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May Apples

May ApplesHello,

As this image shows the May Apples are up.  No blossoms yet- or at least  none as of yesterday.  But they will appear soon.  They are such fleeting plants as they will all be gone in a month.   Knowing  the hill side where these live means I look for them year after year in one of the small wild areas close to home.

Liz with work





This week was a busy one that started last Friday with a three day  open studio at the Schweinfurt Art Center.  I spent the time in the wet studio again and had a great time.  There were only three of us down stairs,  so we all had lots of space to work.  Liz worked on top  of old black ans white samples for her dyeing.Penny    Good way to give this work a second life.    Penny built paper screens and did lots of stamping.      I had a lot of new thermofax  screens that I enjoyed playing with.  There were some problems  though.  Liz and I used the dye  and print paste we


had mixed up in Oct.Liz'z wall  Most of Liz’s work washed out to very pale colors. This great big piece went from a strong powerful work to IMG_8008this timid pastel work.     I did not have as poor a luck as she but my works could not seem to keep their whites.

My wall  None of the browns, that I truly love ,worked either.      I did have good luck with my greens though.

Liz's shot of me Liz  shot this one of me working.

Washed out  I am still washing out they dyes so I will wait for my final decision about the success of it all.   We will start from scratch next week.  There were seven gals upstairs working in the sewing studio too.  We got to talk with them at lunch time.IMG_7985IMG_7987

The “Made in New York” show was also up in the gallery.    Wings   The wings were especially striking.    The whole week end event was fun and exhausting.




Because Tuesday was the first Tuesday of the month, I had QuEG’s and  Diva meetings too.

At QuEG’s   Sally had lots of great work to share.IMG_8030  The more I learn about machine embroidery the more impressed I become.  All those little  red snowflakes on this tree skirt are machine drawn!    She had some wonderful hand work too. IMG_8026   The light color of the ribbon, basket and flowers was done with Crayola crayons before she did the embroidery work.  It is  quietly luscious.  Linda has been exploring water soluble crayons  and having fun at that.IMG_8024    She is also playing with black and white fabrics .

Regina'sThe  Divas were also inspiring this month.   Regina shared more rust dyeing and this wonderful Bird of Paradise  miniature quilt.   It is paper pieced.  I find the idea of all those little 1/4” seams coming together in the points a  task I do not even want to attempt.IMG_8042 Ruth is working on a  social commentary piece about the massacre.    It will be a pleasure to watch this work grow.   IMG_8044  Lori is doing Gelli plate printing to create backgrounds for her stitching work.   The quiet  colors are  so beautiful  here.

Noel's leaf Noel brought her big leaf top  from a Pat Pulley Workshop  she took a few weeks ago.  The fabrics are very strong.    There was a lot of stimulation this week so not a lot of work got done.



Copper leavesProgress Report: Ice  I am to the point on this piece where I am machine drawing the leaves that are in the water.  There is no pattern for what I am doing and I  get to invent the vain and leaf shapes as I go along.  It is fun, but very exhausting at the same time.   IMG_8057   The few place where I have cut  and applied  fabric leaves are much easier  to complete.

PodsIMG_8068  Only one pod was finished this week.  I have two more that I am sure I will complete this eve, but they are not done yet.  I am using lots of the special buttons I have been purchasing over the years and  some from the of the fancy ones that Sharron gave me  as my center points on some of these latest ones.

Label Block # 119Label #119

Again I keep working away on these blocks.   Only 26 to go now.

Keep Creating,




It is starting to really feel like spring here in central New York.  I see little bits of green on the tips of branches  and shoots in the flower beds on my walks.   This was the fist week of the month so I had meetings.   The QuEG’s meeting was small but there was lots of work.

IMG_7796Liz finished this beauty using all Kay Facet’s fabrics.    She and  Sue Ellen both had work for the  group challenge for the guild.

Liz  This is Liz’s finished star challenge piece.  It looks good I think.   Sue Ellen’s star  is   a good one as well.IMG_7797  The use of the light blue fabric and the size were the other two limitations to the challenge.     Angela's Angela is busy working on felting some of her patterns from her tip to Hawaii   I think the limited pallet will server her well with this exploration.



Lor'sThe Divas also meant on Tue eve.  with more exciting stuff.  This is Lori’s completed tundra piece from her trip to Alaska.IMG_7802Maureen showed us lots of the new wonderful hand printed fabric that she is working on.    Donna  is proud of finally finishing her big king sized top.   It is amazing as it is her first quilt.  IMG_7806

Donna's BatherShe is also working away on some figures in paper clay.   These bathing beauties are fun I think.

