinned  to the center area is one of the feathers.


Bird Land  IMG_6548 This work is on the bottom of the stack so it does not get much attention.  I did finish all the cutting of the birds this week though.   Now to stitch things down.

Label Block # 83Label Block # 83

I keep working away on these blocks and they keep getting completed.   No rush and no pressure really is a nice thing.

Keep Creating


A Bit about process


IMG_6471  Hello-

I am getting back into my usual grove this week.  I went to a FAB meeting where Judy showed us  more of the blocks she created after the Mill Sight weekend.   I think the colors work well together well and it will result in a grand quilt.       I have finished several pieces this week so it is time to begin new work.   I though I might talk about one of my processes. Rock wall First I select an image.  This is a photo that I took in Washington state of a cut in the road.   Then I make a little windows and run them around the photo to find an area I think is a good jumping off point.     When I choose one and  I then do a little sketch of it using dark, medium and light.   IMG_6498IMG_6502  At this point I need to decided on a size and select a fabric for a base.     Because of the great amount of shrinkage and IMG_6503warping that occures with all the felting and  the stitching I apply I make the background fabric  10 inches bigger then the  final projected finished size.   The next step is to lay out roving in  the areas that are light med and dark and felt it down.    I then build up the surface with yarn,  silk paper and fabric strips.

Progress Report:   Small Cleft  IMG_6478.jpgThis work is 24” long and 20”  wide.  It is based on a photo I took four years ago.    I used the same process I described above for this work.    IMG_6479  I incorporated silk yarn in this work as well as silk paper.   IMG_6480  There is also some fabric bits and yarns here too.

Beach FrontBeach Front  This quilt is another in the three challenges process.  My hand dyed fabric is the white with colored spots and Ethel’s is the  blue and dark batiks.     It is based on a collage.IMG_6496   The top half is quilted in parallel lines while the bottom section is done in a wavy pattern to suggest water.IMG_6497


Generational WhispersGenerational  Whispers  This work is 43” long and  38” high.     I shows five generations of women in my family with my grand daughter at the center in the bottom.IMG_6490  I  did free  motion drawing on organza to create the portraits and then sewed them to the background.  Mom   The last step was to add  the names of the women represented then quilt.  There was not enough space  below all the heads to  add their dates of birth and death on the top so I have added a panel on the back with that information.IMG_6489


BuitterflyButterfly   I am just about done with the thread painting on this butterfly.  The black sections on the body and the left wing  remain.  Then I will add it to the top and do the final quilting on that piece.



Ethel's Nine PatchesEthel’s Nine Patch   I am enjoying building these squares.  I have completed 25  at this point.  To make it a queen sized quilt it will take 43 blocks so I am a little beyond half way done at this point.  Looking at the scrap box I know there will be a second one of these too.

Label blocksLabel Block # 81  I feel back into my old pattern and only finished on block this week.  I have started making Creative Assistants in the evening  so I did not put in any extra time on this project.

Keep Creating.


Travel With Marty- To Lincoln Nebraska


I am home from a wonderful and stimulating trip from Spokane Washington to Lincoln Nebraska.     We loaded a black rented jeep with 20 boxes of Marty’s books and our suit cases and we were off.  AspinFirst we went south along the   mountains  between Idaho and Montanta and enjoyed the landscape.  Our fist goal was to see a falt in southern Idaho

