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Paying Attention


IMG_4783 Hello-

I was trying to pay attention to lines  and I noticed this rather gray bit of pavement.  It is  almost a landscape in its self.   All the horizontal lines suggest it could become one without too much effort.   What I was really Leaves on the groundtrying to notice on my walk that day was how the leaves pilled up around the tree trunks.     Sometimes they are deep and  the tree seems to lean  a lot.   Sometimes the leaves and earth round the base of the tree  pile high and other times it seems to fall Tree trunk on hillaway.   Then I came across this tree on the side of a hill and found many of the roots exposed.       I was doing all this visual research for my next quilt project using leaves as the first took on a life of its own and  I could not use the silk leaves I had created.

I went up to see Sharon’s senior show in Oswego this week.   Lots of good work there.  Sharon            She explored lots   of different areas in her college work.    Sharon  will start work on her master’s degree next month.

Nancy's projectBecause of the way Nancy works I made a run to her house today to talk about the lay out of her boarders on her next project.   She really did not need me as she had done the work- but it was fun to talk about what she is doing.   I enjoy how she mixes and uses fabrics that I would never pick out to use myself.



Progress Report: GroundedGrounmded This quilt has been fun to work on.  I really enjoyed the free motion work.  Out lining all the printed leaves was a learning experience.   There were so many veins.IMG_4795 The paint I used was transparent so the leaves showed through one another.   That made the image seem deeper I think.close up -Grounded  I the background is made from Judy Roberts hand dyed fabric( the brown) and Randy’s deconstructed screen printed fabric( the yellow)  The irregular surfaces of both fabrics added interest too.        I am showing one shot of the back of the quilt  to show the machine work  with out the  color distraction.IMG_4797

Hand BagHand Bag  I also though I needed a new hand bag for the season so I pulled out this piece of Regina fabric and made myself a one. Its dark and will not show spots I don’t think.  My only regret is that I did not put a pocket on the outside of this piece and I do miss that.






Williams QuiltWilliams Quilt   I am building the blocks for William’s Quilt.  It will be colorful when it is complete.  I will lay it all out on the floor this week to see how the parts work together.

IMG_4789New Work   These fabrics are my loose layout for the next leaf quilt.  I will try to mix the two images from the top of this blog into one image that I can work with.  I will also be on the look out to keep the leaves around the base of this tree a little simpler so I can use the silk leaves that got me started on this leave thing from the first place.

Rock work -new New Rock Work    This is the very beginning of my next rock piece.   I am working from the same photo graphic that was taken of Dead Horse Canyon wall.   This is about a 4″ X 6″ section of the photo.    Lots more build up is yet to come here as even what it pictured is only pinned in place.



Label Block 30Label Block   This is block # 30.  So now I am one fourth finished with the creation of the blocks for his project.

Keep Creating



Moving Along




Our fall has been dry and crisp.  I have enjoyed my walks and enjoyed natures bounty.  It is raining today however and I will walk to the Dr with my  eyes and  umbrella open.  IMG_4729.jpg

A week ago Saturday  I went to a new group.  Lots of old friends were there and we talked and shared  ideas about going forward with a unified idea.IMG_4734.jpg  There was show and tell of course.    Anne talked about her work as did everyone else.  I really like this work that she created for a challenge project.  There was  a lot of talent in that room.

I also spend a day at the Turquoise  Street Studio last  week.    Barbara was working on a sign  for  a  Black Friday event. IMG_4736.jpg  Beth worked on two pastels.  This one of cows and another of a barn landscape.IMG_4738 Both were from pictures she took last summer on the same day.



I went off to the Schweinfurt on Sunday to hear my good friend, Cheri  do a trunk show and talk.  She was very entertaining and I enjoyed seeing all her work together again.

This is also the beginning of a new month so I had group meetings to attend.

IMG_4758.jpgAt Diva’s Regina had four Christmas banners she had completed to share with us.  IMG_4759They all used Christmas carols as the themes for the blocks.  She said she will put one up and then replace it with another the next week.   All the thread she uses  makes my mind boggle.

Noel showed us  a fun nine patch she had done years ago of herIMG_4760.jpg husband to demonstrate what she was working on.  She has a cartoon of her grand daughter that she was cutting up in the same fashion to make for her a Christmas gift.  It was cute but still all in pieces.

IMG_4765Tanya came to the studio yesterday and we made silk paper.  I have more material for my rock quilts now.

IMG_4763.jpgProgress Report:   Grounded     I am to the fun part of this project now.  I do enjoy the free motion work so very much.  I am outlining the leaves- each in a different colored thread  as my quilting on this one.    I am about half way done with the process.

IMG_4767Christmas Cards   I took time to make a batch of Christmas cards this week too.  I am  finally using the great printed papers that I got from the British Museum.  Simple but enjoyable.

Williams Quilt I finally got the images transferred to fabric thisIMG_4768.jpg week.     I plan to really concentrate on this project now as  I want it finished in two weeks if possible.    The fabrics are all washed and ready for cutting.  It was fun looking for the topic fabrics on the list.   Nancy found the brownie print fabric for me.


Label Blocks  Two more blocks numbers 28 ans 29. IMG_4774.jpg  Soon I will be one forth done with this project.   I do need and infusion of labels though as it seems I am getting near the bottom of my box.  I will just have to ask for help with this.

Keep Creating





Leaves seem to remain a strong interest to me.  Most of our local trees are stripped now, but as this photo shows some still have their fruit.     I am still searching out places were I can walk through the piles of crisp fallenLeaves leaves and enjoying the crunch.  I found a wall in the park where the leaves are piled deeper then my knees and I felt like I was six again as I plowed through them.    There is still lots of colors in those piles too- pinks, greens, tans, browns, yellows and purples.   So wonderful! The fact that I am printing leaves on one of my tops is part of the reason for my strong interest I am sure.

JudyThe FAB  group meant here this week and we had a good talk.  Judy finished tieing the bunk bed quilts she brought with her that day.  NancyNancy has added two of her boarders on the quilt she is making for her daughter.     It is great when we all make progress.


Progress Report:  Grounded-GroundedThis work is a part of the curvy cut series.   I am stamping the leaves I made last week.  The colors are not as strong on the brown as I would like.   But I feel it will work out in the end.  I am stamping from the largest stamp to the smallest.  Each stamp is a different color combination.  There is also a number increase with each stamp I am using.  I started with five of the biggest leaf and moved to seven for the next one.  I am increasing by two every time I change leaves to get a deep pile feeling.

Dead Horse Canyon Rock FaceDead Horse Canyon Rock Face   This work is going to be stretch.   I think I am ready for that step as I have done all the free motion drawing and tacking of the parts.   I am finding the small format a challenge.  There are three more canvases so I will keep putting in the effort.

New work   This work New workis one of my first pieces using some fabric from pile of hand dyed works I have been creating sense the beginning of Oct.   In this shot there are about six units.  I was happily putting them together this morning and I did not pin then back on the board every time after I pressed the seams.  That was a mistake as I put an early connection together backward and did not notice that error until I was “done”.   Now I have lots of seam ripping to do before I can go forward with this piece.

Label Block #27IMG_4724  The daily hand work goes forward on this project.

Keep Creating