IMG_7811Regina is doing lots of handwork  on her shobori  pieces from last month.  She is also exploring with rust dyeing.   IMG_7813



Liesa workLliesa  shared her memory scrolls from her semester in Japan.  They are so wonderful.  IMG_7824All created while she was there with her husband and made from fabric she got at the temple sales that she attended.


FiguresThere are four scrolls and each one is full of beautiful appliqued works all with memories and stories too.  IMG_7823   She stitched the insect by hand here and told a story about the cricket pets one has in the small houses there.  I just could not look enough at this piece of work.






Summer Medow





Progress Report: Summer Meadow 

 This work is 15” X 21.5 “  in size.  Sewing of the flowers  was done from the back of the work with thick thread and cord in the bobbin.IMG_7836IMG_7837  The dragon fly has wings cut from ribbon that was then free motion attached to the background.  The  body is made of bugle beads that I hand stitched to the surface.



Blooming Branch 33" X 430.5"Blooming Branch This work is 33” X 40.5”.   It is the result of a challenge by my friend Sharron.  We bot purchased  some silk kimono fabric

IMG_7850This shot is a close up of that fabric.   The challenge was to use it in a project to show at  QBL in the summer of 2017.   IMG_7849  This is my solution.

Crow Calls Crow Calls I am adding the trees to the surface of the work now.  It takes about 50 minuets to  do each tree and the birds have not been started yet.   I am enjoying it none  the less.



Samurai RomanceIMG_7834  I finished the leaf panels  this week .    I am beginning to feel it is a bit over crowded and I still have one more technique to add to the surface.

Samuair Romance     I may do some  editing before this is all done  and I am happy now that I only pinned things in place as I went along.











RoosterBanner –Year of the Rooster   This is one of my works that I started in Florida with Susan.   The lettering on this one is stamped.   The rooster is colored with  crayon.










IMG_7843.jpgBanner- Birds  This is my second banner this week.  The texture is created by rubbing over a plastic doily with crayon.  The text here is cut felt letters that were machine stitched down.








New  IceIMG_7830I am just starting to free motion stitch down the parts of  this work.  The bright pink at the bottom, is the felt inside  that I am building on.



scarvesNew Scarves       Chris  asked for more scarves so I got busy and did these two this week.  IMG_7856  I am always surprised by the bits of stuff that seem to pile up and work in these projects.


Pod 6IMG_7858  I gave in and  decided to create a few more pods.  This one needs some weight/beads on the bottom and it will be complete.



Label Block 114Label Block # 114   I made it to the fabric store this week and got more black fabric for the last 25 blocks.  Cutting them is the next step.  Only  36 to go now.

Keep Creating


PS check out my  tutorial on how to rust print.




The week has been a busy one as it was the first Tuesday of the month and I had QuEG’s and Diva meetings.  This hand painted and printed fabric was created by Linda last fall before she fell and injured her shoulder.   I like the three layers   she built up.  Angela's work Angela is  doing wonderful hand work of some Hawaiian flowers.    She is exploring with paint too.   It seems like we all keep playing with new ideas.


Regin'a ButterflyAt the Diva meeting  Regina shared her Butterfly piece and a second forest floor work.




Lori's Lori finished up this wonderful hand stitched piece this month too.  She really likes to build lots and lots of layers of stitching.  I love her final effect.  It’s so rich.

IMG_7616Donna shared some of her Shobori work form Maureen’s class.

Ruth share this wonderful Guatemalan  weaving.    IMG_7617

I always get a bit lift form the meetings and go home inspired.

Xavier Wood IceProgress Report: Xavier Wood Ice   This work is  34” X 40”.    It is based on one of my photographs  from  earlier this winter.    I have been working on the quilting for the last few weeks as it is all done free motion and that takes a lot of energy so I can not work too long before I must stop.IMG_7629  I used plastics, ribbon, yarns   netting and hand dyed cheese cloth as parts of the texture for this piece. IMG_7632  The snow has so many textures to do because some of it  is melted and refrozen while other areas are melted and other areas are thin with think areas too .     I have lots more photos and I am already thinking about how I want to show the leaves captured in the ice on  the next one.

branch-study-mine.jpgBlooming Branch   This work has been the area where I have done the most concentration this week.   I made two limbs for this piece.    This is the second limb and I made it because I was worried that the first was too light.  When I pinned up this second limb and I then took a shot of it in the gray scale I could see that the dark value was too close to the background and it got lost.   Here is tha shot.Dark limb -gray scale   So I returned to the light branch and pinned it up and took a gray scale photo of it.  It looked like thisWhitew limb-gray scale  So that’s the one I sewed down and I am using in this work.