Shiftwhere the land shifted fifteen feet in the 70s.  The exposed slip is the white area in this photo.    The drive to this location resulted in a flat tire.   Thank goodness for  the help of a Fireman from Texas who helped us put on the spare.  But that meant taking the boxes of books out of the car so we could get to the spare and reloading them afterward.   We drove  to the next town and although it was Labor Day week end we found a tire dealership that was open.  They agreed to patch the tire.  So I unloaded the boxes again to get to the tire.  After he patched it the tire bulged so we did not put it on the car.  Loaded the books yet again and drove to IMG_6340.jpgIdaho Falls airport  where the car rental company traded our Jeep for a bigger car.  This picture is of Marty waiting outside the airport.       The new one was white and had so much fancy stuff on it that we never  figure them all out.IMG_6341  There was so much space in  this one that we did not even need to stack the boxes on top of one another.  We could have slept flat on top of them if we had to- but that did not happen.  Then on to Yellowstone.   Lots of stops there with  geysers and  hot springs,Hot springsmuseums and animals.   We checked put the petrified tree  and  enjoyed the day until  about two in the IMG_6372afternoon when it started to hail on us.  We pulled off and waited for it to stop as the hail balls were the size of marbles.  The storm lasted about half and hour and left the road covered with hail that made for slow slick driving.IMG_6374.jpg   This picture








is a  view out the windshield early on in the storm.     We left the park and were told that the road we needed to use to get to our lodging was closed due to snow.   So we stop and found another cabin to stay in.   It stormed during  the night IMG_6381but we got up to sunny skies and snow covered canyon walls on both sides of our resting place.IMG_6384 We altered our plans   again and opted to drive  south and cross the Continental   Divide at Dead Indian Pass  as it was lower and less likely to be closed.    It was  a beautiful drive and we made lots of stops for pictures.    We continued south in Wyoming .

IMG_6359.jpg       Ate lunch along the Wind River  and continued to enjoy  the landscapes.

IMG_6408  We went to Fossil Butte  National Monument and enjoyed the wonderful museum there.  Life sized  alligator and  turtles with the four foot shells were among the fossils as well as lots of leaves and ferns.    We  had crossed the Continental Divide seven times before we left the mountains. We drove across the southern portion of Wyoming  and  into  Scott’s Bluff  just at sun set.  It is a good thing we got to  see it that evening because when we got up in the morning there was so much  fog one could hardly see across the four lane highway.    It took the better part of two days to cross the Nebraska sand hills.  We saw lots of wind mills, cattle and train cars loaded with coal.

Ashfall Fossil bed We visited the Ashfall  Fossil Beds.  They were a wonder, with  the remains of over one  50 rhinos, turtles, tortoises ,and Sand Hill Cranes.  There were the skeletons of  three types of houses- three toed and single hoofed ones.   And  species of saber toothed rabbit- something I had never heard of before.    We left the fossils for Lincoln  where we meant Rosalie.IMG_6421Friday was the last unloading of the boxes at the International  Quilt  Study Museum.  A man came  with a cart and did the job that time.

chinese quilt  We enjoyed the museum. There was a great display of quilts from southern China.   The silk made them very beautiful when they were mixed with gold  couched embroidery thread.     We took the tour of the Mountain  Mist Collection too.  IMG_6434   We explored Lincoln on the week end and enjoyed the public art that is so much a part of the city.   There are lots of beautiful brick houses too.  We also went to the German Russian Immigrant museum on Sunday.   It was great too.

Marty and Rosalie  On Monday we had a meeting with the director were she took Marty’s QBL quilt and showed us the storage and preservation  parts of the museum.  She spent a couple of hours talking with us and it was g good visit.  We enjoyed out stay at the Rogers House Bed and Breakfast but we were all glad to be on our way home on Tues.  morning.IMG_6463


Nine patchProgress  Report:  Ethel’s Nine Patch   I did do a bit of work before I left on Tues for the start of this trip.  I had the strips put together from our weekend at Judy’s camp and I started cutting them into 5” squares and matching them with solids from my Ethel stash.    The blocks are a nine patch and I may add sashing.   That remains to be seen

Along the Shore IMG_6465 I am doing the machine quilting on this one now.

IMG_6464Machine Painting   I started working on the machine drawing on this butterfly yesterday.   The printed butterfly is fused to organza  with a paper backed fishable.  Then it is hooped before I began the machine work.   I would not trim the butterfly before I did the machine work next time.  Even though it is fussed it is still fraying.

