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Green Day


IMG_5238.jpgHappy St. Patrick’s Day.   It is sunny and bright today and I am really feeling the wonders of spring. Notice the bee in the center of the wind flower on the left.   So many trees have big fat buds I am sure they will open soon.  I had no meetings this week so I got a lot done.  I do have stuff coming up however.  This Sat and Sunday I will be apart of the Spring Thing at the Turquoise Street Gallery.   I will be there on Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4IMG_5235Come along and have so goodies if you can.    My other news is I am off to visit Susan on Tues and I will not be back until the following Tuesday .  So there will be no post next week.   I am sure I will have lots to share when I get home as she already has lots of plans for activates for the two of us.

Briar PatchProgress Report: Briar Patch I have completed this work, but I do not feel like it is really done.   It is OK- but it has no life for me.  I will take it to the Associated Artists IMG_5258meeting this week end and get some feed from other artists on it.  I do like all the textures and colors that the patch contains but it seems fall short .IMG_5261

Ribbon Rose PillowRibbon Rose Pillow    When I went to visit Susan last spring I fell in  love with a wonderful piece of red fabric that she had.  It was topped with these wonderful ribbon  patterns.  It has taken me a year to study and then adapt the technique to my  collection of techniques.     I am quit pleased with this typeIMG_5272of embellishing.    I will admit that it is not a surface that is comfortable to press against however.IMG_5273  But the texture is wonderful!

Out the WindowOut the Window     I have finished all the stitch in the ditch work on this piece.  It is now stable enough to start the free motion drawing  part.  I Think I will make each block a different view.  I plan to leave some of the “windows’ blank and all the white ones with purple blocks printed on them will be curtained windows.  I am thinking that the deep purple blocks will be night scenes.    This is a big challenge and I may change my mind as I go along.  But that is my plan.


Riverwood earlyRiverwood    This work fits all three of  my monthly challenge criteria.   It is based on a collage, has my altered fabric  and some of Ethel’s fabric too.    I changed the color when I went to fabric from red to oranges and from grays to browns. IMG_5276_thumb.jpg I am showing one of the early pin up steps of this work because I have realized that as I enlarge the work from the 4”X 6” collage to a larger size it takes on a life of its own and I alter the work accordingly.  ( note the IMG_5266.jpgadditional half circles. ) I have finished all the stitch in the ditch work on this piece too and I am now ready to add the free motion work.   I am not sure what to do so I am living with it.




















Watakoo Wall  I started some new work based on photos of rock formations. This is the beginning. IMG_5270_thumb.jpg I always try to lay the wool out in a pattern that follows the lights and darks of the start, but it too takes on a life of its own when I change mediums.  Is this what is meant by abstraction?IMG_5262.jpg













IMG_5264.jpgThis is a second work from a different section of the same photo before I add any fabrics on top.   It to has morphed from the photo to this point.










Creative Assistants IMG_5254_thumb.jpg   I have been inspired again this week to get back into doing faces for my creative assistants.  I have done about two dozen and I will keep at it for a bit longer.   Then move on to the next step.



IMG_5245New work    Here is another work that is fits the monthly challenge work.  And it too seems to have  pulled away from the collage with enlargement. IMG_5274_thumb.jpg   I have broken things up and altered the sizes of color blocks as I have gone along.   I guess I will just have to face that the changes are a natural part of my process.  IMG_5251.jpg  It is all a part of learning and  creating as I go along.   A natural part of the process for me.













Label Block #44    I like the label form my Minion sculpture Christmas  gift ( upper left hand corner )  the best in this block.

Keep CreatingIMG_5252.jpg


Purple Touches

Nancy's workHello,

It is really feeling like spring here  and this wonderful shot of Nancy’s quilt in progress really expresses this feeling.  I love all the flowers and the bright colors.  She is amazing with her use of more and more pattern.  This shot is only about one eights of her quilt.   It was all we could show on the small space of my studio at the FAB meeting yesterday.     Judy is working away on her sweater.  She got some of the yarns from Patti .    Judy is IMG_5214such a good knitter she does not even need a pattern to do all these fancy stitches.     We had a good time yesterday.

IMG_5220.jpgI finished up my  entry for the  SAQA auction this week.  I had a good time creating this little twelve inch square piece.   I enjoy and support this organization.


PartsProgress Report:  Parts    This work is finally complete.   I sure enjoyed doing hand stitches all over the surface.     I think I will give this work to the local camera shop were I purchased the cameraIMG_5223.jpg that the parts are from.   I got  the new camera from them too  when I dropped this one an broke it.IMG_5221

IMG_5228.jpgFoggy Dawn   This work is the second half of older work.   I took Corrine’s ‘s advice and did the quilting in a spiral patterns.IMG_5230


The glitter that is on this work was on the fabric when I purchased it.   Lots of us like glitz.IMG_5234.jpg










IMG_5217.jpgSilver Growth  I am almost finished with this project.  I did all the free motion silver thread work earlier this week and I only need to add the facings now.

IMG_5215 Briar Patch   I am to the stage where I am adding the leaves and black berries to this quilt.   I added most of the black berries first.   I did not realize how many leaves I cut until I had them all pinned to the surface .  It sure makes it pricklier at the moment.IMG_5224


IMG_5216.jpgOut the Window   I was having so much fun with the turquoise and purple combination that I did a second quilt using this  color combination.  I lightened it up and did not go for much of the deep green of summer here.   It is a lot closer to the colors of spring and windflowers and snow.  Something that I saw on my walks this week.