I have started to add the stamens to some of the blossoms.


Second Branch  Second branch  The second branch is pinned to a lighter background and I am hoping that adding blossoms  to it will push it back a bit and  create more of the balance I am looking for.     This Value thing is not easy for me.

Samurai Romance IMG_7635  The gold panel on the left is mostly done.  I am working on  step two where I stenciled copper paint on felt that I had created.  I am learning lots of new techniques with this project and that is what I wanted to do.






summer medowSummer Meadow    I finished the bobbin cord application and did the painting on this work this week.  I  am now ready to build up more grass and flowers on top with machine drawing.


Crow CallRe working   I am building a forest on top of this piece.   It was Ok- but did not excite me much.  A great background as Ethel would have said.  So here goes…….







Label Block # 110    Block #110I keep working away on this project.

I will be away for the next two weeks so there will not be any posts until Mach 30.

Enjoy the beginnings of spring.





We are deep in the cold of winter here and that makes me stay in the studio and get a lot done.  But I do have the meetings that come at the first of each month.  QuEG’s meant.    Liz is busy doing hand work on her project that she dyed last fall at the  play/work retreat at the Schweinfurth.  That is her work at the top.

Sue Ellen'sSue Ellen is busy too and she made this colorful quilt for the Linus Project.  I always get  a lot more out of the group meetings.

Circle Challenge


















This time I showed them all the Circle Challenge pieces all together.  IMG_7436.jpg That lead to a whole lot of playing with how they could or should be presented.   I continued the whole idea when I got home.

IMG_7433.jpgThere are just so many ways to go with them.


circle placementThe Diva’s had a good time playing with them too.   There was a lot going on at that meeting as well.











Alice has finished her Bed Quilt and she made prints of the finished work to give to all the folks in the family who owned the bed so they have the history.   I think that is a good idea.


LiesaLiesa  is building a wonderful book on stamps.   She printed the stamps on fabric for this work and laments that she still has all the original  stamps left.


Donna's work









Donna just returned from a 10 day retreat where she did a lot of Gelli printing and pastel work. IMG_7409Maureen is doing lots of work with indigo so she can do more teaching of the techniques.   She shares her knowledge so very kindly.


Regina's work Regina went off to the  conference called “ Rocky Road to California” and took a class with the Tentmakers of Cairo.    She keeps exploring new techniques.
















Ruth is busy with her wonderful clam shells too.    It was a good meeting and I came home with new ideas of things to do with my own work.



Three JacksProgress report: Three Jacks This work is 28” X 40”.  Because I had to take it apart  to fix the nail at the bottom I took photos of the work without the glass.  No  problems with reflections that way.   I also did a major cleaning of the glass- something that I had not thought of before either.  IMG_7446The work is dramatic and I like it a lot.

cl up- three Jacks  The velvet jacks really convey the rich contrast of the two parts of the flower.

Snow Dying

IMG_7420It snowed this week and so I did a bit more snow dyeing.  It is snowing today too so I will do an orange batch next.

TeasilTease I   I did the hand stitching on this work this week.  It is almost ready to stretch.



Teasel II IMG_7386  I pulled this fabric for the background  of the green teasel heads I made the week before on Monday.  Then I worked hard on getting that section done.   I got all excited  and even moved on to pinning the heads in place.  They are not stitched down.  Teaseil II   No problem with contrast this time.















ScarfLeaf Scarf   I did a lot of free motion work on this piece and determined yesterday that it was complete.   It is based on a work I saw on Pintrest by  Amanda McCarvour.  close up os scarf I only work from what I remember not from any reading or recheck.  So when I did look a second time yesterday, I was surprised by how different they were.  I like the vanes of leaves mixed with the wool roving .IMG_7425  The places where I  tried to work in air collapsed so I think when I try it again I will put a layer of nylon net in the middle of the sandwich so there is a some stability to the whole thing.    That and more stitching lines will do the trick I think.  It will also help avoid the arching that happened with some of the gold leaves.

Xavier Wood IceXavier Wood Ice  I have been taking a lot of photos on my walks of ice and now I am ready to begin a new ice work.  This is the fabric lay out at about the middle of the process.

Pods IMG_7429 I have assembled two of the pods from the felted pieces that I made.  They are nor quite finished as I think I want to add some additional beads on the bottoms  of them.   But I am making progress.  It is like the circle challenge in the way that I can think  of more  variations for each side as I go along.   I will play until I tire of the process.IMG_7431

Scrap Happy  IMG_7432.jpgI have been assembling the strips and cut pieces from Ethel’s scrap box for a few weeks.  I cut them into five inch squares yesterday and made a block.  It is 17” on a side.  That is a little bigger then I usually use so I may need to make adjustments as I move forward.