Label Blocks # 76,#77, #78, #79, #80Label Blocks I took this project with me on the trip and found lots of little snippets of time to do hand work so I got five blocks done in two weeks.

Keep Creating


Work Week


I saw this young fellow in the cematery on my walk this week.  Later I watched in horror as he ran across Comstock Avenue  dodging cars  and into the woods behind Manley Field House.   Good luck Bambi!

This week was one where I got a lot of studio time and although I have not finished much I feel good about what is going on.      Uneventful  weeks are good for reflection I find.   In class with Rosalie Dace at QBL she stressed the importance of Values in our work.  Now I have heard that many times but I just never really got the concept.   One of my fellow class mates showed me how  to see it more clearly and although I have not got the whole idea yet I am seeing what they both meant.

IMG_6234  Here is a photo of a group of fabrics that I think work together.  In color they seem to have a wide range of values. ( this is were my eye needs training) because when the same fabrics are viewed in black and white it is easy to see there is very little middle value in this collection.   So now I need to go back in to the stash and fine a few more  pieces in the middle range like the grayed oranges to have more values in this work.


B&W1  It is good to always be growing.

Progress Report:Going Deep  Going Deep  I added the backing to this work after I stretched it yesterday.    I really enjoy the building up of the layers of these wool based projects.   This is the first one where I do not have a canvas under the fiber piece and I think that allows for more a feeling of buoyancy.   IMG_6242The thread build up on these works takes a lot more time then I think  will when I start.  But the final effect is well worth the efforts.IMG_6244  Sometimes it only takes such a small bit of fabric or yarn to really add color to an area.   It is like building a puzzle with flexible pieces.

IMG_6248Deep Jellies   I am still doing the hand quilting on this project.  I have been putting in an hour a day on that process- but it is a big quilt so I have about one third of it done now.

Tall TextTall Text   I started this in Rosalie’s class.  The top is all assembled now and I am in the quilting stage.  I am doing reflective machine work around the  cut up letter units with variegated thread. IMG_6247  I think the textural interest will add a nice dimension to the work.

Ivy Wall     Ivy WallThis is an early stage for this work.  The butterfly will all be done in thread painting with the machine.  The image is mounted on organza with tear away stabilizer on the back.   I did the brown leaves as a rubbing with pastels  last summer.   IMG_6252There is a little machine work at the bottom so I know this technique will work.

Far Off Forests- wool work   IMG_6256     From this corner one can see that it only takes a  small scarp to build up an area with a different color.

New WorkNew Project  This is my current three challenge piece.  It is all one unit now and I am pondering ways to quilt is as well as the way I want it oriented.  This shot is exactly upside down from the original,  But some how it works better for me.





Label Blocks #73 and #74

IMG_6236.jpg  I am pushing my self to get a few blocks ahead as I know I am going away for a three weeks at the end of August.

Keep Creating


Summer has begun


Fox GloveHello-

I spent Monday, Summer Solstice, at Susan’s.  The wonderful Fox Glove is from her garden.  We were experimenting with adding  color to fabric.  Susan being more systematic  did a lot of different studies.  IMG_5897  I did rubbings with chalk and paint.  This example is of one of my  early works.   Susan’s daughter Rebecca worked up stairs and completed a quilt top.IMG_5900.jpg  Then she tried another color combo of the same block and this little work is a corner example of that. I like how the high contrast creates a glow effect here.  It was a good day and I enjoyed myself.















Dappled SunshineProgress Report: Dappled Sunshine  This three challenge quilt is done now.  It is 58” l X 45” w.   I have not worked this big in a long time.  There is pebble quilting in the orange areas and strait quilting in the tan and brown areas.   IMG_5911I used some very old altered  fabric like the cream with lines of paint at the top of this photo.  The area under the brown strip is ice dyed from this spring.   There is also some canvas in thisIMG_5912  and a print I did in paint using a doily as the resist.


