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Feb 2, 2012 Lost and Found

The Spring like weather yesterday made me do a bit of cleaning and tidying up.  Something I tend to put off as I want to get to work.  But there were lots of piles of fabric sorted for furture projects- or at lest things I though would work together well.   I put some fabric back on the shelves were it belongs and put the potential stuff in the yellow bins that I have for that purpose.  It looks a lot better with the bins on the shelving were they go and the cutting table all cleared off.  My goal for the bins is to keep all the parts of projects  in one area. I then did a more of the same to the bay window.  That area was filled with  plants, painting supplies and lots of items that did not seem to belong any were else.  After putting  the paints back were they really go and watering the plants, I decided to give away the old printer that I have not even plugged in for over a year and a half .  I can use the one in the computer/office room if I want to copy things.   And  de-cluttering  the space was part of the mission.     This morning I went confidently to the shelves with the yellow bins and started searching for a project.   I  remember putting the created, but unsuccessful parts in one bin.  And in deed there was a bin full of just such items- but the background  that I was looking for, the first one created for the basis project that was too soft in color, was not in the box.   So I looked in all the bins…. no background.   A side benefit of the cleaning the day before was that I had found some spring green fabric that I though would make great Yo-yo’s  for the next  Adventure Project.    So I had cut the circles and did the work last eve while I watched TV and I wanted to scatter them on the background.   “It has to be here,” I told myself.  ” How could I lose it?”   Then  I  looked across the studio to the area I had not cleaned.    The chair serves as my staging area for work that I will do by hand had been overloaded and the pile had slipped to the floor.    OK, I though, I will at least pick that up before I start the blog- and then look again for that back.    So I plied the whole bit on my desk and sorted and folded.  Found the lost back!

Adventure Challenge III

pale green with purple and cream background.
Lost Back

The yo-yo idea came from the next book I selected.  It is called “The Art of Manipulating Fabric” by Colette Wolff.  This one is only 8 years old.

Apple green yoyos and purple matalic paper that is insidw

Adventure Challenge I     Bias Bound

 Black White and burgandy fabric with black and white bias strips looping across the sruface     This project got a lot of attention this week.  The quilting is reflective of the actual bias lines.   I am calling this  Adventure Challenge I even though this was the third back that I created, the bias was the first book idea that I have tried.     The idea of doing “frogs” is still in the idea stage , but it will come to the surface with time.

Adventure Challenge  II,  DMC 4 , Slight Slip

This quilt fits under all three ideas.  I used Dawn’s fabric in her layout  for this project (look at old blog to see layout).   When I decided that I wanted to slice the quilt in two I did not consciously think about the Faggoting stitches with beads until later.

Crimson, with blue green and turquoise squares
Slight Slip DMC 4

The close up is of the faggoting on the left and the metal beads across the center.   I really like this look, but the process is very slow.

matalic triangel beads with green seed beads on top and the faggoting on the right sided
Slight Slip- showing Faggotting

This last detail shows the candle floats with clear beads in the centers.  I like how this idea is similar to Sasha mirrors that are used in middle eastern works sometimes.

Close up of the candle floats on the crimson
Slight Slip - close up 2

Pillow Tops   I created these two pillow tops from the leftovers of Twinkling Tracings.  They will include the blue fabric when completed and will accompany the wall pieces. I still have lots of leftovers so I am sure the color combinations will turn up again.

Brown, blue and aqua blocks arranged in a random fashion for two pillows.
Pillow Tops

 Wholes Series- Circular Openings    I am still in love  with wholes so I decided to start a new quilt in this vain.  I also thought that this time I would create the shapes first and face them at the beginning. Then I would build the quilt around the pieces.   I hope this is  works.

Purple and blue faced shapes and cut opening
Faced Circles

This shot shows the fabrics sewn together and ready for clipping and turning.  After I have done that step I will sew as close to the seam as possible so that when it is flipped it will lie flat.







There is lots of work ahead of me this week .    I will try to keep the studio tidy so I do not lose anything this time too.

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