Block #106Label Block # 106   I was in Jo Ann’s this week and I was tempted to purchase some additional embroidery  thread- but I resisted.  Then when I got home I did a little search and found a new bag full, so I am very happy I did not give into temptation.  Only fourteen more blocks to build.

Keep  Creating


New Beginnings



In the deep cold we are experiencing now, I think of the wonderful warmth of spring and the new beginnings that  a new year makes on consider.  New sketchbooks, new book keeping,  and new calender’s are  all part of the new start for 2017.    I am working on choosing a new word for my focus this year too, but  have not decided quite yet.  Sue Ellen at the QuIG’s  meeting was thinking of spring too with this new Hosta leaf pillow she shared.  The machine work is wonderful.     The Diva’s also meant this week.  Because of the show that Donna is hosting for us there IMG_7190was lots of talk and work for that event.       I served as transport for work for Noel and Regina's workSharon  as both  could not attend.   Sharon kindly gave me a little gift in the form of one of the book marks that she makes for her booth.    I like it. Regina has been doing a lot of indigo dyeing. ( look at that pile)      Cheri's workCheri had two new pieces for the show as well as to share.    She also does such nice little surprises for the backs of her quilts that I am sharing one of those too.IMG_7173



Ruth's waveRuth got into a traveling trunk show for SAQA and  she showed us the new wave she did just for that.   I like the waves out to sea too.   Then there is the wonderful foam under the wave.   It is really a strong work I think.  IMG_7169




LLieseLliese   had a wonderful piece to share with us as well.    This piece is much bigger than she usually works.

I hung my Solo Show yesterday with the help of Steve and Lynne.IMG_7177  Preparing for this was a good experience for me as I got to really look at the body of work.    I have been on this earthy foundations work for about three years now.  We hung 21 pieces and I took 24 home with me that we did not use.  I like having a choice. My work    It is a beautiful place to display and I enjoyed doing that step too because of the wonderful help.

more work







Circle Challenge 2Progress Report:  Circle Challenge 1    I am pleased with how this turned out.   All the parts seem to work together for me.



Circle Challenge 2 IMG_7188  This second challenge has different colors in some of the strips and the rotation is different.  Three additional colored circles remain but the parts of the solid yellow circle have been dropped and replaced with four triangles.  I am ready to do the bead work now .

Name GameName Game Wendy and Mark  I am all done assembling the strips of this work now.   I made the back the other day IMG_7186 and I am now ready to add the batting and begin quilting it.

Three Jacks  Three JacksI have finished the background of this work.  Then I did some research followed by some drawing.IMG_7185  The paper patterns are enlargements of the sketch.  I still have one more to do as you can easily see.   I could not find the color fabric in my stash that I wanted to use so I had to purchase the green on Tues at Quilters Corner when I was there.

Bird BlockBird Block   I am playing with some leftover bird cuts from the Bird land quit here.   It is always  a little challenge to see if the remainders can become something on there own.    I am thinking now that I will balance the birds with some free motion  bushes based on this sketch book drawing.IMG_7184 They have such a light feeling that I feel they can balance the heavy birds on the left.



Label Block  # 101  Block #101I am working away on these little blocks.  Only 19 more to build now.

Keep Creating


Deep in Fall




I am finding the fall color all around me now.   And there is a lot on the ground.  I raked big piles to the street yesterday.  The leaf piles are deep .     This week was the beginning  of the month and so I had meetings with both QuEGs and Divas on Tuesday.   IMG_6759Sally started us off with a warm and fuzzy baby quilt for her grand child.    Linda  showed

IMG_6766.jpgus the project she had completed from her class at QBL this summer.    Liz was just home from Nancy Crow’s  Barn and she had some great work to share too.  She is mixing her drawing skills with her fabric work.

IMG_6767Sue Ellen is playing with line.   It was a good meeting.  The I went off to the Diva meeting in the evening.  There again folks have been busy with projects and events. Regin's work

Regina is doing great free motion machine  drawing.  I like her use of layers of fabric for this too.  Anne and Ruth both took a Shobori class at the Schweinfurth  and the results are wonderful.IMG_6787  I look forward to seeing these wonderful fabrics in new works.

MaureenMaureen showed her finished Shobori quilt.  She will be teaching these techniques in the spring.