Deep Jellies- close upDeep Jellies    I have started doing hand quilting in the areas of solid  blue in this quilt.    I like the contrast.   It will be a slow project too as there is lots of blue.



No Clue















No Clue    I keep trying this work with different orientations every time I work on it.  The machine quilting is going forward and I have quilted about half of the pink areas at this point.IMG_5919


Blue Iris  Blue IrisI have now completed the top assembly of this work.   Ethel had collected all the fabric in one bag.  I have put together  all  the squares and done the lay out.     Now on to the quilting step.  Great fun.








IMG_5908.jpgGenerational Whispers    I continue to work away on this project.  I re drew Alexis’s head because it was too small.  I decided I did not like my drawing of Gwen so I re did her too.  I took this work with me on Monday and got some help from Susan about how to move forward on this challenge.



wool workWool work The base is mostly down on this work.  I will start to add in fabric and yarn this week.





New work  IMG_5906This work got buried under the other stuff this week and did not get any attention.  That sort of thing happens when one has so many projects going on at the same time.



block # 66Label Block #66  I just keep plugging away on these.

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Butterfly Days



These beautiful paper butterflies represent the happy feelings I feel for this time of year.  Patti cut them with her press cutter on Wed when the FAB group meant.  I have seen some live ones too, but I am not fast enough with my camera to capture any images.  They seem to represent the slow easy time  we seem to be in now.   IMG_5872  We had our last FAB meeting until Aug as we  all  agreed that travel and family will now fill our days for a while.

I have learned that when I am unsure of what I need/want to do next I tend to start a new project.  The result of this is I have lots of new projects going on at the moment  and only have a Scrap Happy quilt finished this week.  That project too represents my feelings of unease, because scrap happy’s are  also fill in projects.    I have made 150 of these scrap quilts and they require no thinking on my part.  But they do keep my hands busy and  allow me to think through what is upsetting/ blocking  me with other work.

IMG_5888Progress Report: Dappled Sunshine   I finished the pebble quilting and the line quilting on this piece this morning.   I am now ready to add the facings and finish this project.    It will be done by next week.

Scarp Happy 150  Scrap Happy #150I have no home in mind for this quilt, but I am sure it will go to a worthy cause.

new Scarp Happy  IMG_5878  When I put together the center blocks for the last scrap happy I also made extra blocks.  Enough to make two more actually.   This one got put into the row form this week.

IMG_5881.jpgGenerational Whispers  The grandmothers and great grandmothers got drawn on to organza this week.  I know this was part of the stress I talked about as I do not feel very sure of myself when it come to do portatures. IMG_5882    My machine drawings  are human but not good likenesses of the folks they represent.  I have decided to let that be that way as only a few people know the subjects any way.  I will add a second layer of machine drawing when I attach them to the quilt surface.

Deep Jellies  IMG_5886.jpgThis work is also causing some stress for me.  I love the colors and the textures of the jellyfish themselves.   I am just unsure about the movement of the tentacles and how I want to quilt on this project.IMG_5884    There are lots of little design decisions in this piece.

IMG_5876.jpgWeeds    I am happily to the detail part of this project.  I like doing the hand work that defines the weed heads.    Three done and a dozen to go.









wool work IMG_5877  This is the biggest machine felted work I have ever done and it too is very slow work.  I finally got stretcher bars with out any canvas on them and that is what this work will be used on.   I am not even done with the first layer, so there will be lots of color changes.



New top    IMG_5880.jpgThis in the newest piece that it based on a collage.   It also has Ethel fabrics and some I have altered, so it fits my personal challenge.  I think the the title will have something to do with angles or irregular cuts.



New Work IMG_5873   My friend Tanya gave me the wonderful big orange print fabric I am using in this piece.  It is in the real early stage.

IMG_5874.jpgLabel Blocks #64 and #65   I did double duty on the blocks this week.  It is so pleasant to set out doors after dinner and work in the evenings.   I hope  summer is bringing delight into your life too.