Label Block #43     Slow and steady get’s the job done on this one.IMG_5219.jpg

Looking back over this blog I see lots of spring purple here.  I sure am influenced by the season.

Keep Creating


Ice Cycles


Long ice cycles are one of the sure signs of spring to me.  The weather keeps shifting from cold to warm  here and that means melt and thaw and melt again.

I had lots of meetings this week.  Sat was a meeting of the Mixed Group.  It is always very stimulation and enjoyable to see the work of other artists and get their feed back on one’s own work. IMG_5183Tuesday the first of March so  both QuIG’s and the Divas meant.  Liz  found a weekly offer by Moda on   Their web sight were they publish two new blocks ever week.  She has a note book already and four blocks are completed.IMG_5184.jpg

Corinne shared her print work from our last play day at Angle’s.

















At the DIva meeting Kristen shared her shop entry for the “Row by Row “ show at

quilters corner. IMG_5186Donna shared her Bernie Sanders doll.

IMG_5189.jpg Noel showed off her piece for the “ 15” show that the Divas will have this summer.   It was inspiration to see what everyone is doing.  I am so very lucky to have such wonderfully creative friends.



IMG_5202.jpgProgress Report: Trickle    This is the forth stretched quilt that  I felted first.  For this one I did not add any thing to the back of my woven wool fabric before I felted it.  IMG_5204 This meant that it all stretch at the same rate and so it ended up much flatter.    Now I need to get the corners of the work to be smooth and flat.  It seems there is always something to learn. IMG_5206

IMG_5193Foggy Dawn      I have taken the advice of my fellow quilters from Tuesday’s meetings  on how to quilt this work and did it all in swirling patterns.   It is now ready for the facings.   

IMG_5195Briar Patch    I am having fun doing free motion raw edge applique of the leaves on this work.  I will also do free motion to add the black berries .

IMG_5198.jpgSilver Growth  I started this work because of the gift of a beautiful top that my friend Regina gave me.    The deep purple with the silver work on it at the bottom.    Now I need to figure out how to ingrate this work.




New Work  I have enjoyed laying out the balance of this work.   Now IMG_5191.jpgI am ready to begin the sewing step.  I will fill in the white areas with narrow strips of fabric as I always do.

IMG_5199Scrap Happy  I am to the step in this quilt  where I have put the blocks in rows.  I need to stop now and make a back for this project before I can go forward.  It will make a good quilt to pass on.

Label Block # 42  I just keep working away on these little pieces.

Keep CreatingIMG_5192.jpg



Creative Power



This photo is an example of the marks of wear and tear on the local pavement that winter seems to inflict.  The pot wholes this year are big ones.

Why should we all use our creative power?  Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compass ate , so indifferent to fighting and the accumulation of objects and money .                            Brenda Upland

I find this quote a very powerful one and I really believe it to be true.  Creating takes us out of ourselves in a way and makes one feel more alive.    I know I lose track of time when I am working and I have heard others say  similar things.  When one is building something the mind will not allow you to consider destruction.    What a different world we would be living in if everyone was  creating!IMG_5150

FAB meant this week and we all enjoyed each others company.   Patti showed off her die cutting press this time.  She gave me these three little fabric birds.    Judy was working on yet another sweater.  This one is red with great patterns on it.6X6

I finished my entries for the  6X6 show in Rochester and I mailed them out on Tuesday.  I always have such fun doing these little works that the gallery sells for $20.00 each as there fund raiser every spring.

IMG_5166 I tried ice dyeing with ice cubes out of the freezer this week.  I had heard about this and it means one can work all year long.   I will do   my own comparison study.

Coastal color IIIProgress Report:Coastal  Colors III     This work is  20” X 16” .I am enjoying the building process that goeson with these pieces.  In this case I felted to begin with and then I built up layers of yarn, silk paper  ribbon and fabric bits on top.   I added a layer of batting before I started the stitching on this one to help it stay flat before the stretching.

The stitching adds even more dimension to the surface.IMG_5157  The work seems to grow under the needle as I work on it.  I like the textures too.IMG_5160.jpg










TrickleTrickle    This work is also a felt built up piece.     It is only 12” X 12”.   I used a heavy wool for the base of this one and  built up the felting on top again.    There is no extra batting in this work and I think that because of the heavy wool.    It stretched out nice and flat. IMG_5170  I plan to do two more using this technique and  size.  Then I want to experiment with cotton fabric for the base of the felting and see how much distortion I get using that fabric as my base. IMG_5171

Circling CirclesIMG_5151  I am to the quilting stage of this project.    I have finished all the circle quilting and I am now working on the wavy part.  It is a nice contrast to the open circles.

IMG_5172.jpgParts    I can see the end of this project now too.   I have all of the camera parts stitched to the surface and I am now doing the embellishment part of this project.














New Work  This is not really new work  as it is the second half of a piece I cut up.  I thought I had an idea for how to finish it.    So after studying it for a while I started working by building up a  bit of Angelina to use with it. IMG_5153  The Angelina suggested black berries to me.  My mind went off on that direction.  I made some vines to put on top and then I would add the black berries……..   But it was too much of a good thing and  so I have dropped this top back to the unfinished pile and started  a new work.

Briare Patch  This is the result.  The vines are the arched units.  They are stitched to wash away now.    TBriare Patchhe new base is not completed yet and it is under the vine unit.  I have learned to go with the flow of the work , so this will grow from the idea.  Next week there will be more.




IMG_5132.jpgLabel Block 41  One more block is complete and I am just pushing forward on this project.

Keep Creating