Maureen also shared some antique quilt blocks she picked up on her trip to Maine.    I really like the wonderful stitches.IMG_6783

Alice's workAlice showed us the progress she is making on “The Bed” quilt.  She had such a strong style!

IMG_6776Lliesa  has finished her  village piece.  “The Tracks Divide Us” the title.

IMG_6801.jpgProgress Report: Bird Land   This quilt is 50” lone and 49” wide.  I started this quilt in Class with Rosalie Dace and the assignment  was to choose a shape and repeat it against a  patterned background.  I also added to the challenge by using the negative space too. IMG_6803  I did reflective quilting on this surface to fill it in. IMG_6807

Fall Fires IMG_6795.jpg  This stretch work is 30” X 22”.      This work is my second attempt to use my collage build up technique and try to pull away from the  “rock” imagery that is where I usually go.   IMG_6796  I enjoyed mixing the wool, organza and silks to build up this work.IMG_6798

New work  1, 2, 3    #2When I finish a work I usually get going on  a new piece.  I have drawn out three new layouts for work that use the collage build up technique.     This one  had the felt base built in.IMG_6788 With this one I a building up with bits and scraps of fabric fist.    There is a third but it  is  just lines on the black wool.

Self Challenge self challenge   I stated this self challenge this week too.  I want to do seven little works that are all the same size using a strip section and a circle cut from that strip unit.   I did not know how to cut away the circle and maintain the strip unit so I could rotate the circle and re insert it.  But the folks at the Diva meeting gave me two possible ways to do that.  I think I am ready to go forward now.

IMG_6813.jpgLabel Blocks # 90 & 91   I continue to do the work.  I am going to hunt up a stitch book this week to make some more exciting stitches though.

Keep Crating


First Week in October



It is the first full week of October and I went to my group meetings on Tuesday.  At QuEG’s, Angela started us out with  a baby quilt top she has finished for her yet to be born grand daughter.  She is excited about it. IMG_6530  She also showed us some of her work  from an on line class  she took.     I really like the idea of making your sketch life sized  before beginning work.   A simple idea that had never occurred to me.   I have always done a thumb nail sketch- but I can see value in doing it life sized.  Angela with bookShe also had her books from her class at QBL to share.  It looks like she learned a lot and had a good time.

Linda shared her   workings with her new felter.IMG_6531   This is a great start and  I think she will do more on it and do several other projects.

Lionda's FpreatLinda also created this wonderful forest quilt.  It has so much depth.

Sue Ellen is busy getting ready for Christmas at the shop so she was trying out new ideas and this tree was one of them.IMG_6534 There were only five of us at the meeting, but we still managed to fill the two hours with sharing and talk.

Then it was off to the Diva meeting.LLiesa's Map     Lliesa started us out with a new map quilt.  Unlike her one from last year that was based on a real location, this one is all imagined.   I like how it is growing.


Ruth's Dianasour tracks  Ruth  is doing a series of works based  on Dinosaur tracks.  I like the way she is working .   The irregular shapes really look like chunks of rock to me.

IMG_6544Lorrie made this little quilt for  the sale at the quilt show next week end.   It is  a happy little thing.

IMG_6546 Donna is doing rust dyeing now and has achieved some great effects.      I always go home for the meetings with a real high on things to think about and try Like the rust dyeing…….   It is great to meet with folks of a like mind.

Water Run 24" X 20" wProgress Report:     Water Run   This work is 24” X 20” wide.   I sure enjoyed working away on this work.  When I stretched it I really  got going on the next ones too.IMG_6562  I like doing the free motion work as the fibers sometimes move as I work.


Water Run close upThat movement makes it feel more organic to me.


Land Fall in progress











Land Fall   This work was designed  on a vertical layout, but is has turned to become a landscape type of work.  I try to pay attention when the work directs me and go with that flow.   It has about four hours of work in it so far.  Slow but enjoyable for me.




Felting  IMG_6551   I am still adding roving and fabric to the surface of this work.  I found some wonderful organza in one of my boxes when I was looking for something else.  I know it will blend well in this work.  No stitching yet.   It is starting to look a bit like a flame to me.


Back of Ethel's Nine PatchEthel’s Nine Patch    This is the back of Ethel’s Nine patch.  Again I am    using her fabric and I though I would add some solids in primary colors to it- but I like the effect so I have just built it this way.    There are lots of scraps left in the box, so I know there will be more work like this in my furture.

Queen Anne’s Lace  

close up of Queen Annn's Lace    I am  working on the hand stitching on this work.   There are only two more flower heads to do and that step will be complete.   My fried Tanya gave me some Eamu  feathers a few weeks ago and I think I may use them in this work.   The gray feather pinned  to the center area is one of the feathers.