Keep Creating


Spring progress



We are enjoying the colors of spring even though the temperatures are a bit chilly. Nancy's Blue birds These pansies are from Sue Ellen’s garden.  All three of the groups I meet with meant on Tuesday this week.  I was exhausted when I got home.   First was the FAB meeting in Judy’s Book markGarden until the rain hit us.  Nancy shared her progress on the Blue Bird quilt she is building for her Mom.  It is growing beautifully.

Patti blessed us all with a wonderful felted book marks.     It is a great bit of felting!












Then I was off to the QuIG’s meeting.  Sue Ellen had a wonderful curved challenge on her pin wall.  IMG_5837 She rotated and changed position of parts so I know this is not the final orientation.  It will be fun to watch how she changes this work.   Angela is working away with her felting projects toward Linda'a workher show next winter.  She showed us her sketches.  Linda is working with how to create Sea Grape leaves.    She showed us a bit of her school glue resist dyeing too.  I love the colors   Liz continues to do her two blocks a week challenge and she showed us six new ones.IMG_5842It will be on playful quilt when she is done.

Barb's workBarb showed off another of her tributes to her ancestor works with this lovely little quilt.  I think the way she is presenting the old lace hand work is very strong.

IMG_5841This piece  is one of Sally’s wonderful little works.   She also shared some very nice pillow cases and bags she had made for her grand daughters.   It was a good meeting.

Alic's FoxesThe off to Diva’s.  Alice shared her newest work with a tribute to musicians. Sharon's Piece Sharon showed off one of her altered print works and I really like the texture.  She also shared two works that were giving her problems and asked for suggestions.    I am sure she will solve the problems with time and work.

Lori has been stitching away on her tundra pieces.  This time she also brought along the source of the idea for this work.  It is great.IMG_5850   I am so very glad I belong to such a diverse and talented group.

Progress Report: Purple Passion Purple PassionThis work is 45.5” l X 31” w.      It is based on a collage and after some long study I feel could go back and try to represent the collage again.  I got so involved in the assembly process that I lost the simple color break up of the original work.IMG_5868  I do feel like I am getting better with the technique part of the assembly and quilting  however.IMG_5870 I enjoyed adding the sparkle of the metallic fabric to this work.



Dappled SunshineDappled Sunshine   I have just started the quilting on this work.  It is another of the bigger pieces so it will take a while for this to be completed.

IMG_5854Deep Jellies   The jelly fish are getting tacked down and I am building in the details with machine stitching and the couching down of various yarns.   It too is rather large so the getting it under the arm of the machine is tiresome and I seem to only be able to work on it about an hour before I feel I must put it aside and work on something else.

Generational Whispers   Generail WIspersThis too is a monster quilt.  I must have been in an expansive mood for a while.   The faces, life sized,  are drawn on wash away  and are of my grandmothers.   IMG_5853  I am planning to free motion draw them on organza and build the next generation on top of the organza and below  them on the work.    I am dealing with a bit of fear here too as I do not know what I am doing……

Weeds   This work is part of the wiggle cut series.Weeds  I am slowly hand stitching in the stems of the weeds and will add the heads in time.  I only work on this piece in the evenings and only after the Label Blocks and other hand work is done, so it is another slow project.











Leftovers IMG_5861  This work is just made from sections of Dappled Sunshine that did not work in that piece.  I will use it as base to experiment with some ideas I  am trying to work out.

new workNew  work  This is a new piece based again on a collage.  I am learning a lot  about how to use angles in my work with the collage stuff.    This piece fits my three challenge too.  My dyed work are the big purple units and the red and blue sections are some of the snow dyed I did last winter.  Ethel’s fabric is the turquoise and  and pink stuff.



Label Block # 62  label block #62I just doggedly  keep at these blocks.

Enjoy spring and Keep Creating