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Thanksgiving 2017



I hope you enjoyed the holiday.  Our family went off to the Turning Stone Casino for the  big buffet.   We  all had a good time and over ate a bit I am sure.   I really liked this ice sculpture turkey.

IMG_9878 I went off to visit with Regina Tuesday and we had a good time talking and sharing ideas.  We always get so excited that very little work gets done- the the ideas really flow.  She kindly gave me a Christmas present in the form of a dozen Christmas blocks that I will enjoy putting together into a season piece.   She does wonderful machine work.  The more I know about that  process the more I respect folks who do it.   It requires a different set of skills than I possess.

I am working away preparing for a Trunk Show at the Schweinfurth Art Center on Sunday at 2:00.   Going through old work is exciting and stressful.    I am also seeing patterns in my subject choices and  I will use that idea to pull  the talk together.   I did sort out a whole pile of stuff to pass on while I was pulling work for the talk.  Now to organize it in a meaningful  arrangement.

 Progress Report: Peeling Orange  I am now doing reflective quilting on this work  and trying to decide what way is up.  I finished all the satin stitch applique on Monday.






ZAP  IMG_9866 In this work  the contrasting shapes are all appliqued down now.   I decided it  needs an “add on” so I made a new graffiti to add to it.

IMG_9871It   I cut a stencil for the word ” it” as I thought I could add it to the ZAP work.  I made a bunch yesterday and they are drying now.  IMG_9869I hope to cut them out and add them too the Zap top.    This is a  true visual decision that can only be made visually.

Scarf  I finished my new muffler last eve.  Then as usual, I found the lost one this morning when I was looking for gloves.  It is good to have a back up.

IMG_9881Glyph IV    The beading goes on.   I am working on the bottom of the” L” now.

Trickster Card  I was thinking about how the Native Americans often use the coyote as a trickster in their stories.   Folks really identify with a smaller clever animal in their fight for shrivel against  powerful odds.

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