Bird Land  IMG_6548 This work is on the bottom of the stack so it does not get much attention.  I did finish all the cutting of the birds this week though.   Now to stitch things down.

Label Block # 83Label Block # 83

I keep working away on these blocks and they keep getting completed.   No rush and no pressure really is a nice thing.

Keep Creating


QBL 2016 Plus


So much has happened in the last weeks it is hard to know where to start. IMG_6051.jpg  Quilting by the lake was as wonderful as ever.  I helped hang the quilt show for QBL on the Friday before.            We started out with a empty  gym and over the course of the day filled it with beautiful quilts.   IMG_6052.jpg    This shot is of a special exhibit is of work by Debbie Heaps.  She did one of the little lectures about her work IMG_6090.jpgduring week one where she explained her process and philosophy  of quilting.  It was great.




I had a class with Carol Southerlund called in the Thick of It. IMG_6060.jpg  She is a strong teacher with lots to share.   The first day she sent us out at noon  to find images that we enjoyed.  I got hooked on the patterns and shapes in car tail lights. IMG_6078_thumb.jpg These images turned into the inspiration for our foam stamps.  We did them in both positive and negative.




This is a shot of my work space on the third day.
















My good friend Regina was seated behind me.












There was lots of work going on .  Carol showed us how she built her steamer to fix color in cloth on Thur eve.  IMG_6108_thumb.jpg










She also showed us how to discharge fabric.  This   is a shot of part of the class wearing out masks.  One can never be to careful when it comes to using chemicals in dyeing.


My friend Sharron worked in Independent  Studio.  IMG_6111.jpg This is her sixth summer of working on six Dear Jane Quilts.  She is doing the triangle boarder blocks now and she assures me that they will all be done by next summer.












Friday Evenings at  QBL is show an tell form the classes were students hold up There work and   the teacher’s explain what they did.


IMG_6126.jpgRandy was in Valerie Goodwin’s class and did many little  works.
















There are two other  parts to the final evening.  There is a raffle and my friend Ethel Whittamore gave me one of her unfinished quilt to put into this project.   I finished it and put it in the raffle as she requested.IMG_6146.jpg The money goes to the scholarship fund.   Sally Davis won the quilt.  She was an old friend of Ethel’s too so I am sure it went to a good home.


The teachers also altered bags that are then auctioned off to add more money to the scholarship fund.


It was a good week and I went home tired.  IMG_6140_thumb.jpgIMG_6141_thumb.jpg











I unloaded my car with the dye stuff and packed it again for week two and my class on Pattern, Rhythem and Repetition with   Rosalie Dace.

IMG_6155.jpgLike week one there were lectures.   John Kubiniec talked on Monday and showed all the quilts that are in his new book Spin on Drunkards’s Path.    The book came out this week too.









Nancy Bailes also did a talk for us. IMG_6157.jpg She will be teaching her









techniques next year.  I am so happy for her.



Rosalie started us out with some paper work were we built our designs.  IMG_6158_thumb.jpg  She spent a lot  of time talking about value and I think I have a better understanding of it now.   This is a lay out on my desk of light , medium and dark values  that is considered for my piece.

IMG_6160_thumb.jpgThis shot is of my work space on day  two.






Again Regina was seated behind me.  This is  an early shot of her first piece in Rosalie’s class.IMG_6163.jpg


















Name_thumb.jpgI got involved   with Graffiti again  in this class and did my name in two colors on different backgrounds.IMG_6164_thumb.jpg









IMG_6167.jpgI then sliced them up and reassembled them in this pattern.  It is all put together now and I am pondering how to quilt it.





At the  end of class we had a short critique.        John was in the class and this was his work for the week.











Regina and I also  took down the  part of the quilt  show.  That process always make me feel sad.    IMG_6169.jpg








This is how it looked before we started.  In the end it was just a gym again.


Week two ended with the same pattern as week one.IMG_6174.jpg   Here is Debbie with her top and Jean Riley too.  IMG_6176.jpg


Again the teachers did bags and made more money for the Scholarship fund.
















Sat. morning I got up and went to Ithaca to take down the Diva 15 show. IMG_6181.jpg I had great help so it did not take long.









These are two of my woks that were in that show.



























Briar Patch was in it too.


I feel I am still recovering but I did go to both the QuIG’s  meeting and the Diva meeting on Tuesday.


Noel was in Rosalie’s  Transparencies  class the first week   This is one of her works.




















Lori started this work at QBL.   LOris-work.jpg




















Liesa  did this work for her living room wall.


