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Green Day


IMG_5238.jpgHappy St. Patrick’s Day.   It is sunny and bright today and I am really feeling the wonders of spring. Notice the bee in the center of the wind flower on the left.   So many trees have big fat buds I am sure they will open soon.  I had no meetings this week so I got a lot done.  I do have stuff coming up however.  This Sat and Sunday I will be apart of the Spring Thing at the Turquoise Street Gallery.   I will be there on Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4IMG_5235Come along and have so goodies if you can.    My other news is I am off to visit Susan on Tues and I will not be back until the following Tuesday .  So there will be no post next week.   I am sure I will have lots to share when I get home as she already has lots of plans for activates for the two of us.

Briar PatchProgress Report: Briar Patch I have completed this work, but I do not feel like it is really done.   It is OK- but it has no life for me.  I will take it to the Associated Artists IMG_5258meeting this week end and get some feed from other artists on it.  I do like all the textures and colors that the patch contains but it seems fall short .IMG_5261

Ribbon Rose PillowRibbon Rose Pillow    When I went to visit Susan last spring I fell in  love with a wonderful piece of red fabric that she had.  It was topped with these wonderful ribbon  patterns.  It has taken me a year to study and then adapt the technique to my  collection of techniques.     I am quit pleased with this typeIMG_5272of embellishing.    I will admit that it is not a surface that is comfortable to press against however.IMG_5273  But the texture is wonderful!

Out the WindowOut the Window     I have finished all the stitch in the ditch work on this piece.  It is now stable enough to start the free motion drawing  part.  I Think I will make each block a different view.  I plan to leave some of the “windows’ blank and all the white ones with purple blocks printed on them will be curtained windows.  I am thinking that the deep purple blocks will be night scenes.    This is a big challenge and I may change my mind as I go along.  But that is my plan.


Riverwood earlyRiverwood    This work fits all three of  my monthly challenge criteria.   It is based on a collage, has my altered fabric  and some of Ethel’s fabric too.    I changed the color when I went to fabric from red to oranges and from grays to browns. IMG_5276_thumb.jpg I am showing one of the early pin up steps of this work because I have realized that as I enlarge the work from the 4”X 6” collage to a larger size it takes on a life of its own and I alter the work accordingly.  ( note the IMG_5266.jpgadditional half circles. ) I have finished all the stitch in the ditch work on this piece too and I am now ready to add the free motion work.   I am not sure what to do so I am living with it.




















Watakoo Wall  I started some new work based on photos of rock formations. This is the beginning. IMG_5270_thumb.jpg I always try to lay the wool out in a pattern that follows the lights and darks of the start, but it too takes on a life of its own when I change mediums.  Is this what is meant by abstraction?IMG_5262.jpg













IMG_5264.jpgThis is a second work from a different section of the same photo before I add any fabrics on top.   It to has morphed from the photo to this point.










Creative Assistants IMG_5254_thumb.jpg   I have been inspired again this week to get back into doing faces for my creative assistants.  I have done about two dozen and I will keep at it for a bit longer.   Then move on to the next step.



IMG_5245New work    Here is another work that is fits the monthly challenge work.  And it too seems to have  pulled away from the collage with enlargement. IMG_5274_thumb.jpg   I have broken things up and altered the sizes of color blocks as I have gone along.   I guess I will just have to face that the changes are a natural part of my process.  IMG_5251.jpg  It is all a part of learning and  creating as I go along.   A natural part of the process for me.













Label Block #44    I like the label form my Minion sculpture Christmas  gift ( upper left hand corner )  the best in this block.

Keep CreatingIMG_5252.jpg