Maureen is doing free motion machine work on her work now.  It is fun.Maureens.jpg

































Susan shared her Bronte sister dolls with us.        The Diva group is so diverse that it is always exciting to see what  folks are doing.   I enjoy it very much.

IMG_6185.jpgLabel  Blocks #70 and 71     I did manage to keep at this project  and made progress.


Keep Creating


Diva 15 Show- plus



This week has been a full one starting with the opening of the Diva 15 Show.    This work is Anne’s and it sure looked great on the gallery wall.  I think the whole show was a wonder of our diversity and talent.  IMG_5944.jpg

















Sally’s piece just glowed on the wall with its bright colors.   I enjoyed the large number of people who visited and talked with lots of them.  There where fellow quilters of course and lots of younger folks too.

IMG_5945Maureen really showed off her shobori with this piece.   The evening went quickly and  I  had a good time.

IMG_5947  This is Alice’s entry for the 15 wall.     It is one of the works that has sold already too.    She also has a show at the Earlville  Opera House this month.  The 15 wall was a big draw as the display took the entire back wall of the space.  IMG_5949.jpgCindy’s little work was a real gem with all its machine worked movement.Noel's work















I was espically taken by Noel’s piece because it grew out of  a play day she and I had with Susan last summer.









Susan’s work looked good near the food table and I heard lots of positive things about it.  I feel the opening was a success and the whole show is as well.

This is also the fist week of the month so, I had meetings.  The QuIG’s  had lots of nice work.   Angela is making great progress with her felted pieces and  Liz keeps putting out her little blocks every week too.

The Diva meeting is doing more critique work so  not a lot of pieces were/are completed .  Only  Regina has a big display of her Black and White studies.   IMG_5958.jpgThe were based on paper sketches she did in a class.  But all the fiber work she did in isolation.   They were so strong and went she changed their orenatation there were big changes too.   I find them dramatic and can hardly wait to see were she goes with these ideas.

Blue IrisProgress Report:  Blue Iris    This work is  39″ l X 34” w.     It features the Sachiko panel of course.      The Japanese characters are scattered around as I felt they went together.   I ended up making a panel for the back with the translations on it.IMG_5976  That seemed like the simplest way to transmit that information.   IMG_5975This panel is Luck.


IMG_5974  This panel is Good Health.    This is another Ethel project as she had all of this fabric sorted into a little bag.  The Sachiko was not  even started so I feel this is more my work then many of the other projects of her that I have completed.

Garden Gate  Garden GateI am now ready to start the quilting on this project.    I am using the orange print as the basis for the quilting patters.  They are so complex that I drew them in paper and cut them out.   I will now stitch around the paper patters in the non printed areas.








Generational Whispers    Mom   I took this work to the Diva meeting and got some good direction from my fellow art quilters.   I stitched down Mom  and myself yesterday.   I decided that  Gwen who was the only person in profile did not work soSelf I took her image off the surface and will re do her.  Sometimes  errors are made – “Rumpus” as Susan calls them.- They lead to growth.






Woll works













Wool works    There are no titles for these wool pieces yet.   But this on is the oldest of the four and it has the most machine work on it.    There is a lot of distortions of the wool as the machine work is added.   IMG_5984  All four of these works  are  based on rock structure photos.   This one is from on of my visits with Marty.   I am not staying with the colors of the rocks- but I am trying to keep with the dark and light patterns.   I enjoy this step and I like how the threads, yarns and bits of fabric build up the surface.   IMG_5977.jpg The first two are built on a tweed wool  base. This piece has  a great deal of silk fabric  built up on top of it.  Beth gave me a bag of silk scarves last fall and I finally got into it and I  am having a good time using them.



WoolThis wool piece is done on  a black felted wool skirt that I cut up.   Building over the dark color sure makes the wool roving glow some how.    This piece  only has about and hour’s worth of work at the sewing machine in it at this point.

IMG_5982  This  wool piece has not had any sewing machine work done on it.  The roving has only been punched into the skirt felt.  This is an example of step one for all  these    wool projects.   I have not worked much on this project as I usually run out of time before I get to it.

New WorkIMG_5966  I do not seem to do well when the pin wall is blank so I started another  3 Challenge piece.      It is in the fabric/color  selections stage.IMG_5967 Here is the collage that is the inspiration.

Label Block # 68  Block # 68Week another square.

Keep Creating


May Days



This wonderful little blue flower filled in the neighbors front lawn and made me smile on my walk yesterday.  They are so small only about a fourth on an inch across and so plentiful.   I wore a smile for a long way down the street were it was refreshed several times as I came across several more mini fields of the little blue bundles.Norma

I have had a full week with three days of Quilting Retreat at the Schweinfurth and the meetings of both QuIG’s and Divas.  The retreat was great stimulation.    It was good to see old friends and to see all that folks were doing.   Norma was making hostess gifts.  One of the five she did is in the background of this shot.  IMG_5651  Susan was quilting away at pieces that needed that to be completed.  Great colors here.

IMG_5654.jpg Sally was piecing and assembling a one block wonder that was based on a fish print fabric.  Watching her do the arranging of the blocks was wonderful because  every time I looked up the  work looked different.







Nancy G. did hand work on one of the row by row projects and this  little quilt of NYC.



IMG_5663.jpgLinda L used the retreat to add boarders and based a big quilt of 110”x 110” that her sister had asked her to finish.     She had to crawl around on the top of the tables to do all the basing in the center.  LindaThe work is wonderfully complex and will look great on the bed when it is complete.



Victoria worked with the fabric she had created in Pat Paulie’s  class IMG_5667.jpgin the fall.     This shot is of one of the early layouts.  She made lots of changes before the retreat was over.  I love the bright colors.


Seated behind me was a gal named Janet W.  She made her fist quilt at the retreat.  I sure enjoyed working with her too.  I think she is hooked.

Lots of wonderful things were going on at the  QuIG’s  meeting too.  Both Linda and Angela were showing off pictures that are going to be inspirations for new work.IMG_5676   Liz is still working away on  the Splendid Simple Blocks project.  Liz's projectgGetting a new pattern every three of four days,  is  that is only a 8” block  is very  doable she says.   She also is working away on big projects too.  I just love this whole silk cloth work that she intends to start quilting soon.
















Most of the Diva meeting went to talk about the up coming show that will open on June 3.  Ruth did a great job with the post card.


NoelNoel is doing service project quilts for the  Tow Path guild.   They are beautifully colored.

It is really great when folks  bring works in progress.    That is what  Anne  did.   This  is  a Water quilt anne she shared with us .  She asked for suggestions on how to quilt it.    Now how she quilts chooses to do  this will be interesting to see.















Lori also brought a project that is in an early stage.  She  has felted, fused   and already added paint to the surface.  All this before she begins to stitch on top.    I  am looking forward to watching it grow over time because I already love all the texture.




Ice on VIncentProgress Report:  Ice on Vincent   This quilt is in the stretching/flattening stage.  I got help from Nancy Bales at the retreat on how to get it flat and now it is drying after a lot of steam ironing.  Hopefully I will get a back on it this week.


Blue Stone   I am still building Blue Stone Close upup the surface with stitching on this work.  I like this process,but it  is very slow and tiring.   Only about three more hours of work until I am done…… I think.


By the Shore








Along the Shore   This is another of Ethel’s  UFO’s I am completing.   This is also my hand work project for the time being.




Wine and Cheese

Wine and Cheese I stared this project to relieve the pressure that all the free motion work on Ice and Blue Stone were creating in me this week.   I did use a lot of the fabric that I had altered in this project.  Most of the commercial  orange is Ethel’s  material.


IMG_5703 Memory Map- Columbus Junction  I did not  do a lot of work on this project this week.  I did add the spring flowers however.  I like the Jack in the Pulpit the most.  The Dutchman’s Britches are well shaped, but I wish they were a bit whiter.  Perhaps I will add some paint to the surface.


Lion King –Cherrywood Challenge     At the retreat I started this  project.  I had purchased the kit at the Chicago Quilt Festival when I was visiting with Sharron.    IMG_5649  First I did a little research and some drawing.

IMG_5650Then I stated building up the background.  One of the limits on this challenge is to use only the Cherrywood  fabrics.   The pack  was two shades of gold and dark brown  fabric. Most of the piece is to be from these fabrics.   The background is one of the gold’s.  But it is not the full 20” that is required on a side, so I added the gray at the bottom.IMG_5657That is were I will put the masks when they are done.       At the end of day one I did the loin’s body.  I was tired and it was made backward.     Fixing that was the first job of day two. Lion King  I then made the main and stopped working on the project because I want to do the face with  embroidery work.   The whole thing is not due until July so I can take my time.

 IMG_5660New Work  Before I left home I had pulled out all my purples to do a new project using this collage as my starting point.   It is early in the building of this work but I feel I am staying with the feel of it at this point.

















IMG_5690.jpgLabel Block # 50  I will take help were ever I can get it.  The label at the top “ worker pant” is from my grandson.

Keep Creating